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Una más?// Pablo Gavi  by lorveiing
Una más?// Pablo Gavi by lorveiing
Quien diría que un cubata podría crear la historia de amor más bonita que han vivido nunca
ɪɴsᴇᴘᴇʀᴀʙʟᴇ - ᴀʟᴇ ʙᴀʟᴅᴇ by defsnotluka
ɪɴsᴇᴘᴇʀᴀʙʟᴇ - ᴀʟᴇ ʙᴀʟᴅᴇby 🇮🇪🫀
A short story of two former childhood lovers, bound together yet again by a little something called "fate". However, this little something could potentially ma...
The new signing - Pablo gavi story  by lloverg1rlll
The new signing - Pablo gavi story by lloverg1rlll
Lily is the youngest player to ever sign for the barca women's team after breaking records back at arsenal last season. How will her life change after moving to a totall...
Betrayal || pedri and gavi's situation  by films_pedri
Betrayal || pedri and gavi's anna
Pedri and Gavi are fighting over you!!
The group chat. by angelvjsg
The group p.gavira
Y/n was just living her life in barcelona until someone added her on a group chat by accident. what will happen now? is everything going to change?
Quedate by Rataravioli
Quedateby Rataravioli
"Llegué al club con el combo Rápido la vi lejos Se pintaba los labios Y la copa como espejo... Luego me dijo "Vamos, que te enseño Buenos Aire'" (Gavi y...
Dude it's just a 4 year difference  by yalldontknowme444
Dude it's just a 4 year difference by yalldontknowme444
Jo when to Barcelona with her bestie Feliciaand her sister, she meets some of her favourite players and they actually become friends will they remain friends or become...
Stolen heart|Joao felix  by moxaloe
Stolen heart|Joao felix by
'My names Joao felix nice to meet you' he sticks out his head. Nervously I shake it. 'Sofia nice to meet you two' ___ A Teenage girl who lived with her uncle since her p...
Exchange ~ Pablo Gavi by kontop4l
Exchange ~ Pablo Gaviby kaya<3
When 18 year old influencer Aamaya Delice takes an offer to be an exchange student in Barcelona all summer alongside being added to an unknown groupchat.
the German alpha  by Joshuakimmichsslut
the German alpha by florian Wirtz
Pretty much Joshua kimmich fucking everyone
The Queen of Barcelona by pablosgaviswife
The Queen of Barcelonaby
I played for Real Madrid Femenino. Every Women's team wanted the Queen on their side. I hated playing for Real Madrid but i couldn't leave. My mother played for Real Mad...
Fantasy-Alejandro Balde by 2CR4ZYFORALE
Fantasy-Alejandro Baldeby 2CR4ZYFORALE
When Armanì Mendy life's became a fantasybecause of a barça player
the plan | pedri gonzalez by chelysi
the plan | pedri gonzalezby chelsi
Coming from a wealthy family, April had always had the upper hand when it came to social outings. However, living with this benefit had caused her to abuse her power to...
The Savage City by Daisy_Smith_18
The Savage Cityby Daisy_Smith_18
The Savage City is a different type of City, this City is hell. Boys and girls, men and woman any aged can go here. Here killing, injuring, stealing, vandalizing, kidnap...
Your Choice - Pedri Gonzalez by gavizzx
Your Choice - Pedri Gonzalezby gavizzx
he fell first, she fell harder, and he fell the hardest
Blade Runner: The Origami Unicorn by lucaspelt
Blade Runner: The Origami Unicornby Lucas Peltonen
Gaff is at Deckard's apartment, knowing Deckard is facing-down Roy, the last of the escaped replicants. He knows Rachel is there, and he's going to kill her...
Razor Blade (Young Justice Fanfiction) [Discontinued] by IFeelSomeKindOfWay
Razor Blade (Young Justice IFeelSomeKindOfWay
Legion X member Ava Hummings suffered a fatal accident on what was meant to be a simple mission. Now, the Legion is sending Ava with her legal guardian, Joe Pepper, to h...
SECRET LOVE - Pedri González by flowqr
SECRET LOVE - Pedri Gonzálezby flowqr
You are Xavi's niece, you moved to Barcelona to follow your dreams in the football world! Xavi offers you a job as an analyst. One players seems to be really cold to you...
Enchanted -pablo gavi by joaoslove
Enchanted -pablo gaviby Joaos lover
"I was enchanted to meet you..." "Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you..."
The new boy by lovebpl
The new boyby .
Ther is a new boy on the barça first team not everyone likes him