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The boy in the back by fanofstoryyy
The boy in the backby fanofstoryyy
When a teen boy moves to a new schools, with deep trauma and bad anxiety, he meets a girl, who somehow, lights up his life.
Fighting Together by lisaaaaa1616
Fighting Togetherby Clay(Block)
George suffers from epilepsy which causes him to be bullied for that at school. After being humiliated in front of the whole school for being gay, the popular boy named...
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata) by overxxized0kaminari
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata)by Touloser
Hinata Shouyou was thrown into the deep end after being diagnosed with type one diabetes. Having to cope with ableism, volleyball and his own mental health, can he keep...
Running on Insulin by GaylaBer
Running on Insulinby Goobyloob
Samantha's life had never been easy. Her abusive father was the only family she had left. Her mom had died when Sam was just a kid, and when she was eight, Sam had been...
The Flynn Effect  by -olliee
The Flynn Effect by -olliee
Featured in Wattpad's YA Love, Actually| Romance Reading list! Josephine Pryce will do anything to get out of Lakeville even if it means simply tutoring her arch-nemesis...
Type 1 Love (Starker) by DaronJayLemke123
Type 1 Love (Starker)by DaronJayLemke
Peter has type 1 diabetes and Tony helps him threw it. Then they fall in love.
Highs and Lows Of Life by Rebel211
Highs and Lows Of Lifeby Rebel211
COMPLETE STORY The Jonas family is trying to find there footing as the three oldest are trying to make there mark on the world with there music. Nicks starting to act ou...
Family is Forever (Sequel to Running on Insulin) by GaylaBer
Family is Forever (Sequel to Runni...by Goobyloob
When we last left Samantha Deitz, she'd been adopted by Jenna and Tyler Joseph, had met a bunch of their friends and had been taken by who was supposedly her new social...
Not Like The Movies: A Portwell AU by kathylo42
Not Like The Movies: A Portwell AUby kathylo42
"It's not like the movies that's how it should be," -Gina Porter *"Inspired" by the movie "Be Somebody" w/ Matthew Espinosa and "Stars...
A New Journey (Upstead's Version) by onechicago_lover
A New Journey (Upstead's Version)by danielle_xoxo07
Hailey and Jay have been married for a while. They have 3 beautiful children. Wrenley (or Wren) , Adalyn (or Addy), and their newest addition Malakai (or Kai). Things ar...
Whatever It Takes by Descendantsfan03
Whatever It Takesby Descendantsfan03
Purple Hearts my version. Cassie Salazar is not only struggling to provide for herself and her medical needs but she is also a struggling single mom of three to her twin...
Mayson Thomas xx Stacey McGill by shelbylynne59
Mayson Thomas xx Stacey McGillby Shelbylynne59
Kristy's sister and Stacey McGill the two girls in the club with a sickness as a couple? How will Maysons story end? Will she beat her disease again or will it beat her...
It's Not Cool | Jonas Brothers by Zaasie
It's Not Cool | Jonas Brothersby Zaasie.
Pippa Paige Jonas. The younger sister of Kevin, Joseph and Nicholas Jonas. Older sister to Franklin Jonas. She's two years under Nick. Follow Pippa on her daily life as...
A Little Bit Longer by PadfootDisney
A Little Bit Longerby PadfootDisney
NJ x OC / JJ x OC / KJ x DJ I have Type 1 Diabetes, and I just want one normal night out, with my best friend at a concert for my favourite band. One night... One nigh...
Tony X Peter Starker Not Irondad Spideyson by DaronJayLemke123
Tony X Peter Starker Not Irondad S...by DaronJayLemke
Random short one shots about them. Some lemon and fluff
Y'All Must Hurry by corallxxxx
Y'All Must Hurryby Emily
Hailebeth has the sugar sickness
The Good Doctor: Shaun Murphy X Reader "Symptomatic Love" Oneshot by Liv4Writing
The Good Doctor: Shaun Murphy X Re...by Liv4Writing
You are a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, and you find yourself at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital under the care of Dr. Shaun Murphy. Although he has a strange way o...
Intelligent, diabetic Niall vs the world by Coco28624
Intelligent, diabetic Niall vs the...by Coco
Niall is intelligent but hides it, he also has type one diabetes which he can handle but no-one believes in him. Niall is similar to the character of Barbie in a way sin...
Sugar coated strength by medicineislove
Sugar coated strengthby medicineislove
guys this gonna be a short story which was suggested by one of my reader and if u asked something from ur writer and writer wont give u aisa toh ho hi nhi skta hehe so y...
The Swan Sister(A Twilight Fanfiction) by Oncer121598
The Swan Sister(A Twilight Fanfict...by Shannon Brunicke
Avery Swan is the 14 year old younger sister of Bella Swan. She moves to Forks to stay with her Dad and sister for a little bit. Face claim: G. Hannelius (This begins...