are you ALPHA serio...
By alexia_lia_aya_xo
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"I dont want to be your best friend anymore" "What! !! ?" To say I was confused was beyond an understatement . the car came to a sharp hult sending me flying into the dashboard "My plan has back fired and" "Backfired? " 'Yeah I like you, i'm falling for you, am falling in love with you AGAIN andy AGAIN why are beautiful, strange, strong, independent you are not like the others but ......I cant stop... I need to stop' I shout in my head "Its Nothing " i say facing the window silence fell through "Cassie Andria Jordan john" he says trying to make me talk to him "Drake just dont " ********** I got out the car unable to balance myself, I got my things and started walking to the house "Andy listen to me " my ears felt like they have been sliced off and stapled back on . I walked back, he pulled me back agaist his car , he stood infront of me both hands on either side of me "Not now" these words come out weaker than intended , he linned in closer to my "please forgive me for what am about to do"


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are you A...
by alexia_lia_aya_xo