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Titans|| Gif series Book 2 by chloebella209
Titans|| Gif series Book 2by chloebella209
"Titans Go!"
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Titans|| Gif series(Completed) by chloebella209
Titans|| Gif series(Completed)by chloebella209
"Titans are back bitches!"
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Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1)by April Stone
"You're mine." I said, only inches away from her beautiful face. Her eyes. Her lips. I could not resist. "There's only you... Only you." My thumb car...
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Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanfiction) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fan...by Fanatic_308
Dawn had a good life. She was the maidservent to the princess of Deira, and was treated well. However, everything changed when the kingdom of Deira was attacked. Dawn ma...
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The Whitlock Secret: Book 1 of The Whitlock Series (A Twilight Fanfic) by WriterChick101
The Whitlock Secret: Book 1 of The...by Madison
June, the usual young girl that everybody thinks. But what they don't know is that she's a creature...a vampire. A vampire with a secret, a secret that you will find out...
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Magic || J. H. by undermypseudonym
Magic || J. H.by Elisha Arwynne Roma
Ariella Swan is the twin sister of Isabella Swan. You probably haven't heard of her yet, because she's been away from her sister for 7 years. Why do you ask? On Ariella'...
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Online Dating | Shawn + MAGCon (boyxboy) by JAMACASH
Online Dating | Shawn + MAGCon (bo...by devastated dn
In a town with low populations of homosexuals, Shawn Mendes has gone through tons of failed relationships. From people using him, causing heart break, and find guys that...
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Risen from Betrayal by JZH1999
Risen from Betrayalby Jerry
Ash Ketchum, with Pikachu and the rest of his Kalos team (except for Goodra & Greninja), return home to Pallet Town, where his former travelling companions and rivals ar...
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My love | C. Cullen by yaypll
My love | C. Cullenby Arora
When she moved she thought it would be the same old things to deal with. Oh how wrong she was. (Mid New moon - breaking dawn pt. 2)
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Pokemon Ash Betrayed Aura Guardian (AshxHarem) by GulluOzcan
Pokemon Ash Betrayed Aura Guardian...by Gullu Ozcan
After Ash Ketchum the chosen one lose the Unova league in the finals he get betrayed by his Friends en leaves to get stronger with his pokemon he find out he is the son...
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Speak Up «» Edward Cullen Bwwm by Tearsfillthesky
Speak Up «» Edward Cullen Bwwmby Bre
"You should speak up more often your voice is so beautiful." ®Twilight All rights reserved to Stephanie Myers
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The White Wolf (Jacob Black love story) by fluffysampan
The White Wolf (Jacob Black love s...by Sam
Lex, Jake and the guys have been friends their whole lives, but when they turn 16 and the boys phase they learn that the rumour about Lex is true. Will their friendship...
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Turning Tables (Paul LaHote) by LoonyLoopyLupxn
Turning Tables (Paul LaHote)by 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️
Next time I'll be braver, I'll be my own saviour. Jazmine Black had a plan. It involved leaving LaPush behind for somewhere better, just as her sister's had before her...
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Rebound Mate [✔] by Broken_Dream07
Rebound Mate [✔]by Nicole Kaps
When you Mate, you mate for life. You would think when having a mate, there would always be forever. That doesn't seem to be the way for Alana Grey. Her mate, Nathan Fox...
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Mission to the Crown by SOCCERGIRL_1_5
Mission to the Crownby SOCCERGIRL_1_5
I was taught never to talk. I am a master at: archery, hunting, tracking, and combat. My name is Dawn, for the color of my eyes. Golden. My father, Jon Crown, is a very...
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To Love and To Be Loved (A Jasper Hale/ Whitlock Love Story) by UnaNova
To Love and To Be Loved (A Jasper...by Em
When Carlisle Cullen was alive, he had a daughter. What he didn't know, was that his daughter, years later, was turned as well. And since then has been having adventures...
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What's Your Damage? by wingless_butterflies
What's Your Damage?by Val
Hawkins, Indiana is a quiet and safe town, or so everyone had thought. When Dawn Henderson notices something strange happening in her town , her and her twin start to in...
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The Bad and The Broken by summer___love
The Bad and The Brokenby summer___love
Dawn Rayne Falls and her brother, Jesse Falls, are abused by her father, Jim. He is an alcoholic and abusive and has been ever since his wife, Dawn and Jesse's mom, died...
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inconspicuous || edmund pevensie by prettylittleirishboy
inconspicuous || edmund pevensieby ✰𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐞✰
"you know, when you said you could sing, i just assumed you'd be bloody terrible. ever the surprise, o'callaghan." [book 3 | can be read as standalone] ✳︎ she'...
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Forbidden (Seth Clearwater) by RiannonHope
Forbidden (Seth Clearwater)by RiannonHope
At first, I thought vampires were just mythical creatures that didn't exist. Not once in my life did I ever think of living myself as one. What seemed most unlikely was...
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