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Bound by Ramblings1
Boundby Ramblings1
In the subcontinent, marital rape is a common occurrence. But seldom people talk about it. And even lesser acknowledge its existence. Farry and Ahmad have been married...
  • drama
  • yes
  • bound
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THE UGLY TRUTH by varshu_garg
THE UGLY TRUTHby cutenessoverload✅
#8 in Non-Fiction as on 22 /07/2016 In India, society's prejudices towards women are often heard of in the news and portrayed in movies. For the first time ever, Arjun K...
  • india
  • story
  • girl
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Misogyny by Dinkyballs
Misogynyby Dinkyballs
Hunky professor says men are better than women. Girl gets angry, sets out to destroy him.
  • misogyny
  • dystopian
  • marriage
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No More Selfies - A Kardashian Dystopia by kfxinfinity
No More Selfies - A Kardashian kfan
In a world where selfies are illegal, Kim Kardashian is a freedom fighter, intent on overthrowing the government with her personal brand of radical self-love.
  • yarashahidi
  • kardashians
  • strongfemale
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Nerd's A Mafia Princess:A Secret to be kept by suzangill98
Nerd's A Mafia Princess:A Secret suzangill98
"You are a girl... And in our business girls are only used for one thing..." His words numbed my brain as my brain interpreted his sentence No...he wouldn't...
  • bullied
  • fighter
  • heartthrob
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Patriarchy || Dong Sicheng (hiatus) by redvelvetified
Patriarchy || Dong Sicheng (hiatus)by ر د ا
"Girls don't have the liberties that guys do." In which Somi meets a boy called Winwin and teaches him about the real world. started- 23/11/18
  • patriarchy
  • sicheng
  • domination
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FALL by DaisyDoesNothing
FALLby Daisy S
There's a Princess who wanted nothing more than what was hers, now the throne is the least of her worries after a rival Queen took it from her grasp. After the truth of...
  • wendigo
  • epicfantasy
  • rise
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Snowblind [Editing] Book 1 of the Pler trilogy by Velfman
Snowblind [Editing] Book 1 of Anna Velfman
Snowblind they called her. Frozen, stuck in the uncivilised ways of her icebound home. The Empire intends to change that, hone her into something of use. Lanna was ha...
  • emperor
  • concubine
  • scifi-fantasy
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RISE by DaisyDoesNothing
RISEby Daisy S
"There's blood on the crown. Why not splash a little on the walls too?" There's a Princess who only wants to claim the throne that is rightfully hers, but the...
  • competition
  • mystery
  • twinsister
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SJW's, Truscum, and political climate by Micheal-Mell-Is-God
SJW's, Truscum, and political Micheal-Mell-Is-God
Caution: to all those easily triggered or severely braincell-deficient, this is NOT for you. This will a combination of cold, hard logic, facts, and disproving all the B...
  • lgbtq
  • sjw
  • kalvingarrah
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The little book about feminism by babypikachu00101
The little book about feminismby Jasmine
Do you want to know more about the fight for women's rights, what we've achieved and how we got there? This little helpful little guide will teach you the history, theor...
  • women
  • femme
  • woman
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Girl-Shaped Battleground by VioletPhillips7
Girl-Shaped Battlegroundby Violet Phillips
Imagine if you were a weirdo at a weirdo Roxanne's tale of survival.
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • gender
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The Man in Gold armor by Notsoinnocent14
The Man in Gold armorby Notsoinnocent14
"U-uh hello sir, how may I help you?" I stuttered. He's a worrier. The law states that a upon request we must assist passing warriors. If we refuse we could s...
  • scandels
  • queens
  • medieval
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Goodbye, honey :Story of an Indian bride by clumsywalker
Goodbye, honey :Story of an clumsywalker
{Highest ranking :#31 in short story} Priyanka Mehra is a 23 year old girl living in Delhi. She's your typical modern girl, fun loving and out going. She works as an in...
  • wedding
  • wildgirl
  • desi
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Seven Kingdoms by HiPaul2
Seven Kingdomsby FBI
Kida is the protector of King Leonardo. He is her only priority and she must use her skin shedding abilities to protect him against the treacherous rulers that wish to o...
  • betrayal
  • fairytail
  • dragons
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POPPY by stampedes
POPPYby amanda
a six year old battles the patriarchy
  • patriarchy
  • shortstory
  • kids
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The Raven's Knight (Completed) by CharlotteCanyon
The Raven's Knight (Completed)by ~ CC ~
In an age where men rule absolute and women are relegated to the shadows, a sorceress arises to upset the balance of power and lay waste to the Five Thrones of Yoh. She...
  • patriarchy
  • redrobin9304
  • knights
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THE YOUNG GODS by rebellionofhope
THE YOUNG GODSby — julia.
  • spy
  • secretagents
  • spies
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Catalyst by MayaJalukar
Catalystby maya jalukar
"We will not be silenced. We will not be oppressed." Welcome to New California. It's the year 3246, and the citizens of New California are at a time of unrest...
  • catalyst
  • sexism
  • patriarchy
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Neutered Society by AkhtarNaveedSyed
Neutered Societyby Akhtar Naveed Syed
Currently society is defined as to be following a patriarchal value system with feminists calling for a female role in the system. However, patriachy does not to be repl...
  • radfem
  • gynarchy
  • patriarchy
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