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Bound by Fate by Kiara_vr
Bound by Fateby Kiara vR
A teenage girl from the 21st century somehow ends up lost in a forest, only to get taken to a castle where everyone acts as if it is the dark ages or medieval times. The...
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Her Crown by PrettyLittleQueenA
Her Crownby A.Montana
-Sequel to The Crown- She shall reign alone for house Demure following the death of her dear husband. The court want her to find a new husband to fill the role as king o...
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Peter's Little Peter by mestrin
Peter's Little Peterby Michael Estrin
🍌🍌🍌Think Netflix's SEX EDUCATION, but without the accents, and instead of pictures and sound, I put the words on the screen, and you paint the pictures with your mind...
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Misogyny by Dinkyballs
Misogynyby Dinkyballs
Hunky professor says men are better than women. Girl gets angry, sets out to destroy him.
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PATRIARCHY by TheasWords
After the civil war in 2056, America morphed into a society designed to suppress, stifle & control females across the country. In just a few weeks, Amelia Sayle will be...
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The Mystery of  the Bipolar Alpha by Eva4242
The Mystery of the Bipolar Alphaby Eva
"What do you do when the other half of your soul worships you in the shadow of the night but hates you in the light of the morning?" Social reformer and all ar...
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Goodbye, honey :Story of an Indian bride by clumsywalker
Goodbye, honey :Story of an clumsywalker
{Highest ranking :#31 in short story} Priyanka Mehra is a 23 year old girl living in Delhi. She's your typical modern girl, fun loving and out going. She works as an in...
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No More Selfies - A Kardashian Dystopia by kfxinfinity
No More Selfies - A Kardashian kfan
In a world where selfies are illegal, Kim Kardashian is a freedom fighter, intent on overthrowing the government with her personal brand of radical self-love.
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Sanguine. by anamsuhail18
#9 Anam Suhail
The tale of a girl suppressed by society for ages and has no say in the matters of her life. Read on to learn about how she breaks away from the handcuffs of traditional...
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Patriarchy || Dong Sicheng by choinsanity
Patriarchy || Dong Sichengby ردا
"Girls don't have the liberties that guys do." In which Somi meets a boy called Winwin and teaches him about the real world. started- 23/11/18
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The little book about feminism by babypikachu00101
The little book about feminismby Jasmine
Do you want to know more about the fight for women's rights, what we've achieved and how we got there? This little helpful little guide will teach you the history, theor...
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THE YOUNG GODS by rebellionofhope
THE YOUNG GODSby — julia.
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Pokemon: Guardians Of The World (DISCONTINUED) by HexTheOmega
Pokemon: Guardians Of The World ( HexTheOmega
Aries, a male shiny Umbreon, attempted to kill himself. But somebody's got other plans for him however...
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The Harper Case by Feminiist_
The Harper Caseby 💚💜 F e m i n i s t 🧡💖
If you are listening to this recording it means that you were chosen for this mission, listen to this story carefully and fight out there, this war is going to end us al...
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How to Break the System by rebellionofhope
How to Break the Systemby — julia.
Small town shenanigans, falling in (and out) of love, punching a few racist supremacists in the face, and destroying the patriarchal system engrained in the social struc...
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'Til Death Do Us Part by arimichella
'Til Death Do Us Partby Ari
"You're a fool for believing I could do a thing like this," Henry sneered. His black eyes flashed with rage. His words were laced with venom as he bore his tee...
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Patriarchal World~A Roleplay [Read Description] by Fireshine
Patriarchal World~A Roleplay [ ~Love is Life~
~For max effect, this roleplay is to be played by males OC only. This is the first and only roleplay I've made for only males, so please don't be upset with me.~
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Her by shiningdoe
Herby shining doe
In a world where the only way for a woman to survive was by being submissive to a male she was assigned to serve,he can do anything to her as soon as a girl turned five...
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RISE by DaisyDoesNothing
RISEby Daisy S
❝There's blood on the crown. Why not splash a little on the walls too?❞ There's a Princess who only wants to claim the throne that is rightfully hers, but the council wo...
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Worktitle: the gender wars by MariekeMVos
Worktitle: the gender warsby MariekeMVos
Fantasy series set in a world that is divided in the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy. Both power blocks are loose alliances based on a common belief which gender is superi...
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