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*BEING REWORKED & REWRITTEN* More to life? (Neglected Male Nikos Reader x RWBY) by BlessedCasanova
Y/n Nikos has always been in his Sister's shadow ever since he left all he's wanted is revenge to beat her have his turn in the limelight what will happen when he gets i...
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X Yandere!Pyrrha Nikos] by ArcReader_1080
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X ArcReader
Pyrrha Nikos, a warrior and champion girl who were praise by her courage and excellent skill abilities in battle in Sanctum Academy and were popular with the classmates...
On a mission through some ruins, outside of Vale, Team RWBY discover an ancient artifact that ancient soothsayer's used to predict the future. A device that allows them...
Under The Knight's Shade by atypicalbigdiesel
Under The Knight's Shadeby Studio Greenshade (Big Diesel...
A spinoff of "Jaune's Mothers." After losing his wife to a mysterious illness, widower Jaune struggles to find solace as he is left alone to raise his daughter...
"The Tale Of Jaune Arc" : An ArKos fanfic! (AU) by TysonYang
"The Tale Of Jaune Arc" : An Reverse Decay
Jaune Arc, the literal trash of the school known as Beacon. He's the lowest rank, a mere 24 when the average rank at Beacon is 36. But still, Ozpin accepted him into Be...
Herculean ; Pyrrha Nikos x Reader by ImxssSenpai
Herculean ; Pyrrha Nikos x Readerby ImxssSenpai
They say losing is a natural thing in your battles. Me? I've never once believed that nor it happened to me... Until she came. I didn't believe her long red crowning glo...
Ruby Potter by hunter81095
Ruby Potterby Seth
Ruby Rose lived to be a Huntress, wanting to be just like her Mom, Summer Rose, however her last name wasn't always that of the one she saw as her mother, she was once k...
Pyrrha Nikos X Male Hawkeye Reader by Allenhabib
Pyrrha Nikos X Male Hawkeye Readerby Allenhabib
I don't own Marvel or RWBY I only own my OC
"The Ballad of a Fool" (RWBY, Weiss Schnee x Male Reader Story) by AInterestingPerson
"The Ballad of a Fool" (RWBY, AInterestingPerson
Part 2 of 5 in a Book Series. (Y/N) wants to go to Beacon Academy, and stand tall with the other Huntsmen, but what will it take for him to make it there? As he arrives...
The Story of Niko by Foxytheredpiratefox
The Story of Nikoby Foxytheredpiratefox
I'm Niko! Youngest son of Nuko and future king! Read my story!
Notorious (RWBY Pyrrha Nikos X OC) by JasperCWatts
Notorious (RWBY Pyrrha Nikos X OC)by 4C3_0F_SP4D3S
Pyrrha Nikos has a falling out with Jaune when A new kid roles around, of whom doesn't get a warm welcome due to Jaunes foolishness. Will Pyrrha move on to bigger and gr...
The Two Spartans (male Nikos reader) by greygravel_co
The Two Spartans (male Nikos E̯̱̹̺̲͎ͣ̿̂̕͘͠͞͞R̪̣̪̣͎ͨ̄̄̂ͮR̈́̂...
I wanna touch base with some "brother of the characters" types of stories since Silent Rose is doing well, I wanna keep that sort of success going so I can hav...
Jaune of Arkos: A RWBY Oneshot by 2ManyPapercutsToCare
Jaune of Arkos: A RWBY Oneshotby 2ManyPapercutsToCare
Follow Jaune on his collage of memories and his hope to accept Pyrrha's death in the Battle of Beacon... Prepare to be struck in the feels.
The Stars Were Bright by constellationanimes
The Stars Were Brightby Rye Elswood
Asteria Elswood wanted to...she didn't know actually.She only knew she came here to study music,and bam now she didn't know whether to smile or laugh or cry or what,bec...
My little kitten  (todoroki X my oc)(discontinued) by Mama_bear123
My little kitten (todoroki X my Itsbrittnybitch
Hi there so there will not be smut... BUT there is going to be a alot of fluff and I think it be pretty cute. My oc is kinde of like me but im not as cute...
Tempest Daughter- Book One of the Chosen by AWallflowersBooks
Tempest Daughter- Book One of AWallflowersBooks
Linya has always been different- the birdless orphan with strange powers. But when the evil Eo'nahi venture out from their desert, intent on destroying the world, she co...