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Washes You Clean by xxxTheKinklesxx
Washes You Cleanby xxx The Kinkles xx
Stevie has some fun in the shower
Life Of A Horny Bisexual Boy by ILikeObamasSpit
Life Of A Horny Bisexual Boyby Bisexual Bitch
The story is about the sex life and the problems regarding it that is encountered by the main character. Such as, creative ways of mastrubation, random erections, conseq...
Secret dirty diary  by kelsey_blogs
Secret dirty diary by kelsey
This is a book about the taboo of pleasure by yourself whenever your a male or female or nonbinary everyone mastrubates, this taboo is broken in my story, and ill tell y...
Start of something new(HuaLian) by Yuki_tgcf
Start of something new(HuaLian)by Yuki
A bday gift for a friend Modern au model Xie Lian photographer Hua Cheng hit it off in the changing rooms during a photoshoot
Lonely by JustaceM4
Lonelyby Justace M
A Girl From The Caribbean Who made so much mistakes when she was young . Now going to high school she goes through alot of problems as she tries to enjoy her life. S
The Infected { Book#1 } by RenisherBlackstock6
The Infected { Book#1 }by Renisher Blackstock
Jemma Kinderson was born into post apocalyptic earth, where the population of women had decreased rapidly after a scientist gone mad created a syrum. That was intended t...
My List of Pathetic Excuses by MohamadMehdi7
My List of Pathetic Excusesby Mohamad Mehdi
Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but were afraid of failing, of judgements, of....others? Well this is what a failure's life is filled with and sharing these...
Plans and deleted scenes by A_Xenomorph
Plans and deleted scenesby Ex-Vd
Fanfic plans for "Common enemy" and what the rest of the story is going to contain. Some people requested to see it.
Tell me you love me, I'm begging you. BokuAka by lexilian_
Tell me you love me, I'm begging lexilian_
Tell me you love me is a bokuaka up in coming Wattpad story that ill be working on for a while. This will take a little while to complete so please be patient with me. T...
Christianity for Dummies Part 3 by Brebeuf
Christianity for Dummies Part 3by Alex
This is explicit. Parental Guidance is Advised. This covers lust and other sexual sins!
"Come, let's make love" by buggleuppp
"Come, let's make love"by buggleuppp
It's all about a boy and girl , how they met each other,how did they approach each other and ended up marrying each other.
All because that one stupid game by pizzoner
All because that one stupid gameby Tamar
Dan and Phil are best friends, at a party as teenagers and Dan got a dare to make put with Phil, but then Phil starts to grow feelings for Dan.
LEARN HOW TO USE A DILDO  by xxxfun007
Muke smut by 5sosjuice_2007
Muke smutby Max Van Plateringen
its about to get dirty