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Sarcasm Is My Weapon-Demi Lovato- by Denise46L
Sarcasm Is My Weapon-Demi Lovato-by Denise46L
Adison is probably the most sarcastic, fearless student in school. She absolutely hates her sports teacher miss Lovato. Will they ever get along? If you're sensitive to...
Demi's Boy by goingallnight
Demi's Boyby goingallnight
Once, there was a boy, named Kaden. He was, schizophrenic, lonely, Bipolar and gentle. His parents got fid up with him and dropped him at an orphanage when he was 7. His...
You are so Hypnotizing (Demi Lovato and Odell Beckham Jr.) by Demixxdevonne
You are so Hypnotizing (Demi Lovely Demetria🤍✨
Demi and Odell have known each other for a few years now and have many mutual friends. What happens when they run into each other and discover that they both have feelin...
hate to love you. by hermosaddlovato
hate to love hermosaddlovato
don't you just find it so hard to hate someone that you love? sounds crazy huh? demetria devonne lovato. yes, of course, im related to her... and my life is a living he...
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
Six years ago, a toddler and her baby sister were orphaned after their parents died in a car crash. Lillian and Neveah were left with their uncle who was the last surviv...
She is Not My Mom by chancellorlovato
She is Not My Momby Taylor 😊
Her life was perfect. Mac's life was just fine. She just started her junior year at Jackson High School. She has friends that she adores, a catch for a boyfriend, and is...
Lies - Demi Lovato Fanfiction by saja_maayah
Lies - Demi Lovato Fanfictionby saja_maayah
they say life is what you make out of it, they said happiness is a choice. well they who said so are liars. my life? most people would assume I have the perfect life, a...
Baby, Don't Cry by hermosaddlovato
Baby, Don't Cryby hermosaddlovato
I'm Mariana Torres, and I'm 15 years old. Not that it matters anyway. Most people wouldn't even take the time to hear my name, I guess I'm just not important. Well, that...
My Saviors (Fifth Harmony Fanfic) by WoahBroTooFar
My Saviors (Fifth Harmony Fanfic)by Holly Nicole
Ivy was just a senior in high school when her whole life turned upside down. Her bullies got worse and she had nobody. no friends. no family. no nothing. That was until...
Baby Fifth Harmony by Hades_daughter21
Baby Fifth Harmonyby Lady Iesha
Y/N is a billionaire her parents died when she was 14 and she hasn't had a family since. But one of Y/N's friends Demi told Y/N about age play and Y/N seemed to like the...
Little Pup by Hate_You__Love_You
Little Pupby Catie
A rouge omega. Not something you hear often, and when you do the chances of them making it are slim, but what happens with this little no-named omega runs from her pack...
mommy? -Demi Lovato- by Denise46L
mommy? -Demi Lovato-by Denise46L
Demi Lovato, married to Kehlani, has 3 daughters. Robin who's 7 and twins. Lilian and Olivia who are just 4. They're such a happy and cute family, the only problem is th...
I need help, Miss Lovato by foreverlastingdemi
I need help, Miss Lovatoby foreverlastingdemi
when my parents died, i thought my world had ended. little did i know what torture my future at bright smiles would bring me. most kids hate school, but i'm not one of t...
It All Started with a Bang (Demi Lovato fanfic) by findinglove9499
It All Started with a Bang (Demi Amanda
Meet Amanda Moon. 17 year old girl struggling to get out of her abusive parents reign. With a sick twist of fate Amanda meets her idol. The one, the only Demi Lovato.
For The Love of A Daughter by hermosaddlovato
For The Love of A Daughterby hermosaddlovato
i gave my daughter up for adoption. i just need to get her back. what if she's as messed up as me? -demi lovato.
My Black Soul by RadicalBadical
My Black Soulby Jenna & Avia
my poor excuse as a mother died and now I'm forced to go live with my aunt who just happens to be Demi Lovato. I'm Atlanta Lovato and this is my shitty story.
Deeper by herefornoreasons
Deeperby herefornoreason
GXG (smut warning) 18+ Demi's career as a math teacher at the famous Bursten college took an extra ordinary turn as she was greeted with her new 2020 class Lauren was kn...
Bullying: Friends with Stars. A Little Mix and Demi Lovato story by TCM9620
Bullying: Friends with Stars. A TCM9620
14 year old Aliyah Davis is getting bullied at school. Why? Because she's black. The only thing that keeps her spirits up is music, mostly Demi Lovato and Little Mix. On...
Dancing through my heart by The_brightshadow
Dancing through my heartby Hi :)
'@ddlovato commented on your post' '@ddlovato started following you' '@ddlovato sent you a message' Involves triggers! And swearing
Being a Lovato Sister by RissLovesDemi
Being a Lovato Sisterby RissLovesDemi
Most people wish that they could be me, but trust me its no walk in the park. You might say that being the younger sister of Demi Lovato would be spectacular. I beg to d...