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The Star Maiden (Fairy Tail Nalu Fanfiction) (Being Re-written) by BrunoMari155
The Star Maiden (Fairy Tail Nalu Bruno576
(A/N: I'm re-writing the story due to a bug and because I don't like how I wrote it originally.) Layla didn't need to use her life to open eclipse gate because Grammi ma...
Forgive But NEVER Forget by Cupcake_Lord_101
Forgive But NEVER Forgetby Cupcake_Lord_101
Lucy Heartfillia, a proud wizard of the Fairytail Guild, overhears her best friend and crush, Natsu Dragneel saying, "Lucy? I don't like her, she's pretty weak. I l...
Ever After (NaLu FanFiction) by mejchua
Ever After (NaLu FanFiction)by mej chua
(Not a NaLi FanFic. I'm already in the Tartaros Arc, by the way.) Lucy found a perfect job request. She begged Natsu and the whole to team to join her with this mission...
Should this be a secret? [NALU Fanfic] by EmikoCharlotte
Should this be a secret? [NALU Emiko💛
Natsu and Lucy become really close within a very short period of time and now they're missing and the fairytail guild has no idea where they went!! Read to find out wha...
In love with a forced marriage (nalu)  by Freckles223344
In love with a forced marriage ( Freckles 223344
Parents can be so annoying when you're part of a big company! They most of the time think only about their companies and how to make them better. I can't believe that th...
The Celestial Spirit God (book one in the 'Lost Descendant' series ) by smexyheartfiliaa
The Celestial Spirit God (book ~NaluWorld~
"I'm not weak.... I'm not going to let you die... and I most certainly will die trying." (Based on Characters by Hiro Mashima) When a strange man confronts Luc...
Our secret(Nalu~Fanfiction) by Ash3208
Our secret(Nalu~Fanfiction)by Ashanimecrazef
I'm going to change things a bit Lucy got pregnant before levy and this happened after the battle with acnologia and zeref. After the battle, fairy tail threw a huge par...
Mrs. Boring by PRINCESS_OT4_V
Mrs. Boringby Otonye Oruambo
Natsu and lucy are known as power couple. Natsu owned the most successful company and was the leader of the most powerful mafia in the world. As for Lucy, she was just B...
Okay, Master Natsu || NaLu FF ✔️ by Anime_Star_Shipper01
Okay, Master Natsu || NaLu FF ✔️by Shining Pearl ^u^
Natsu is the richest in his country. He rules Dragneel inc. Kind is how he grew up. Cold is what he became. He has his moments, yet one wrong thing could change it. Nat...
The Secret (NaLu FanFiction) by Hartchan
The Secret (NaLu FanFiction)by Hartchan
Lucy has a secret and needs to leave Magnolia. No one knows why and what, especially Natsu. Will Natsu Find her? Will she come back to Magnolia? Will the secret be revea...
The Secret We Kept - A Nalu Fan Fic by FAiryTAILfAnnNn
The Secret We Kept - A Nalu Fan Ficby FAiryTAILfAnnNn
Three years have passed since Natsu and Lucy have gotten married, although, there is one issue. And you'll have to read to find out 😜 ⚠️Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashi...
My mafia lover  by blood_demon6923
My mafia lover by Arsonist
Natsu dragneel: valued high class business man/ secret mafia leader age: 18 Lucy hearfilia: your average citizen who doubles as a mafia assassin age: 17 This story is a...
✔️He Dared Me! - NaLu -✔️ by Kara005
✔️He Dared Me! - NaLu -✔️by ✧Kara✧
Life is normal in Fairy Tail High until a new student transfers. Lucy Heartfilia, the rich nerd who has a handful of friends and thousands of enemies. When she meets Nat...
Spirits of the Colorful Sky(ON HOLD) by Musicfairytailmage
Spirits of the Colorful Sky(ON Musicfairytailmage
Lucy Heartfilia, a young, determined, beautiful, and kind celestial spirit Mage. When her mom suddenly appears one day Lucy is told something she never thought she would...
Goodbye [A NaLu fanfiction] by teriyaki21
Goodbye [A NaLu fanfiction]by TacoNine
What was supposed to be an easy job turned out to be a tragedy. Natsu Dragneel is left broken over Lucy Heartfilia's death. But is she really gone?
The Mating Season🔥🌟[ A NaLu FanFiction ] by Astral_Fairy
The Mating Season🔥🌟[ A NaLu Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED 》 One day, Natsu Dragneel found himself in the guild's basement; full of bruises and injuries, and to his horror, bound by sealing magic chains. Then a light...
Celestial Fire (Nalu)  by Kilanna2016
Celestial Fire (Nalu) by Kilanna2016
***Lemons**** Don't like don't read but if you like my other stories then you should know we are all perverts for NaLu. Hehe Fairy tail belongs to Hiro Mashima and image...
Her Protector ~NaLu~  by Anime_Star_Shipper01
Her Protector ~NaLu~ by Shining Pearl ^u^
<< COMPLETED >> What happens when Lucy finds a golden key in her mother's room? A note that says it belongs to her? The key with the end shaped in a fire sym...
Sins Of An Innocent Fairy (Nalu) by Kilanna2016
Sins Of An Innocent Fairy (Nalu)by Kilanna2016
A spell changes everything. New magic and friends make living even more exciting than before. New missions with feelings that are becoming harder and harder to ignore. W...