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Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma) by kaylafiee
Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma)by kay
What if Bulma and Vegeta met when they were teenagers? How will their developing romance change the story that we're all so familiar with? -Takes place during the origi...
My True Saiyan Mate! by KuroiNamida91
My True Saiyan Mate!by KuroiNamida91
Yin finds herself caught up in a struggle bigger than herself. For starters, she's somehow managed to make every Saiyan around fall to their knees in lust! what will she...
DBS x RWBY by carrorot
DBS x RWBYby Carrorot
Following their fusion into Gogeta and their battle against Broly, our heroes Goku and Vegeta decide to train in the hyperbolic time chamber. The two saiyans spend a few...
Female Goku  by flameburn92
Female Goku by flameburn92
What if the main character of Dragon Ball was a girl?What if Goku went to king kai earlier? What if Goku could control her oozaru form? Female Goku X Vegeta. This is my...
The Love of Legends by Beyonder-Spider_Man
The Love of Legendsby Spidey
Noppal aka Ghost and Goki was childhood friends since they was both crashed landed on Earth and was raised by Grandpa Gohan and as they was growing up Ghost started to h...
Son of Vegeta (HOLD ON) by Tsen1122
Son of Vegeta (HOLD ON)by Tsen1122
In the Dragonball Z, Vegeta and Bulma had child a lot sooner. Find out in next Dragonball Z
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x Android Male Reader) by Thebrony0921
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x 2KGaming_YT
You once had a normal life. Going to school, chatting with your friends and bonding time with your family... until one day it gets ruined when you're abducted and forced...
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Juniors Ascend  by ShawnMartinez88
Juniors Ascend by ShawnMartinez88
A boy is reincarnated into the body of one of cells children the cell jrs. He now has to deal with the trials of dragonball in this new environment. How will he react an...
My Inner Demons  by StoryTimeVellichor
My Inner Demons by Vellichor
A Dragon Ball Z fanfiction. This story is from after the Cell Games and during the Buu Saga. After the Cell Games, Gohan struggles with his guilt and makes the biggest...
Fury Unleashed  by ShawnMartinez88
Fury Unleashed by ShawnMartinez88
A Dragonball fan wakes up in the body of a baby broly. Confused to the events happening he now has to face the challenges coming. However he quickly notices that he isn'...
Goku and His Friends React To Dragon Ball Super: Broly  by Dbzforlife16
Goku and His Friends React To Dbzforlife16
On the day of his birthday Goku received a mysterious dvd that's shows his and Vegeta's battle against Broly 4 months ago, Goku decided to watch the movie with his frien...
Dragon Ball: Reborn As The Twin Brother Of Trunks. by Dragonlord04
Dragon Ball: Reborn As The Twin Darktiger003
A nobody who was obsessed with the lore of Manga of its entirely especially with fan-mangas and fanfiction as a whole. Due to circumstances(hopefully you all know the mo...
Piccolo x Reader   Last Female Saiyan    by Bunny4471
Piccolo x Reader Last Female Meadow Bailey
Could the Saiyans have sent another baby to earth? Or could it be just by luck that one landed there. One female Saiyan remains, and could she possibly steal the heart o...
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader (REMAKE) by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader ( BSGNetwork
the saiyans of UA (bnha X male saiyan reader and vegeta) by lawsoncharlie2005
the saiyans of UA (bnha X male lawsoncharlie2005
i wanted to make a story that shows how goku and vegeta would act if they were to go to UA and you get to see what its like in gokus shoes with your best buddy who also...
Universe 7's Infinite God by Motive8889
Universe 7's Infinite Godby Slight darkness
After Saitama defeated god Garou he accidentally created a created a counter path of himself which restarts his journey to be stronger in another universe where Saitama...
kuoh's protector (male saiyan reader highschool dxd insert) by JackMiller18
kuoh's protector (male saiyan JackMiller18
(Y/N) is a saiyan refugee born around the same time as the destruction of planet vegeta, like few others (Y/N) escaped before the planet exploded however due to a fault...
Female Vegeta X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Female Vegeta X Male Saiyan Readerby Silver_B657
+After two Saiyans arrived on Earth, they both began their adventure to find the Dragon Balls, during that trip they both met many people who became friends but their...
His Saiyan [On Hold] by IronGolum
His Saiyan [On Hold]by Princess Gremlin
Goku was not the only Saiyan sent to Earth. Along side him they sent an Elite level baby girl named Hela. The saiyans didn't count on her not only disobeying orders but...
THE SAIYAN BEOTHERS  by wateryappolow16
Goku fights his brother Raditz who came to earth to recruit him to kill innocent people but after his death what if Goku convinced King Yemma to let Raditz come with hi...