What Goes Bump In T...
By ShadowRunner26
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CREDIT TO @12PotterHead12 for the awesome cover!! ------------------------------------------------------ Emilia Jones. A normal girl, with normal dreams and good grades. She's 17 years old, and your typical teen with teenage ambitions. She lives in London with her parents and siblings. Everyday, she gets the bus to school with her brother Sam, boyfriend Noah and best friend Maya. Average teenage stuff, per se. But of course all that changes, and quick. Problems follow problems as Emilia is forced on the run from something she never knew even existed. She has to make a fresh start, in a new school, with new people of a new city. Dark secrets are revealed, while life simply feels like it's crumbling from its very foundations. She soon also meets Caleb Black. Though that, is a whole other problem within itself...

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What Goes...
by ShadowRunner26