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Don't Tell Mom- Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Don't Tell Mom- Demi Lovatoby rachel
My name is Isabella Lovato-Valderamma. Yeah, it's a mouthful so I usually just go by Izzy... The kids in school have other nicknames for me; Slut, Whore, Fatass, Btich...
Tell me you love me.           (adopted by Demi Lovato) by Elifxxx0
Tell me you love me. (ad...by Elifxxx0
Out of my experiences, I learned not to trust anyone Allison has gone through a lot at a very young age. Her mother died and her father abused her. Now she's fifteen an...
Life as a Secret *lesbian Story* by demisdirtydiary
Life as a Secret *lesbian Story*by Brit
Spencer Lowe, just another girl on the streets. Demi Lovato, just another popstar on a stage. Demi has a secret no one but her family and Joe Jonas know, Spencer has a...
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
Six years ago, a toddler and her baby sister were orphaned after their parents died in a car crash. Lillian and Neveah were left with their uncle who was the last surviv...
Demi Lovato Imagines by sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato Imaginesby sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato and You Imagines! Open to requests!
You're Not My Sister - Demi Lovato by dexxmetria
You're Not My Sister - Demi Lovatoby emily
Demi's little sister, Sophie, thinks the world is against her. Can Demi help her to relieve her pain?
Let Me Teach Ya (Nemi) by ForeverLovingFS
Let Me Teach Ya (Nemi)by ForeverLovingFS
Apart of one of the fast, growing companies in NYC, Demi Lovato leans what it means to be the right hand girl. Relationships will be tested and bonds will be broken. Fin...
Therapy by dovato
Therapyby dovato
Therapy: Treatment intended to relive or heal a disorder. 21 year old Sadie has been going to therapy two days a week for three years after a horrible tragedy. After al...
a loving family- a demi lovato fanfic by demiiloveyou
a loving family- a demi lovato fan...by demiiloveyou
Demi and Wilmer are both on a break off of work and are on vacation with their beautiful daughter, Rose. 15 year old Emma lost both of her parents and three sisters and...
Silence:Forgotten- Adopted by Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Silence:Forgotten- Adopted by Demi...by rachel
What would you do, if you just.... Forgot? Demi was in a car crash, and when she wakes up she has no recollection of the past nine months with Mac and Nick. Frustrated...
The Surrogate by demisdirtydiary
The Surrogateby Brit
Everyone knows Nick and Demi are best friends, but when Nick and his long time girlfriend Olivia Culpo got married, they wanted to have a baby but learned because of eve...
Blind Sided (Nemi) by NickNemiDemi
Blind Sided (Nemi)by J
Demi is happy with her boyfriend, Wilmer, until she gets the bright idea to set up her friend and assistant, Natalie, with her best friend, Nick Jonas. Will this be the...
Haze | Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Haze | Demi Lovatoby rachel
After falling back into her drug haze, Demi can do nothing but watch as her life crashes and burns from the walls of her old treatment center, Timberline Knolls. Can her...
Through it Together- Demi Lovato by giana_o_ddl
Through it Together- Demi Lovatoby Giana
Madison DeLaGarza is Demi Lovato's little sister. Demi has been known for struggling with self harm, and conquering her addictions, but what happens when her 13 year old...
Ten Little Toes *Nemi AU* - Book One by demisdirtydiary
Ten Little Toes *Nemi AU* - Book O...by Brit
Being 26 and raising a two year old isn't a simple task. Taking it one day at a time and loving her world more then life itself, Her son was all she thought she wanted...
Bet My Heart [Book 2] by demisdirtydiary
Bet My Heart [Book 2]by Brit
Read Ten Little Toes first!! Would I lose, if I bet my heart on you? **** song: bet my heart maroon 5 started: June 16th 2020 ended: book 1: Ten Little Toes book 2: B...
It's What Mothers Do by wordsweneversaid
It's What Mothers Doby wordsweneversaid
Based off my imagine 'What Mothers Do' from my Demi Lovato/You Imagines. Sleepless nights, consuming depression, empty threats and frightening revelations is what has be...
Blade- Adopted by Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Blade- Adopted by Demi Lovatoby rachel
~My name is Charlie. Just Charlie. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't have a last name.. My dad? Ha. Good one. My mom? Yeah, you probably know her. Well, you know OF he...
The College Student by PeabodyLovatic
The College Studentby Bryanna Martinez
Demi is a single mother and a senior year psychology university student to a newborn baby girl, Lylah Devonne. Read and enter the journey of a single mother's struggles...
Don't Forget About Us ~ (Fourth book on the Nemi Series)  by Lovatic-02
Don't Forget About Us ~ (Fourth bo...by 🌈Survivor🌈
Fourth Book of the Nemi Series. They just went public, they're starting a life as partners but...will they survive the distance? Read to find out.