My Beloved Fake Wif...
By _thefairytailnalu_
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Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman with a dream on showbiz, takes this chance as a rising star. Once she auditions, Natsu chooses her based off her appearance, and not even listening to her act. How will their 'act' go? Or will they may even fall in love? This fanfiction is all modern. So it doesn't make anyone have magic. A/N: Some details in this story may not be correct (such as birth, pregnancy, bowling, anything adult-related tbh). Please bear with me though, I haven't experienced anything myself or learned how this stuff goes on. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SEX, MAKING OUT, OR ANY NORMAL FORM OF AFFECTION, GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO READ. SO DON'T COMPLAIN, I WARNED YOU. *INSPIRED BY FILIPINO MOVIE CALLED 'BRIDE FOR RENT'* [[completed 4/17/2017]] sequel coming soon ;) Highest rankings (thank you!!!) #1 in natsu (dec 2018) #1 in nalufanfiction (dec 2018) #1 in natsuxlucy (march 12 2019) #52 in anime (march 28 2019) #1 in fairytail (april 5 2019) #1 in nalu (april 8 2019) #1 in gajevy (april 25 2019) #11 in modern (may 22 2019) #1 in fairytailfanfiction (june 12 2019) #5 in lucyheartfilia (june 11 2020)

Chapter 1 You're Hired

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My Belove...
by _thefairytailnalu_