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The Balcony by superstar806
The Balconyby superstar806
She chose her apartment because she liked the attached balcony and the peace and quiet it afforded her. That is soon about to change thanks to a new neighbour. Author's...
The Thing About Falling ✅ (#Wattys2020) by IzYoneyama
The Thing About Falling ✅ ( Iz Yoneyama
//COMPLETE In which a girl trying to overcome her fear of heights in her final year of school realises that maybe it's okay to fall, as long as there's someone there to...
Dabara Tumbler by omahazeeya
Dabara Tumblerby Omahazeeya
Himani Narayan, a conscientious sous chef, owns Dabara Tumbler-a food blog. She meets Raghav Varadarajan, a photographer and an aspiring audio engineer, as her paying gu...
When Stars Collide by romancefenatic
When Stars Collideby Gemma Berlanti
Tobias's fingertips brushed against her collarbone, igniting the flamed beneath her skin. The touch was deliberate but featherlight. Those aqua green eyes blazed with an...
Rosco the Rascal Goes to Camp - A FREE Full Book by ShanaGorian
Rosco the Rascal Goes to Camp - Shana Gorian's children's boo...
Ten-year-old James and his seven-year-old sister, Mandy are off to summer camp with their loyal German shepherd, Rosco. While Mandy struggles with homesickness, James's...
Forgotten love by mniKmVi13yo
Forgotten loveby Victoria collins
"Yiii where are you going? Can I come? Yii are we going on a date? Yiyi just tell me what you want I can buy i-" before Lily could finish blabbering Lance shou...
D a y d r e a m s by orangechicken
D a y d r e a m sby Nghi (Knee)
"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."
Not The One **Previously 'Life is For Living'** by mynameisdeviblaire
Not The One **Previously 'Life Devi-Blaire
An anonymous high school Tumblr blogger gets more than she bargained for where love is concerned. ****Originally published Summer 2016
How About Us. [M×M] ( TO COME SOON ) by thrillingworld
How About Us. [M×M] ( TO COME tworld⚘
He struggled so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul, blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return until he met charle...
I'm On Fire by GraceNask
I'm On Fireby GraceNask
[Y/N] didn't imagine that your mother would get divorced. You didn't imagine being stuck in Indiana with your father instead of the city you'd grown up your entire life...
One Gloomy Afternoon by Melvsine
One Gloomy Afternoonby Maria Diana
Claire is a 23 years old young lady who recently moved to Sheffield to fulfill the dream she dreamt ever since she was a little girl: to have a small and pretty café of...
Jack is Back by jaclynfrith
Jack is Backby Jaclyn Frith
A true story about how an eight year old is convinced Jack Dawson from Titanic is real.
The Charm of Everyday Happenings by WhichHannahSmith
The Charm of Everyday Happeningsby WhichHannahSmith
The third and final short story collection I will be posting here. This collection will focus on the contemporary fiction side of short stories. These will be smaller st...
Still Hushed by sincerelyabitch
Still Hushedby lizzie
Though, in contrast, it wasn't particularly this that had me scared. At least the type of fear I had described. It was the silence in my brain. The stillness of my thoug...
Unexpected by BekahZee
Unexpectedby Rebekah Zanders
Expectations. Everyone has them. Webster defines "expect" as "to consider probable or certain." And she was exactly what he expected. Until she wa...
Southern High by allwords_
Southern Highby [faceless]
Aiden had the worst thing for social interactions and that's where it clicked with Gareth. Aiden Brooks found comfort away from crowds and around Gareth and with Allyson...
Children of the Wind by almanzapedia
Children of the Windby almanzapedia
When twenty-something year-old Lucas, a gifted empath and globe trotter who 'travels with the changing wind' returns to his hometown of Playa de Oro, he expects a certai...
Unbalanced 2: Marriage Then Love by LauraJohnson064
Unbalanced 2: Marriage Then Loveby Author Laura T. Johnson
Catherine Palmer and Dorian Wallace are about to walk down aisle. Everything is paid and ready for the blessed day. Nothing could go wrong. Or so she thinks. Catherine i...
Date Crashing by Sydxin
Date Crashingby syd :)
IN PROGRESS (I try to update biweekly) Oliver and Brynn meet in the weirdest way possible: They crash the same date. When Landon Thomas and Celia Black go on their firs...