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Trials & Tribulations by camilasbaAnana
Trials & Tribulationsby laurens_hoe
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." All credits go to Beth. Thank you Beth for creating such a masterpiece.
one shots » normally by allysondelivers
one shots » normallyby xii.
a book of short stories that will be filled of my thoughts that will never actually be turned into books. » normally
make you mad » fifth harmony au by allysondelivers
make you mad » fifth harmony auby xii.
Jerry and Derrick kind of make their daughters marry each other. ORIGINALLY FROM PRETTYTHXTS » normally, laurinah » ot4 af :)
St. Mary's || Camren by intoitkarla
St. Mary's || Camrenby m
What happens when Camila gets transferred from a layed back high school in Miami to a strict religious school in England because no one understands her anxiety. She gets...
Dinah x You by deejmd
Dinah x Youby Dennise
What would be the ending of your love story?
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts) by deejmd
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts)by Dennise
Might be g!p or not. These are just imagines about Fifth Harmony. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. DON'T MIND THE TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS AND MY BAD GRAMMAR! 😂😊
Soulmates Dinah/you by thehauntedones
Soulmates Dinah/youby thehauntedones
We never know who our soulmate is. All we know is that whatever they draw on their arms shows up on your arms too. But what happens when your soulmate finally writes som...
Fifth Harmony ↠ Oneshots by lanasparilla
Fifth Harmony ↠ Oneshotsby Gay Bish🌈🔥
Smut, Fluff, G!P, GirlxGirl, Ageplay and Age Regression One Shots of Fifth Harmony. ↠Some of them with Camila, some without her ↠Smuts ↠Ageplay/-Regression ↠Fluff ↠Some...
Fifth Harmony oneshotss  by WatchingtheStars123
Fifth Harmony oneshotss by WatchingtheStars123
just a bunch of one shot ideas that have popped into my head or I got based off of other stories I've read and whatnot
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Harmony Ageplay by lanasparilla
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Gay Bish🌈🔥
Ally suddenly isn't the little ball of sunshine and energy like usually, surely this doesn't get unnoticed by her Friends and Teammates of the Girl group Fifth Harmony...
Fifth Harmony/You Texts by Stiles_Forsyth
Fifth Harmony/You Textsby Stiles Forsyth
Random texts between you and the girls and the story goes on
make you mad | nkh & abh au by prettythxts
make you mad | nkh & abh auby DNA™
"What are you getting at, Derrick?" "An arranged marriage." WHOLE LOTTA FLUFF, CLOSE TO ZERO ANGST
The Best Normani Books by SHORBET
The Best Normani Booksby .
Disclaimer; if you don't see your book in here, that does NOT mean your story isn't good. This is just based off of what I've read so far
Fifth Harmony Texts 🤗 by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Fifth Harmony Texts 🤗by ______________
Dinah adds four random girls in a group chat. They just happen to be Lauren, Normani, Ally and Camila. Note: IF YOUR A LAUREN GIRL I SUGGEST READING.
Don't Fall (Ageplay) by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Don't Fall (Ageplay)by ______________
Something awful happens to Lauren causing her to have the mind set of a child. Like anyone else this 'child' is EXTREMELY clumsy. With the help of Dinah, Normani, Camila...
Stuck in the middle by MaskedYouth
Stuck in the middleby Maskedyouth
All Camila's life she's been in love with Lauren Jauregui. What happens when Camz gets fed up with all the cheating? There's always someone to bring her out of the dumps...
Die for you  by itsnorminahbitch
Die for you by ✨Itsnorminahbitch✨
Normani kordei is in her last week of college excited to leave but what happens When Normani and three other girls meet a mysterious girl...everything changes.
Safety Net: Laurmani  by katricewritess
Safety Net: Laurmani by Katrice 😊
Lauren and Normani cross paths one day at the mall. Normani saw something in Lauren that she thought would be an asset to her and because of that she made it a point to...
This Is Fuckery: Edition 3 by CabelloPrizes
This Is Fuckery: Edition 3by g || OT5
Did you read the title? It's the third edition! Shitty cover by me. But my beautiful wife is the cover. [a rant/thought book] [this is filled with fuckery] All Righ...
Tweet Me First ➵ camren by Avoiider
Tweet Me First ➵ camrenby Megan Aïmer
We could say that Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui are kind of popular on twitter, you know, since they made lots of girls questioning their sexuality and stuff. This...