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Lay Her Down To Rest by EctoplasmFountain
Lay Her Down To Restby Call me whatever
Some may say that ignorance is bliss while others deem it unbecoming. Diana's life moto is not one all can agree with. She much prefers pushing away at her problems and...
Sexy as Hell: A More Than Men Novella by Andrea_Laurence
Sexy as Hell: A More Than Men Andrea_Laurence
Copyright 2012 Andrea Laurence Strong, sexy and powerful... the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more. Seth...
Claimed by the Desert by Katrina_Crane
Claimed by the Desertby Katrina
Vera is a young archaeologist with a determination to prove herself in the field. While on a dig with her father, they happen to stumble across an ancient ruin that rele...
matters of the heart by -vaelet-
matters of the heartby L E E
*Slow updates* After agreeing to be the focus of a college article, senior Charlie Murtaugh gets more than he bargains for when he's assigned a clueless sophomore who k...
Do Anjaane by Shivangi_ki_Likhayi
Do Anjaaneby Shivangi_ki_Likhayi
Vaidehi and Raghuveer...Two strangers bound through marriage A sweet arranged marriage story that ties together a lot of typical tropes in a feel-good romance. Rankings...
One Night Stand by OutOfMyLimit17
One Night Standby Kenadee
Lily Mathews wants nothing more than to make it as a real reporter at a magazine. Her boss ends up giving her a high profile interview with the one and only, James Morri...
Forbidden by OutOfMyLimit17
Forbiddenby Kenadee
Tera thought she'd never see the hot stranger she had a one night stand with again, but on her first day of her final college class her professor turns out to be someone...
HoloDrops 2: Advent Days (HoloEN Gen3) by Eroge-Chan
HoloDrops 2: Advent Days (HoloEN Eroge-Chan
Amagi Karia a boy who has lost everything he cared for, wants to become the Manager for the third generation of HoloLive EN idols. Thinking it was a good escape and dist...
2.2 | Karthik and Anjali by caralogue
2.2 | Karthik and Anjaliby cara
In which Anjali moves to Misayur, a small town in Western Tamilnadu to live with her grandmother and ends up running into her childhood crush Karthik, who is not the uns...
Fate: A Legolas X Reader Story (Complete) by morganmacaroni
Fate: A Legolas X Reader Story ( :)
You are living the good life as a she-elf in Rivendell when Aragorn comes to visit. You assume it's to visit Arwen, your older sister. But then your father notifies you...
HoloAdvent (A Hololive fanfic) *Completed* by ArlWrites
HoloAdvent (A Hololive fanfic) * Arl
Crill Calypso plans on finishing his dream resort despite the persistent discouragement he's faced over the years, both directly and indirectly from peers and others. Wh...
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg) by CopperKenzie
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg)by CopperKenzie
In his last year of attending Pine Academy, a boarding school for elves to learn to use their magical abilities, Evan is enamored by the new professor. The shy man has b...
1.1 | Milkshakes For Sale  by caramelstreet
1.1 | Milkshakes For Sale by m.
In which Sitara orders a milkshake in the middle of the night and Shaurya delivers it to her. ~ a novella [25,000 - 30,000 words]
Bachpan Ka Pyaar ✓ (#1 pyaar series) by _PerfectlySplendid_
Bachpan Ka Pyaar ✓ (#1 pyaar r o c h💛
you think planning a wedding is hard? try planning a wedding for your ex-boyfriend whom you still love dearly. Throw in a brutal break-up, mixed emotions, an arrogant C...
Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Dark #3) by AMLKoski
Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Anna Koski
Lacey wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was...
Elevator Encounter by placeformyself
Elevator Encounterby lola
[featured on @ShortStory 2024] Neil had just arrived in Delhi, a few days ago to meet his sister. Exhausted by her endless rants about how he doesn't have any time for t...
Unbreakable Bonds by Coffeelover_antara1
Unbreakable Bondsby Antara Agarwal
Slow updates 1997 was the year when they had met in the beautiful yet dangerous valleys of Kashmir. She was a journalist, eager to make her career and he? He was in the...
In the Shadow of the Starships by CrystalScherer
In the Shadow of the Starshipsby Crystal Scherer
When Jennisa delivers a spaceship database to a suspicious group, she covertly takes a copy of the group's files when she helps them connect it. She gets far more than s...
For Me, It's You (Taglish) by fallenbabybubu
For Me, It's You (Taglish)by Louisse
Sometimes, it takes ten years to get over someone - especially if his name is Oliver Cojuangco. --- LANA'S LIST SPIN-OFF NOVELLA
Ada (A Short Story) by Chisom___
Ada (A Short Story)by Lana’s Cherry🍒
[COMPLETED] Spurred by her desperation and an eagerness to be released from the shackles of poverty, Ada finds herself joining a sugar daddy site with hopes to make some...