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The Fake Girlfriend by swankysquidgirl
The Fake Girlfriendby beatrice
#1 in Jonas ! #1 in Jonas Brothers ! #1 in Nick Jonas ! #1 in Joe Jonas ! Although this isn't a Joe ff. Rayne is out of college and an aspiring fashion journalist livin...
When You Look Me In the Eyes (Nick & Demi) (Nemi) by _JerryDevonne
When You Look Me In the Eyes ( _JerryDevonne
{Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato} How about being the best friend of the most wanted guy in school? "I can't take a day without you here You're the light that makes my dar...
Nick Jonas's Personal Assistant by Justyouraveragenerdd
Nick Jonas's Personal Assistantby JustYourAverageNerd
Olivia was used to working with people that had fans but she never thought she'd be working for someone with this many fans. Will she be able to handle the fandom, drama...
in love with a dream // joe jonas  by just-imagine_that
in love with a dream // joe jonas by imagines ✨
18 year old Bella is moving to america from england to go to a performing arts boarding college, living on her own for the first time thousands of miles away from family...
deep love | 1 by jonasbrotherzz
deep love | 1by jonasbrotherzz
you're joe jonas's girlfriend of 2 years, and as your relationship with him progresses, you find yourselves facing many challenges with him and the entire jonas family...
You're Breathtaking.. | Nick Jonas by alexaleeannn
You're Breathtaking.. | Nick Jonasby Lex 🌻
Just a little Nick Jonas Love Story. Watch as Lex and Nick, childhood friends, reunite after so many years during the holidays. Nick is at a point in his life where he...
My Rockstar || (n.j.) by disneyislife528
My Rockstar || (n.j.)by N
Katy is married to Nick Jonas. Everything should be picture perfect, right? Perfect kids, perfect marriage, perfect house. Until that doesn't happen, and they have to de...
Comeback by wishfulwriter96
Comebackby wishfulwriter96
After taking a few years off to go to university, Y/N returns to the world of acting. On the set of her first movie in a long time she meets Sophie Turner and the two in...
Love for Jonas by alliemolly06
Love for Jonasby AllieMolly
Hi, I'm Allison. I've been friends ever sense Joe and I have been in first grade. After that our families became very close and we where all best friends. When you think...
house of wax by hybrids201324
house of waxby hybrids201324
Ria is the girlfriend of Nick who goes on a trip with him and their friends to a football game in baton rouge until they had to make a stoping point to rest not realizin...
Joe Jonas love story by Slytherpufff2005
Joe Jonas love storyby Slytherpufff2005
It takes place in the Voice Australia 2018 when Joe was a coach. Just FYI Basically, Joe is a judge and the OC (Olivia) is a contestant. Watch them fall in love, I guess...
𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 & 𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕥𝕖  | 𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐬 [Jonas] ¹ by Gentle8Kisses
𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 & 𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕥𝕖 | 𝐍𝐢𝐜� Gentle Kisses
"Look, Lola, real life isn't like those dumb books you read. The guy doesn't always say the right thing and the girl doesn't always like him back. Some things are j...
You Have No Idea How Much I Want to Hate You (Nick Jonas Love Story) by isabelledove
You Have No Idea How Much I Want Isabelle
Charlotte Evans was your average teenage girl. That is, until a few tragedies came her way and shook her life up. Now, as she and her family try to start over in Califor...
VIRGO'S GROOVE ↠ Prince Harry Fanfiction by BriFlare
VIRGO'S GROOVE ↠ Prince Harry -BriFlare
A relationship that changed the royal family forever. Started | March 28, 2020 Published | March 29, 2020 Republished | February 1, 2024 Completed | May 20, 2020 A Prin...
Male Celebrity WG Stories Collection by GrowingExJocks
Male Celebrity WG Stories GrowingExJocks
A Collection of short wg stories including the following male celebrities in consecutive order: Tom HollandxAndrew Garfield - Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield meet on set...
Chilton Academy (Spanking Story) by AddictingFanFiction
Chilton Academy (Spanking Story)by Molly
This is a Jonas Brothers (Non famous) sister spanking fanfiction. This was originally written as a 3-shot entry for a spankfic contest and won. Hundreds of readers begg...
Us. | A Joe Jonas FanFiction | Book 3 by joemylovee
Us. | A Joe Jonas FanFiction | JoeMyLovee
Marry Me. Joe & Addison have had a rollercoaster of a relationship. Will they make it through the next chapter? Or fall with the pressure?
It's Not Cool | Jonas Brothers by Zaasie
It's Not Cool | Jonas Brothersby Zaasie.
Pippa Paige Jonas. The younger sister of Kevin, Joseph and Nicholas Jonas. Older sister to Franklin Jonas. She's two years under Nick. Follow Pippa on her daily life as...
Lovebug~Alec Lightwood by prettyodd_hearts
Lovebug~Alec Lightwoodby prettyodd_hearts
"You'll live" my brother sighed, spinning his stele idly. "Bold of you to assume I want to after tonight" I shot back. "Stop being dramatic. Th...
Camp Rock: Shane Gray x reader  by harrypotter010803
Camp Rock: Shane Gray x reader by harrypotter010803
When Y/N and her sister Michie get to go to Camp Rock for the summer, it did not go as they planned. Add a crush and little drama into the mix, it will sure be one heck...