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Not Your Rebound Wolf Girl by blah_world
Not Your Rebound Wolf Girlby blah_world
April Clearwater hates practically everyone, including her imprint Jacob Black. But she'll have to get over all that hate if she wants to save her tribe. Jacob Black/OC
🐺Mystical Call🐺 by WinterBella_Frost
🐺Mystical Call🐺by WinterBella_Frost
Ahhh.....vampires....werewolves....what could possibly go wrong?
Ardor ▪️ Embry Call by nessylz
Ardor ▪️ Embry Callby rogue
// Intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm "Your imprint is a baker." Embry Call x OC // Twilight wolfpack fanfiction All characters and the world they belo...
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He Imprinted on ME?! by foreverheichou
He Imprinted on ME?!by Mia Melody
When you are the sister of Bella Swan or soon-to-be Bella Cullen, you get to meet her friends: the vampires and the werewolves. Since Bella told you all about them and t...
wolf girl   ━   twilight by winchessta
wolf girl ━ twilightby 𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘺
𝐖𝐎𝐋𝐅 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 | lydia swan thought she lived in a normal, boring town, but when her cousin moves to forks, and she realises that everything is not what it seems...
Voidance {S. CLEARWATER} by springfaerie
Voidance {S. CLEARWATER}by b r e 💫
"I thought you would be able to understand Bella's pain." "I lost my parents...Bella got dumped by her boyfriend."
The Other Cullen Sister {Book 1} *Editing* by ScarlettVolturi
The Other Cullen Sister {Book 1} * Scarlett
Amelia Rosa Cullen has always been the troublemaker of the Cullen family. But then again when Renesmee is your twin sister, you have high standards to keep. Living with...
Echo❂ Twilight *SLOW UPDATES* by KaitlynRae99
Echo❂ Twilight *SLOW UPDATES*by Kaitlyn
"After the first two years, everyone gave up on finding you...but not me. You are my daughter." Camilla Swan. The nine-year-old girl who went missing after the...
The Goddess of War. (edward x OC)  by ShadowChaos2001
The Goddess of War. (edward x OC) by Shadow Ann Chaos
Now first before the description. I need to tell you that this is inspired by a book I read a while ago it has ares as a female and the Greek goddess of war. I wanted to...
Always There, Never Here by kayla24680
Always There, Never Hereby kayla
Athena Uley. Never heard of her? Well i guess you never would have. All because of one reason. She was never there. She attended Hogwarts. Her one love died, and she's s...
A new beginning (a sequel to "Which Alpha") by Evangelia257
A new beginning (a sequel to " Evangelia257
This book takes place after the events of "Which Alpha?" Hey, if you you read which "Which Alpha?" Then you know this is the sequel. Sam and I are pr...
BABYDOLL   seth clearwater  by breakofxdawn
BABYDOLL seth clearwater by 𝐝𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐲 🦋
Sunny Hale likes old literature. She's read the likes of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth a thousand times over that it's slowly bleeding into reality for her.
You heal her broken heart and I heal yours, but broke mine by lapushwolves
You heal her broken heart and I lapushwolves
Tavia was always by Jacob Black's side when he was depressed. Bella broke his heart and Tavia was there to heal the wound just like Jake did to Bella's. However Tav only...
In Aeternum by Cheerlex
In Aeternumby Cheerlex
All her life Evalyn was taught to be formal and lady like. After being raped by an ex boyfriend and giving birth to a baby girl named Arabella, Evalyn decided to move to...
FEARLESS(Seth Clearwater) by Red_Bed_Head
FEARLESS(Seth Clearwater)by Katie❤
Edward has a sister and he's very protective over her. Leah has a brother and she's protective of him. so what would happen if Seth and Lilly, fell in love??
angst {Seth Clearwater} by kaleidoscopic_babe
angst {Seth Clearwater}by 𝔅𝔯𝔲𝔥
"You know you don't have to let people walk all over you for the sake of kindness. You can still be nice and not be a doormat." "Like you?" "No...
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Story by 420Ringo
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Storyby ♡Roberta Katherine♡
Seth Clearwater. You may know him as the fun optimistic guy from Twilight, but in Dusk Seth finally finds his other half, his soul mate, his imprint. Will he be able to...
Fortuity // Seth Clearwater by bblibby
Fortuity // Seth Clearwaterby Libby Ball
[Mature content] Looking for the brother she never had around, Oakley Lahote finds much more than she bargained for. Will she return home to her mother, or explore the p...
My New Life in La Push by elizabeth_uley
My New Life in La Pushby Elizabeth Uley
Seth imprints on Sam's niece Elizabeth after she move to La Push because her parents died. What will Seth do? What will Sam do? What will Elizabeth do? And what will the...
Afraid of my imprint by lilmixlivia
Afraid of my imprintby Lauren
Warning {gxg abuse} Ariabella was young, Sam phased and attack her and her mom. Ever since then Aria has been afraid of wolves. What happens when one imprints on her...