Consort to the Prim...
By Megadude16
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"Okay, hold on hold on hold on," Paul said, shaking his head. "Just one more time. You were framed for the killing of two gods, sent to Tartarus because Zeus used a spell he learned from Gaea, were approached by multiple of the PRIMORDIAL BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE, who all wished to date you, and you ACCEPTED? And even then, after all that, you also started to date the two gods you were framed for killing?" "Yep," Percy confirmed before flashing the ring on his finger. "And I married all of them too, which may or may not have made me a god." Purely for shits, gigs, and entertainment. Cussing. Smut is mentioned and referred to, but not shown. Pictures and characters are not mine. #1 in Tartarus

Chapter 1: Banishment and a deal

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Consort t...
by Megadude16