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Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantineby Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
The Bad Boys little Fighter (completed)  by Burning_Embers__
The Bad Boys little Fighter ( Burning_Embers__
The Bad Boys Little Fighter Two people that seem so different, but are they really? Luka Knight, the bad boy of the school. The gang leader. The one person you don't wa...
KILL COUNT || Corpse Husband by fxckmikey
KILL COUNT || Corpse Husbandby chloe :)
"so... what's your kill count?" "thousands probably." "wait, deadass?" • nora had experienced many unexpected things in her life. with fri...
✓ | BORN TO RUN, carl grimes by xsparrows
✓ | BORN TO RUN, carl grimesby r i a
cursing my name, wishing i stayed... season 4 to 8 - carl grimes x oc
Kiss the Sky by Hubrism
Kiss the Skyby Marianna Leal
[Updates every Tue/Fri] Cora, a sexual-abuse survivor who doesn't trust men, and Pace, the firefighter who rescues her, grapple with the consequences of the attraction b...
IDV ៚ oneshots ! by adiennx
IDV ៚ oneshots !by ☾
In which survivors and hunters can also be lovers. I've noticed that this has been 90% smut so far, so read at your own risk. Requests? nope. :( Smut? Definitely. Mostly...
Maybe Happily Ever After by SashaBastien
Maybe Happily Ever Afterby Sasha Bastien
I chuckled slightly and shook my head. "Does that usually work for you? The cute little remarks and that nice smile." I teased. He gave me a sheepish look of s...
Caught By Flames (Kyojuro Rengoku x Reader) by FlameBaby_Kyokun
Caught By Flames (Kyojuro Rosi ❤
Scars. Many had formed on the child's body as she listened to her family get ripped to shreds. The mountain whispered in the cold night, it told her to run and not to st...
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x Reader) by TheRealAnimeAddict
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x TheAnimeAddict
♡ The Trickster is quite new to the Entity's realm, when he's in a trial against you he is taken back by your angelic voice and beauty, becoming fixated with you. He wil...
Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}} by TheWillowPine
Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}}by Sjaala
Eight year old, Indigo, was found abandoned in a car by Rick Grimes, a sheriff searching for his wife and son. Rick is determined to protect the little girl at all costs...
Clone Wars Ahsoka One Shots by anxiety_banana
Clone Wars Ahsoka One Shotsby S.L. Wren
A series following Ahsoka during her time at the Jedi temple. Lots of family fluff, often depressing family fluff, but family fluff none the less. Her training with Anak...
Five plus Me make a Family  by LittleBird1041
Five plus Me make a Family by Raven Skyy
In a world where soulmates exist and are put into classifications like dom and sub, Emmy Wicke discovers she has five soulmates and they all work for the BAU and they kn...
Sparks Fly by VIVKELLER23
Sparks Flyby Vivienn Keller
A Featured Wattpad Romance, Wattpad New Adult, and Wattpad Psychological Novel (triggering romance) **November 3, 2019: 1st place Winner of romance category for the Mont...
Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad 2020!) by Claire-Merle
Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad Claire-Merle
"Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee, this book is like air, i need it!" @noromance101 "These chapters are written BEAUTIFULLY! You are, without a doubt, my favorite...
Dead by Daylight: One Shots and Preferences by YourLonelyStranger
Dead by Daylight: One Shots and ThatFriendlyStranger
Hello! Just a little book about DbD because I don't often see fanfiction for it and it's been one of my most recent obsessions! If you know who the artist is that did an...
The halls we walk... by jungk00kie_jeon
The halls we V.K
Jungkook a boy who is going through a lot, hides away from everything not wanting anyone to know anything and it stayed like that until Kim Taehyung found him... TRIGGE...
SILVER LINING, beth greene by xsparrows
SILVER LINING, beth greeneby r i a
i'm not where i'm supposed to be... season 1 to 5 - beth greene x oc
From the Sky // Susie x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
From the Sky // Susie x M!Readerby raku.
[HIATUS] Lemme cut it short for ya~ (Y/N) is a expressionless boy, He is one of the smartest people for his age, He became a nurse to follow his mother's footsteps after...
𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑟 | 𝐽𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑐 𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑 by A-Dreamer23
𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑟 | 𝐽𝑢𝑟𝑎� A-Dreamer23
When 17 year old Anne Marshall arrives at the park and is able to talk to dinosaurs. Belle Marshall has always been close to Claire Dearing and Claire decides to take th...
She Runs With Wolves by ellarose12
She Runs With Wolvesby Jenni.
Mate. For the shifting community, this is the term applied to the one person who is yours and yours alone; a soul mate. So imagine the shock Bianca faces when at the you...