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Yours, Aphrodite by TinyAsianEmpress
Yours, Aphroditeby TinyAsianEmpress
AN ONC 2020 ENTRY- LONGLISTED A Wattpad Romance, Stories Undiscovered, General Fiction, Cupid and AmbassadorsUK featured story. ➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖ ➖➖ ➖ "Dear Miss Clara Abbo...
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Vampirism [MXM]✓ by saintc
Vampirism [MXM]✓by Saint Caliendo
Wern Muller is always hungry. Unfortunately, eating for Wern is not as easy as grabbing takeout. Wern can only feed on the traumatic memories of people and animals. It's...
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Finding Penny (Wattys2018 Shortlist) by ShelleyBurbank
Finding Penny (Wattys2018 Shelley Burbank
WATTPAD PICK/FEATURED STORY 12/4/17 Reader endorsement: I just finished reading Finding Penny and I just want to say I loved it! The mystery, the romantic angle... ever...
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His personal assistant by hiddengirl1996
His personal assistantby hidden girl
This is a story about a girl named Aana peige. She was 20, Beautiful, shy and soft spoken but to her parents she wasn't a good person. Her past haunts her and becomes a...
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Con Science, Not Conscience (ONC2020) by aurum_autumn
Con Science, Not Conscience ( t
ONC ROUND 2 QUALIFIER ADDED TO WATTPAD CHICKLIT'S READING LIST. It's rather ironic that Angel is a con artist, considering her name. Then again, she always insists that...
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Love's Counterpart by Ruechari
Love's Counterpartby Ruechari
Annabelle is frightened as her first season in London approaches. Marriage? She always hoped it would be for love. But what does she know about love. When looking for cl...
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Mr.mafia doesn't scare me! by Suzanne_Blossom
Mr.mafia doesn't scare me!by Suzanne_Blossom
It was one bang, Yet two guns fired, One man dead, One man clinging onto life, Never had timing been more correct ~~~ Kimberly grey, a simple girl, clever, caring and...
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What Happens In Rome....  [✔] by MsCrysaniaMajere
What Happens In Rome.... [✔]by Crysania
At first glance Wei appears to be the most composed, calm man you can think of, but inside he's shaken by an anxiety that constantly chokes him. Trying to understand hi...
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You Aren't Scared? (Creepypast X reader) by miagharm
You Aren't Scared? (Creepypast X miagharm
Y/N S/N is a 16 year old girl with three older brothers. She had to learn how to be strong wih three older brothers to push her around. Creepypasta X reader
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Mind the Gap | ONC 2020 ✔️ by EvelynHail
Mind the Gap | ONC 2020 ✔️by Evelyn Hail
[Round 1 Winner] Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound for different desti...
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Robin's Need (ONC Entry - Batman Beyond/Young Justice Fanfic) by yemihikari
Robin's Need (ONC Entry - Batman Yemi Hikari
The death of the first Batman sets in for Terry McGinnis - the Batman of the future as he finds himself unable to return to his own time, yet also involved in the life o...
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Dark Obsession | Open Novella Contest by HinataDate
Dark Obsession | Open Novella R.L. Kitchen
"No matter what you may say or think my dear Grace. You will be mine." My obsession has always been for her. My darling and beautiful, Grace Fallon. She has al...
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Healer |✓| Open Novella Contest 2020 by MaggieRays
Healer |✓| Open Novella Contest Mrs
The cure for mental illness has existed for a long time, but it was never enforced. Until now. I left my family and my hometown eight years ago to pursue a career as a h...
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The Blade by Reffster
The Bladeby Geoff Blackwell
Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George has it tough. And that's even before the assassins come for him, he discovers the magical sword stashed in the...
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Vanish (ONC Finalist) by elveloy
Vanish (ONC Finalist)by L.V. Lloyd
Aled is a gay man in a soldier's uniform. Unhappy with the turn his country is taking, Aled seizes the opportunity to enter a mysterious portal into the strange, primiti...
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Dangerous Love (ONC 2019 - LGBTQ) by elveloy
Dangerous Love (ONC 2019 - LGBTQ)by L.V. Lloyd
(TOP FIVE WINNER!!) Patrick Morgan didn't usually invite strangers home, but when he saw Harlan camping out in the space terminal, he was prepared to make an exception...
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The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - Longlist) by elveloy
The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - L.V. Lloyd
"Can I suggest you remove the fangs?" the jester added with a grin. "Otherwise, this will be a kiss neither of us will forget any time soon!" When un...
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Damsel | T. Drake by ZeninaD
Damsel | T. Drakeby Zenina Dawson
"Call me anything but a damsel in distress, For distress is nothing compared to what I deal with." [Book 1] [Timothy Drake] [Started: 02/07/2020] [Completed: 0...
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Unwanted Fiancé by isha8040
Unwanted Fiancéby ɪsʜᴀ
They are worlds apart, Just like yin and yang. She didn't want him in her life, But he was always in her sights. She wanted him to stay away, But he couldn't live that...
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The Blood Obelisk | #ONC2020 by Ellowyne
The Blood Obelisk | #ONC2020by Vanna Grace
"Some heroes have to rise from blood." Burying grief in blood and magic might not be the healthiest option, but it's the only one Master Mage Sedgewick Alverdy...
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