Underneath a Dark M...
By AMLKoski
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Lacey wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was BamBam. So in the face of such infamous magick, she had always felt inadequate. She was a Nolo Vis, who called herself Novis, but to everyone else, she was considered just as her magick was. Non-existent. That all changes when the high Mercutio Anadori, the Warlock King himself, sets his eyes on her. He offers to take her hand in marriage if she helps him find her sister. She had been kidnapped by a rabid werewolf and brainwashed into helping his nefarious purposes. She readily agrees out of love for her sister and the fact that the Warlock King is very sweet and considerate and the unnoticed Lacey is swept off her feet. So with the promise of marriage from the extremely powerful Warlock King, she starts her search for her sister with a large werewolf named, Abe. He was ordered to protect her but Novis has never encountered a werewolf before and is intimidated by the hulking mass of werewolf that follows her with a still sternness and a crass mouth. Things start to spiral out of control. Lacey starts to feel a deep attraction to the intense werewolf sent to guard her. He looks at her like no one has before, as if she was something of value and worth that was beautiful to behold. She is stuck between a deadly desire and her promise to King Mercutio for marriage. But her as body starts to fail on her, and having no magick to speak of, Lacey knows time is running out and that things aren't always what they seem. She begins to wonder who she can trust in a world where enemies are behind every corner. Who is the true enemy, the Warlock King, her sister, or the werewolf who sets her body and imagination on fire? Hush hush Let your Magick rush

Spell of Awakening

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by AMLKoski