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Sister to Jonas by Cubs09
Sister to Jonasby Cubs09
The Jonas family is very tight-knit, but no one gets along better than twin brother and sister Joe and Brexley. They've been inseparable for their entire lives, and even...
It's Only The Beginning (Book One) by dreamin247
It's Only The Beginning (Book One)by dreaminofdemi247
Can a miracle bring together two people who mean so much to the world?
A Roller Coaster Ride We're On || (n.j.) || Book 1  by disneyislife528
A Roller Coaster Ride We're On || N
Just a Nick Jonas story * * * * * * * Nick Jonas FanFiction!! I've really gotten into writing FanFic books! Hope you enjoy!!
Perfect Chemistry  by badgalbarbie
Perfect Chemistry by Princess⭐️💕
Princess is Demi's daughter Princess decided to move back in California but to find out she falls in love with the same boy she once loved.
Lovebug~Alec Lightwood by prettyodd_hearts
Lovebug~Alec Lightwoodby prettyodd_hearts
"You'll live" my brother sighed, spinning his stele idly. "Bold of you to assume I want to after tonight" I shot back. "Stop being dramatic. Th...
It's a Love Story {N.J} by imprincesslyssa
It's a Love Story {N.J}by Lyssa💕😘
{highest ranking- #1- #jonas- 7/9/2018!! #1- #jonasbrothers- 7/20/2018 & 4/6/19!! #1- #nickjonas- 8/17/18!!! 💕 #2- #nickjonas- 4/6/19!!} #3- #nickjonas- 6-18-19!! ...
Little Pup by Hate_You__Love_You
Little Pupby Catie
A rouge omega. Not something you hear often, and when you do the chances of them making it are slim, but what happens with this little no-named omega runs from her pack...
Afterglow (Book Three) by dreamin247
Afterglow (Book Three)by dreaminofdemi247
Sequel to 'Avalanche' They're happy and engaged but what happen's when something unexpected ultimately tests their love?
Protecting Alex's Heart~ Part 3 of Alexis' Jonas Series by anikole
Protecting Alex's Heart~ Part 3 anikole
Alex finally comes home and is ready to spend the holidays for the first time with her family and with Chris after many interviews for winning Dancing with the Stars wit...
Happily Forever After (Book 4 in Nemi Forever Series) by NickNemiDemi
Happily Forever After (Book 4 in J
Part 4 of Forever Series: Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato are finally married. Now comes the hard part: making it work. They have to remember their vows & their promises as the...
We are Forever (Book 6 in Nemi Forever Series) by NickNemiDemi
We are Forever (Book 6 in Nemi J
Sixth book in the Nemi Forever series. Demi & Nick are still married with twin toddlers. Go on their journey as they deal with not only the terrible twos but their caree...
Sucker For You by xoxolovemolly
Sucker For Youby xoxolovemolly
I grew up with Joe, Nick and Kevin. I've always been in love with Joe, but he has never seen me as more than a friend. I know my chances with him are forever over when h...
Family Forever (Book 5 in Nemi Forever series) by NickNemiDemi
Family Forever (Book 5 in Nemi J
PART FIVE IN FOREVER SERIES: Nick Jonas & his wife Demi Lovato Jonas are now the proud parents of twins. Parenthood comes with blessings as well as new obstacles. Will...
Stranded In A Ghost Town ✔️ by BrunetteMarionette
Stranded In A Ghost Town ✔️by BrunetteMarionette
Ashley Rivers and her friends are on their way to a football game when everything begins to go wrong, when her friends are taken to the nearby town of Ambrose, Ashley be...
You for me Forever (Book 2 in Nemi Forever Series) by NickNemiDemi
You for me Forever (Book 2 in J
PART 2 OF FOREVER SERIES: After five years of being the best of friends, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato finally admit their feelings & decide to risk their friendship for love...
A Life I Never Lived by lovatoandjonas
A Life I Never Livedby Demi Fanfic
Gabriella Richmond isn't your typical thirteen year old. Abandoned by her parents at a young age, she currently lives with her aunt who is her last living relative. Her...
The Maid ↠ Prince Harry Fanfiction  by BriFlare
The Maid ↠ Prince Harry Fanfiction by -BriFlare
One girl changes royalty forever. Started | March 28, 2020 Published | March 29, 2020 Completed | May 20, 2020 A Prince Harry Fanfiction
Faith Hope by petlover234
Faith Hopeby Amber
We all know the Jonas Brother, Nick, Joe, and Kevin. We even know their younger brother Frankie. But what if there was a fifth Jonas Sibling, a sister. Faith Hope Jonas...
The BadGirl and The Badboy by unknown_panda_lover
The BadGirl and The Badboyby Shelia
Westlake High School, has over 2,000 students it's your typical cliche school with the nerd's, goth's, emo's , geek's, popular's, and of course there's many more but the...
Welcome To Our World~ Part 2 of Alexis' Jonas Series by anikole
Welcome To Our World~ Part 2 of anikole
Part 2 to Long Lost Sister... The time has come for Alexis Isabella Jonas to become apart of her three famous brothers... The Jonas Brothers... and her real family's liv...