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The Player Next Door by BabyInACorner
The Player Next Doorby Natalie
[#1 Teen Fiction | #1 in Romance] Bad boy Luke Dawson is stuck living with clumsy nobody Millie Ripley for the summer. When she ran over his most prized possession, he...
The Mafia Stalker by MedievalTomboy
The Mafia Stalkerby Lady Prim
"Do you have any idea how dangerous I am?" The old white haired man sneered at me with his yellowish teeth quite on display. Eww, Colgate should take him for t...
I Become The Villain's Own Daughter  by Risanexousia
I Become The Villain's Own 🥀佐保姫🥀
The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad things, and there is nobody in Hai Cheng who is not afraid of him. But in the end...
forgive me [miraculous ladybug] by aurora-knightley
forgive me [miraculous ladybug]by Aurora-Knightley
Chat Noir pressed his forehead to Marinette's, breathing her name. "I love you," Chat whispered, as if in reminder. "Don't you remember? You b...
Story of my love life (Under editing)  by sidneetianlove
Story of my love life (Under 𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗻𝗲𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗮𝗻
Hey guys I am writing a ff for the first time. So there may be many mistakes. .. It's a love story of two people Siddharth Nigam and Avneet kaur. How they met? How the...
My possessive Husband + 18 completed  by Sukorian
My possessive Husband + 18 Sukorian
Laksh is the man in Ragini's life the first and the last one. He is possessive about her and makes her his wife. She isn't that innocent as she too loves him dearly and...
Phir Mulaqat by Kriti_the_sidneetian
Phir Mulaqatby Kriti_sidneet
Ander jake dekhlo plzzzz🥺 Story credit: @krit_the_sidneetian Cover credit: @kairasidneet
Loved Like a Psycho by whereAreOurPens
Loved Like a Psychoby whereAreOurPens
He gave her all of himself, loved her so much that he betrayed himself. She was his sanity, his love, his obsession, his life, his everything. The sound of her chuckle...
The Clovers Awards CLOSED!!!!! by The_Clover_Community
The Clovers Awards CLOSED!!!!!by The Clover Community
Sign up, this Award awaits you!!!! And let's get lucky Open (×) Judging (×) Closed (🍀)
Tempo Rate-M by thunshweyee
Tempo Rate-Mby thunshweyee
ဒီအတိုင္​း​ေလး​ေငးၾကည္​့​ေနလို႔မရ​ေတာ့ရင္​ ပိုင္​ဆိုင္​ဖို႔ဘယ္​နည္​းကိုျဖစ္​ျဖစ္​သံုးရမွာပဲ...Park Chanyeol... မင္​းစိတ္​ႀကိဳက္​ကစား​ေနရ​ေအာင္​ ငါ့ဘဝကမင္​းအပ်င္​း​ေျပကစာ...
Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Ultimate Love Or Ultimate Desperation? by Lunanime
Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Lunanime
This is a story about You and Nagito (now decided there's going to be a choice for Hajime at the End!) Will you try to convince him to stop the last murder from happenin...
The Puppet Master [One Piece] by XxScarletMaidenxX
The Puppet Master [One Piece]by Ashley
Echo comes from the island Funesto deep in the Grandline, an island of Devil Fruit cultivators. She possesses the knowledge passed down to her from generations of Devil...
Lightening the Sky by 999loveyourself
Lightening the Skyby 999loveyourself
What if they weren't acting? What if Swara was traumatized? What if she did lie at her home, and went to the bridge from where Ragini had pushed her? An attempt to write...
unexpected love by sidneetffxzaara
unexpected loveby sidneet fanfiction
Kind unknown love. Two people love each other but don't will they know about their love?
Lucky Mistake (1D FanFiction) by diveheadfirst
Lucky Mistake (1D FanFiction)by amy
When Jade finds Louis Tomlinson's phone on her bus home from work, a whole new world opens up for her. It was a lucky mistake to say the least, or was it more? Fate, per...
Shaadi no:1 [Completed] by Kriti_the_sidneetian
Shaadi no:1 [Completed]by Kriti_sidneet
Siddharth and Avneet is a happy married couple. What will happened when a third person comes between them? To Ashians/Ashdeepians I know ashi is in the cover but in sto...
Alpha Maximus Wylde by Crystaljefferson11
Alpha Maximus Wyldeby Crystal Luna
Mila is a young beautiful girl who has everything going for her, until things take a drastic turn and she is kidnapped by another pack, tortured, beat and wants to give...
Lucky by MorganaBlack394
Luckyby Morgana Black
Cherry House Orphanage is the only home Morgana Black has ever known. But she can never stay out of trouble and strange things always seem to happen to her. Curious abou...
Getting Lucky by SkyeTheSorceress
Getting Luckyby Skye
James "Bucky" Barnes is sent to Avengers tower on probation from the government after being deemed innocent for his crimes as The Winter Soldier. Little does h...
Hell No! He's Mine! (Izuku x Harem) by Gottem1999
Hell No! He's Mine! (Izuku x Harem)by Aiondee123
Never had Izuku Midoriya been in a predicament as ridiculous as this! The girls of his class and a few more are infatuated with the emerald child and would take out any...