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top to bottom ❀ muke by loverlukes
top to bottom ❀ mukeby vi
"you don't top, sweetheart." cover photo; luke hemmings & calum hood ↳ taken by me pls don't steal
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Groupchat ☆ ot4 by colourfulhood
Groupchat ☆ ot4by J
The one where Calum adds 3 random numbers into a groupchat in an attempt to cure his boredom. Things don't quite go the way he expected.
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Teachers Pet || Muke ✔ by kelliclashton
Teachers Pet || Muke ✔by kelliclashton
In which Michael gets a little too close to his music teacher and things spiral out of control.
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Stalker Squad | muke [c] by mukecorner
Stalker Squad | muke [c]by jules
"See, I told you he likes boys."
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Just Saying // Luke Hemmings (Complete) by itslukehere_
Just Saying // Luke Hemmings ( Alison
Emma was born and raised in Scotland. Her family had always been close with the Hood family, she'd especially been close Calum. Calum and Emma had been best friends for...
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Just Another Fanboy (Muke MPreg AU) by phils_whiskers
Just Another Fanboy (Muke MPreg AU)by jess ♡
Michael Clifford spends 90% of his day on the internet. He is a typical fanboy, and all the girls go crazy over him because fanboys are such a rare thing. Unfortunately...
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Not Only Human by Theforeverbattles
Not Only Humanby Theforeverbattles
Hidden away, experimented on for years. Michael Clifford is finally released back into the world. He's lost and afraid, he doesn't trust anybody. But can the three b...
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Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️ by Applezzz21
Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️by Apryle ♡
Luke wasn't much of a party person, he would much rather stay home and watch movies on Netflix. Michael was a party animal, he would much rather stay up all night and dr...
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Truth or Dare - Muke AU by 5sosxxphan
Truth or Dare - Muke AUby 5sosxxphan
When Luke and Michael find a Truth or Dare book at the bottom of an old pile of books, they decide to have a game or truth or dare themselves, every man for himself. Nev...
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Nerd-Alert {Muke} by ChangeFate
Nerd-Alert {Muke}by ❦Ari❦ & ±Lucy±
Welcome to New Stone High School. Where your clique is your definition. Luke Hemmings is the schools biggest nerd, in all upper class men classes, a high GPA and enough...
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Angel {OT4} by Foodislife2001
Angel {OT4}by Where's the food?
Three angels try to tame one little demon named Michael.
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bruises • muke au by 98lilydirectioner98
bruises • muke auby thisbitchlovestenmen
michael's spent his whole life living in the dark, surrounded by the negative emotions he's grown used to but now there's a new boy across the road who makes him feel so...
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breathing [muke af] by fivesecondsofsheeran
breathing [muke af]by lord soph
teacher!luke fell in love with daddy!michael.
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fear not [muke] by sweetangelsmuke
fear not [muke]by mariya
'i'm not a little, i promise' or in which a misclassification spirals luke into a whole mess of ordeals | mariya 2019 | cg/l relationship [ i did not get this idea mysel...
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mute. • muke au by michaels_cheezburger
mute. • muke auby <3carlee<3
Michael didn't say much. Luke said nothing at all. Luke and Michael were perfect for each other. Silent. But still perfect. WINNER OF THE 'MUKE' BROMANCE AWARD A...
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muke one shots: vol. 2 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots: vol. 2by bvm
my second book of muke one shots
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You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4 by calumsnuts
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4by Ihatelife
Calum wears 'girly' clothes and likes to tease his band members a lot, his body becomes the prize to a bet. Girly!Calum Bottom!Calum boyxboy
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roommates ♢ muke ✔️ by -riptidemuke
roommates ♢ muke ✔️by rose
"top or bottom?" "ex-excuse me?" "do you want the top bunk or bottom bunk?" in which luke has a dirty mind as well as a crush on his roo...
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camp // muke  by blackveilmuke
camp // muke by bvm
"well, luke, how many straight guys do you know that would be willing to spend 4 weeks at an all-boys camp?"
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