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Here for you. by Alexa-unnie
Here for alexa
Moonbyul is suffering from panic attacks, and Yongsun from her toxic relationship.
I Love You Since Then by galaxzhee
I Love You Since Thenby zhee
I'm sorry I can't take risk I'm sorry that I worry about other people I'm sorry because I love you since then But I decided to hurt you...
My Husband's Mistress by neverhateme
My Husband's Mistressby neverhateme
Yongsun was devastated when she found out that her husband, Eric, cheated on her with another woman. And she was even more shocked and angry when her husband brought hom...
LOVE SHOT (MoonSun) by AmberDrakePotter
LOVE SHOT (MoonSun)by AmberDrakePotter
Let's have a little fun here... Disclaimer: This story has nothing to do with Mamamoo's Moonbyul and Solar. I use their names and visuals for characters of my story, so...
Face it together by Armaya98
Face it togetherby Armaya98
Everyone seems to know that Moonbyul is gay except for Solar. She realises that she don't want her friend to date other people, but what does that mean?
Oneshots // Mamamoo by StrangerThanDiction
Oneshots // Mamamooby StrangerThanDiction
Random scenarios involving Mamamoo and affiliated ships. Probably mostly Moonsun but I'll take ideas. If there's a // that means it's a short drabble.
♡ WEDDING PLANNER, moonsun [✔] by heyitsluff
♡ WEDDING PLANNER, moonsun [✔]by ✧ 𝐋𝐔𝐅𝐅 ✧
Where Yongsun and Eric are getting married soon, so they look for the best wedding planner, Moonbyul. ─ "Shut up." ─ "Then make me." ••• [ 🌻 ],,, f...
MoonSun (Smut and OneShot)  by Twerking_Chicken
MoonSun (Smut and OneShot) by Twerking_Chicken
i tried my best hwhwhwhw S= smut O= oneshot A/N= authors note don't forget to vote mwaks
Catfish  by HHeyMateyy
Catfish by Jessi
Byul-Yi (1:39 A.M.): Don't you think it would be easier to catfish someone if you weren't pretending to be, you know, a famous person? And then, much to her surprise, sh...
Ten Nights ( moonsun ) by xxvxnsj
Ten Nights ( moonsun )by xxv
People will do everything for love... Even if it means risking their own lives...
show her your love  by moonstarssolar
show her your love by moonstarssolar
byulyi isn't always the best with emotions, but she loves yongsun, and as hopeless as it is, she needs to find a way to let her know.
Being the CEO of one of the most successful company and being the cause of lusts of girls, Moon Byul Yi's life is none other than pleasure. Oh maybe before this crazy lo...
Hello, Dashi Uri(Moonsun) by Khemo_Nova
Hello, Dashi Uri(Moonsun)by Khemo_Nova
" You said you didn't like coffee but look what you got in your hand.. " " I said I wanted to be an archaeologist so bad but look at my duty-coat and glov...
[Moonsun] Motherhood by BlinkmooIC
[Moonsun] Motherhoodby Sophie
Moonbyul wants to be a mother. The fact that she is single doesn't discourage her at all. Besides, why need a partner when she has the most wonderful best friend ever? W...
text me ~ moonsun by hyunashoe
text me ~ moonsunby ♡
do they know who are they texting
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg|| by angelkoyuki
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg||by Hiatus
•in which cj writes various gay oneshots about various gay idols• ||sporadic updates usually only when I have random inspiration||
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Taking Care Of LALISA MANOBAN by LisapooandMandu
Taking Care Of LALISA MANOBANby Riyel
Lalisa Manoban is a Cold Hearted and a quiet person she only talks to her friends and family, Jennie a Bitch, likes partying with her friends. the very opposite of Lisa...
When I stop Dreaming by BiegeHeartx
When I stop Dreamingby hz
Yongsun gets catfished.
100 Days In Love || Seulrene/Aseul [on-going] by eriseulrene23
100 Days In Love || Seulrene/ HWANG
"I'm not yours and you are not mine, deal with it" _____________________________________________ "You start the game, she just plays it" [short-story]
I̶D̶E̶N̶T̶I̶T̶Y̶ by hadu_kin
I̶D̶E̶N̶T̶I̶T̶Y̶by Stay_Woke
"what are you hiding lisa?" Jennie asked herself looking to the envelope she's holding. Not knowing a tear escape from her eyes. GP WARNING ⚠️ read at your own...