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destinations by J_marc
destinationsby J_marc
X rated erotic escapades of adrenaline and romance.
witness || h.s.||   ON HOLD  by -acidharold
witness || h.s.|| ON HOLD by ✧ grace ✧
"Do you hear me, Styles? You get in, you get out. No screw-ups, no loose ends, and no witnesses." ***** Harry was a notorious assassin for one of the largest...
Vindictive [h.s] by stylesboa
Vindictive [h.s]by stylesboa
Vindictive; Likely to Seek Revenge When I'm opening the door, my body slams into another. Frankly, I cannot do this right now so let's hope whoever this is has an expla...
The Life of Firstborns (Sibling AU) by xking_of_demonsx
The Life of Firstborns (Sibling AU)by xking_of_demonsx
Some secrets are meant to stay buried. Lucia a shady teen on the brink of 18 with a loving energetic sister Luz who is about to celebrate her 14 birthday but all it take...
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Hero by Darkgamer08
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Heroby Lucifer Morningstar
At the end of the battle of Manhattan, Percy kills Luke, thus destroying Kronos. But while fading , Kronos uses the last of his powers to curse the hero who ruined his...
Adrenaline by SaiaKnox
Adrenalineby Saia Knox
Ryder Daniels, the man who loves the rush of phycopathic adrenaline that runs through his body when he does what he does best. Jamie Jonson a girl who is spontaneous and...
Ghost King Meets The Dark Knight by M3CRILESS
Ghost King Meets The Dark Knightby M3CRILESS
When Nico's shadow-travel lands him in Gotham, in a dark alleyway, he gets in a fight with the a few muggers. His energy expended on Shadow-Travel, he is unable to fight...
These Risks We Take  (Alec volturi love) by GrazeInTheMaze
These Risks We Take (Alec Lullaby grey
Lilla was never normal. She's always been different. Could do thing normal people couldn't. She had to run away from her foster family to protect them and to keep her ab...
Red Earth by InvaderOconnor
Red Earthby Victoria Gormley
The Earth as we know it has fallen to her knees to human destruction. Sinking into a red era, Earth attempts to heal itself with the civil assistance of extraterrestrial...
The Story Of The Bad Boys Life by XLaughingOutLoudX
The Story Of The Bad Boys Lifeby Sapphire🦋
WARNING: PG 13 He was the sun. She was the moon. He was war. She was peace. He was disaster. She was beauty. He was sorrow. She was happiness. He was death. She...
The Immunity || A Cyberpunk Thriller by sunnydwrites
The Immunity || A Cyberpunk A. Sundeen
Adrenaline is the dominant currency on the island; it has been since the immune population moved to Umbre thirty years ago. Some people have found peace. Others, like th...
My Night at the Ballet by LilaTate21
My Night at the Balletby Lila Tate
Ivy, Rissa and Zinnia think that they are going to watch the Christmas ballet but instead they watch the world as they know it crumble before their eyes. Sucked into Dou...
Racing Love  by NanaZSBrignoni
Racing Love by N. Z. S.B
A Speed Racer Story based off of the movie. It will be slightly different then the movie plot. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. I am also thinking of writing a sequel t...
~maria~ by mintsqamar
~maria~by minnie
maria , a mafia lawyer goes to korea along with her bestie vincenzo cassano. together they face alot of trouble. there are worth billions of diamonds in a plaza located...
My Only Cure by unstableymel
My Only Cureby mel
Maddie cameron is your not so typical 17 year old girl, she's happy, funny, sarcastic, and witty with her charming personality. Up until last year, when everything had c...
Octane x Reader (Fluff and Smut) by zozogmr124
Octane x Reader (Fluff and Smut)by Junker_Waifu
So... this is the first fanfic I've ever done, and I had been trying to find some good fanfics with Octane from Apex Legends, but didn't find very many, sooo I thought...
Whumptober 2019 | Irondad and Spiderson by Marvelous_Spiderman
Whumptober 2019 | Irondad and bitch pLeAsE
So. I'm going to attempt to try Whumptober. I'm probably going to combine some prompts; I don't think I can finish 31 whole different chapters. This book will be entire...
His Sour Lemon by darkblonde1
His Sour Lemonby Darkblonde1
The Lone Dove: #2.5 A legacy is what they called it. A contract supplied within my own grid, my own inheritance. An inheritance made of punishment, blood and pain, it's...
Behind the Wheel - {F1} by storywriter1236
Behind the Wheel - {F1}by storywriter1236
From watching in her Father's living room, to driving her very first karting race. Aleisha has always dreamt of becoming a racing driver. After a tragic accident, she pr...
Adrenaline ~Z.H by Sophialikesthings
Adrenaline ~Z.Hby Sophia <3
Oh baby, I can feel the rush of ADRENALINE I'm not scared to jump if you want to Let's just fall in love for the hell of it Maybe we'll just keep fallin' a·dren·al·ine...