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Gay Porn // Lashton by PurpleCampus
Gay Porn // Lashtonby sWeAtHeArT
"Gay porn?" Ashton laughed. "It's not funny! And can you please get off me now? I quite like having the ability to breathe." In which a totally strai...
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Mind Reader ☆ Lashton by tearjhs
Mind Reader ☆ Lashtonby 𝖉𝖊𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉
[Completed] Luke has the ability to read minds and uses it to his advantage to swoon in ashton.
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lashton ↹ one shots by dreamshaded
lashton ↹ one shotsby ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
the name says it all [taking requests!]
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very smutty larry smut by andrewiscoollol
very smutty larry smutby andrew
WARNING: contains boyxboy content. do not read if you are against that kind of stuff. please be at least 13 years of age to read this... also, you may want to go read th...
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The Homicidal & The Suicidal  •Lashton• by Teresa_Salgado
The Homicidal & The Suicidal • T.S
Ashton is homicidal, wants to kill people ; and, he has. Luke is suicidal, wants to kill himself ; and, he had tried. With the two different personalities, will they be...
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11:10 ; Malum by lashtonbros
11:10 ; Malumby haley * :・゚
the one where Calum likes to text bitches at 11:10 so when they make their 11:11 wish he'll already be on their mind. book two of the 11:11 series.
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5 Seconds of Summer BoyxBoy One Shots by prettybabymuke
5 Seconds of Summer BoyxBoy One Bianca ;P
This is a book of BoyxBoy one shots. If you don't like, don't read. Requests are highly encouraged :P love you guys <3
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the tutor ↠ lashton by ash-irwie
the tutor ↠ lashtonby lexi & cherith
frat boy luke who everyone knows as the popular douchebag that hangs with the wrong crowd and gets judged too easily for someone who he really isn't or the one where ash...
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Detention → Lashton by SugaPackets
Detention → Lashtonby 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞.
Luke Hemmings, the new math teacher at Blizzard High, keeps one of his trouble making students, Ashton Irwin behind for detention. Things happen, but all they have to sa...
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5sos Group Chats |ot4| by TinaaxQuinn
5sos Group Chats |ot4|by TQ
In which the boys of 5 seconds of summer start a group chat... *is a crack fic but please don't judge me* *Based off the Ao3 series, but not stealing*
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Our Own Little Story ~Lashton~ [ON HOLD] by simplyizzie
Our Own Little Story ~Lashton~ [ Izzie
When a foster kid named Luke and a Jock named Ashton are assigned as lab partners the possibilities are endless. Will they just be lab friends or a little more?
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You'll be Ok||Lashton Oneshot by lashtonknight
You'll be Ok||Lashton Oneshotby Lashton
Sometimes Truth or Dare can get a bit too personal.
5OS Fluffed ✖ BoyxBoy Smuts and Fluffs by gaybar
5OS Fluffed ✖ BoyxBoy Smuts and Jim Kirk
5SOS BoyxBoy Smut [Book 6 - My 1st compilation of hot BoyxBoy one shots of fluffs and smuts.] ✖ A new smut book has been published because this turned private ✖
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Clean (Lashton) by Sheeranlarry
Clean (Lashton)by cadence stylinson
Don't fall in love. Anything that falls ends up broken in the end. TRIGGER WARNING
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1D & 5SOS Mpreg One Shots by TaylorSmith533
1D & 5SOS Mpreg One Shotsby Taylor Styles
Just Mpreg One Shots :) Requests Are: Open!!
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Middle of nowhere || Lashton by pihlaj
Middle of nowhere || Lashtonby just me
"Did you see him?" I asked, "Who? That boy you were staring at? Yeah that's Luke, he's 'the bad boy'"
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Shadows ( Lashton fanfic) //COMING SOON// by oh-my-lashton
Shadows ( Lashton fanfic) // Oh My Lashton
I'm just invisible Luke.. I'm always here, but no one ever notices It's not their fault though.. I guess I'm just everyone else's shadow. Warning~ self-harm, eating diso...
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Lashton Oneshots by blink-18luke
Lashton Oneshotsby The Frenchiest Fry
Luke & Ashton (Lashton) mini-stories.
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Loser (Lashton) by angelclifford
Loser (Lashton)by angelclifford
Ashton. A loser with dark glasses and no smile. Except when he's around a certain blonde.
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I'm Just A Fanboy... ∆Lashton AU∆ by hakunamahemmings13
I'm Just A Fanboy... ∆Lashton AU∆by Isabelle Dean
Luke Hemmings is a famous singer. Ashton Irwin is a fanboy with a famous YouTube account for Luke Hemmings. What happens when Ashton finds out that Luke watches his vide...
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