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Elemental: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Crystal by reagancgarrison
Elemental: Fire, Water, Air, Earth...by KappaTurtleGirl
In a city where residents live together, a crystal element discover something elemental: how much they actually have in common.
Who are you? by TheLoveForCarnage
Who are you?by TheLoveForCarnage
spideypool! full of fluffies! fluffies galor!!! the sweet sensation of knee skin... ill stop now. so, wade and peter are dating, yet neither one knows about the others s...
Elemental by hawk_birds
Elementalby Pandi_Panda
Male!Ember x Reader You're a Water Element and Wade's Younger twin sister. You're more outgoing and slightly less emotional than your Brother is. Even if you don't have...
Frostbite by writer168
Frostbiteby a ninja
Peter wasn't going to let May pay the rent all on her own. Not when there was the two of them, not when being Spider-Man made everything that much harder. And if that me...
Trans Peter Parker (bxb) by rainbowchild17
Trans Peter Parker (bxb)by Rainbowsheep77
Tony and Steve adopt Peter from an abusive orphanage. They don't know he's trans but his boyfriend Wade does. This is about life of peter and stuff. Major dysphoria tri...
Rent A Wife!!! by hafsa_indie
Rent A Wife!!!by Hafsa
Natasha is struggling to make ends meet. While she is pondering over her issues she meets Jude. Jude has an interesting proposition for her. He wants her to marry him in...
Insane ★ Wade Wilson [1] by DamnSalvawhore
Insane ★ Wade Wilson [1]by 𝕮𝖍𝖊𝖗
Marley used to be normal. She had a high paying job as a psychiatrist, a stable relationship and was completely sane. However, not everyone's life ends up perfect and Ma...
The Innocent Villain  by DeadMC66
The Innocent Villain by Handsome Dead 2.0
In a new situation in the Lego DC Universe occurs when the Justice League get replaced by the Crime Syndicate and the only ones to stop whatever they have planned are th...
baby~b.j-currently editing by saintsteele
baby~b.j-currently editingby saintsteele
in which the father of the baby made a grave mistake and the mother just wanted all to be right again or Yasmine and Bronny never expected to have Nevaeh especially at t...
Peter one-shots// Spideypool by Angel_dust_bed_
Peter one-shots// Spideypoolby Angel_dust_bed_
Just a bunch of Spiderman x Deadpool one-shots! Oh and some one shot aren't really concentrated just on spideypool, but mainly on Peter.
Glazed Eyes, Empty Hearts ➳ Spideypool by MagicaLyss
Glazed Eyes, Empty Hearts ➳ Spidey...by ✨Lyss✨
Blue Neighborhood Trilogy In which May dies and Peter's left with May's abusive boyfriend [Updated on Sunday and Wednesday]
The Webslinger's Weakness by TheMadKingTargaryen
The Webslinger's Weaknessby TheMadKingTargaryen
Spider-Man and Deadpool fanfic containing smut, fluff and plenty of tickles. All characters are 18+, yes Peter is aged up, thank you!!!!
Bully -Tythan by Glambert263
Bully -Tythanby Trash #1
Ethan is the cliche new kid to school, not only that he's a nervous wreck and scared to death of confrontation. Tyler and his friends are considered evil douche bags aro...
Bite {Markiplier X Reader} by M_isfor_music
Bite {Markiplier X Reader}by 🍄
The world is dead. Just a great mass of dirt. Its riddled with flesh eating, rotting, stumbling, walking dead creatures. Zombies. She joins forces with another group. sh...
Dead pool x spider man ( crazy in love ) { DISCONTINUED} by Nazirah14
Dead pool x spider man ( crazy in...by Naluforever
Tony stark and Steve Rogers decided after 2 years of marriage they wanted a child but unfortunately for them since they are Heroes and have a lot on their plates baby wo...
Little Baby Boy by Katie_K_123
Little Baby Boyby Bomb.Com
Peter Parker, son of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, happens to secretly be dating Wade Wilson, a mercenary. Not only that but they've had a child in secret. Please underst...
HIS BELLA - the sequel by zeearchive
HIS BELLA - the sequelby Mrs Cullen
Sequel after HIS BELLA Wade will battle old demons in a bid to protect his new life with Bella from the storms surrounding his past life. They thought it was over But it...
Gta V x reader headcannons/imagines  by GodOfFanfics
Gta V x reader headcannons/imagine...by GodOfFanfics
It'll mostly be fem reader. Might be gender neutral sometimes. Requests are always open.
Avengers group-chat x reader by StarrForshaw
Avengers group-chat x readerby Starr Forshaw
Exsactly as it says in the title.
Devil's Diner by Zylla1War
Devil's Dinerby Zoe
Have you heard of Devil's Diner? If you are a vigilant? Most certainly. Its a that is famous for helping vigilantes. The law's against you? They know a lawyer. Someone'...