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The Betrayed Demigod: Book One by England_From_Hetalia
The Betrayed Demigod: Book Oneby Decko
Life is good for Percy. Leo had returned, and the Camps had joined together into one big camp called Camp Demigod. But the peace does not last. Percy is betrayed by two...
The Change by personalLibrarian
The Changeby personalLibrarian
Percy is accused of the attempted murder of one major and one minor goddess and the fading of a minor goddess. He is sent to Tartarus but years later the gods realize th...
Hero of the Damned by Major_Nich
Hero of the Damnedby Major_Nich
Percy Jackson, The hero of Olympus twice over... Is being sent to tartarus. what will happen to the famous hero? will he die? survive and want revenge? or will he do wha...
Percy Jackson-The New Prince Of Atlantis by suryaanjali
Percy Jackson-The New Prince Of At...by suryaanjali
setting after the giant war, Percy was having a very bad case of dreams from Tartarus. So Poseido his dad welcomes him to Atlantis for two months to know more about his...
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanfiction) by AdventCourier
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanf...by AmidstChaos
Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends. However, fate works in cruel...
shattered pieces by Fanfiction_me
shattered piecesby fffffffffff
Percy is suffering from severe PTSD after being tortured by Gaea in Tartarus and he doesn't how to cope. Annabeth tries to keep him from self destructing, but it nearly...
Tortured: Percy Jackson's story (Betrayal) by PercyFanficGuy
Tortured: Percy Jackson's story (B...by Jay
My betrayal was painful, I had to flee to save myself from an execution. But now my friends betraying me is the least of my worries. Follow Percy in his journey, as he g...
Glass ( A avengers Percy Jackson fan fic) by Teamleo4ever11
Glass ( A avengers Percy Jackson f...by Teamleo4ever11
I know this is topic is overused but I don't care I have been trying to find a story like this but I can't do I decided to write it ( btw I suck at descriptions) Percy f...
My grandfather... IS AN AVENGER?! [On Hold] by NovaSky26420
My grandfather... IS AN AVENGER...by Nova
What if Percy was blind? What if he knew about his water powers forever as well as his godly heritage? What if he had his first quest for the lightning bolt when he wa...
(UNDER EDITING) The One Who Never Speaks- a Percy Jackson Betrayed Fanfic by artemis92003
(UNDER EDITING) The One Who Never...by artemis92003
Twice Savior of Olympus, one everyone loved and confided in, was no more. After the discovery of a power, resulting in the death of a camper, the gods punish him, result...
From Demi-God to King (Percy Jackson fanfic) (Adopted) by cooljazzftw
From Demi-God to King (Percy Jacks...by Cooljazzftw
Hurt, cheated, BETRAYED those are all the things I thought as I was sent to Tartarus because of crimes that I did not commit. I didn't know how I was gonna survive Tarta...
The Darkness Within by sapphireblue12312
The Darkness Withinby ₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥𝙎𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙮
Percy Jackson is betrayed once again. He is accused of murdering dozens of satyrs and nymphs. Even Grover won't talk to him. He is forced to endure eternity in Tartarus...
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for release.  by story-lover1423
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for r...by story-lover1423
(A Percy Jackson fanfiction) The king of gods made a horrible mistake a long time ago, yet none of the other gods went against him in fear of the consequences. The king...
Prince of Tartarus (Under Editing) by ZelotArchon
Prince of Tartarus (Under Editing)by Momus
They find peace in solitude, I found only darkness. They see the light of the sun, I saw the darkness around it. They feel happy here, I drown in my guilt. They live the...
Percy In Tartarus by Echo1974
Percy In Tartarusby Echo1974
What if Percy had fallen into Tartarus alone? Apparently, a whole lot of shit. ■●■●■●■ PART ONE Down in Tartarus, it's the Greek version of hell. Percy experiences the...
Child of Time by novaskull99
Child of Timeby wannadieinahole
The Son of the Titan of Time is sent to go to Camp Half-Blood to learn more about the gods and demigods so that the Titans can finally rule over the Earth. At 12 years o...
 Ghost King Meets Batman by Sparrow-_-2020
Ghost King Meets Batmanby Sparrow-_-2020
Nico Di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce but seeing as he can't...
Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓ by ClaireValdez
Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓by claire ・゚*
Another prophecy, another quest. Seven demigods enrol as students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. They're hoping to help the wizards and witches defeat...
Marvel Half-Blood by athlete68
Marvel Half-Bloodby Athlete68
A few days after the giant war, Percy is alone in the world. A week out of Tartarus, EVERYONE is gone... all because of Gaia. Now a group of "super heroes" wan...
Control by L0VEandLUST
Controlby lofi-loser.exe
The seven-year gap changed everything. Fairy Tail is mocked by the townspeople, Guilds now fight for power titles, And an innocent little fairy that they once knew has g...