l Love You But Do Y...
By salinaguo
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Lucy Heartfillia is your average teenage girl that wants to go to Fairy Tail, one of the best schools in magnolia, with an average life until her mother dies and her father starts to ignore her blaming her for her mother's death. Natsu Dragneel is an average teenage boy that attends Fairy Tail High and life couldn't be any better for Dragneel but with the death of his mother, he turns cold and doesn't trust anyone except for a few friends. Will Natsu's heart warm-up for Lucy or will she be yet just another girl who attends Fairy Tail? The sequel to this book, Meant To Be? is now published! Highest Ranking: #1 Jerza #2 Nalu #2 Jellal #4 Levy Credits go to the real creator of Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima.

Chapter 1

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l Love Yo...
by salinaguo