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Boboiboy Academia ( A Boboiboy and Boku No Hero Academia Crossover)DISCONTINUED by CosmicSonicStorm
Boboiboy Academia ( A Boboiboy CosmicSonicStorm
This Story takes place after the events of Boboiboy Movie 2. Boboiboy and his girlfriend ,Yaya (yes I ship them) have been teleported into a new world after encounterin...
My Siblings by aLuna151
My Siblingsby Luthfi Ana
I'm writing this because this idea has always been in my head, and also because I haven't found the story I want. This is the English translation from my first book. Th...
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| Boboiboy | Dậy thôi! Tới giờ học rồi! by irena1567
| Boboiboy | Dậy thôi! Tới giờ họ Aergia
Warning OOC!! ⚠️⚠️ Thiết lập nhân vật có thể chưa rõ ràng, về sau sẽ ổn định hơn! Thể loại: BL, GL, học đường, hài hước. Xin hãy cân nhắc trước khi nhảy hố vì tình trạng...
Fall For You by vien_06
Fall For Youby vien_06
A typical love story where a girl fall for another girl. Byul pretending to be a man for her father's sake, who unfortunately fortunate to fall for her mean boss.. ...
Boboiboy x MHA [] Crossover [] BEING RE-WRITTEN! by Cerasimp
Boboiboy x MHA [] Crossover [] diablosimp
What would you do if you were transported to another world? A normal response would be to panic, but Boboiboy was a kid, and kids are very curious. I'm not sure who rea...
Boyfriend Scenarios |Boboiboy × Reader| by Puffy_The_Quoter
Boyfriend Scenarios |Boboiboy × 𝐏𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲
|COMPLETED| Important Note:I do not own the characters mentioned in this book,they belong to monsta, and i don't own the reader (You) too,Especially the pictures or vide...
M Y  L O V E , c. cullen by yaypll
M Y L O V E , c. cullenby yaypll
(Rewriting) When Ana Price moves back to Forks Washington to live with her dad, she thought her biggest problem she'd have to deal with is her absentee father. However w...
Porn Star | MN.SANA by minachips
Porn Star | MN.SANAby ☆
‹ a heart-breaking, lustful story of an actress and her camera-woman. [ editing ]
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the future by sakura_sakuroko
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the futureby Rawr
BoBoiBoy prepare himself to sleep. The fight earlier proof to be difficult. We can't blame him, he literally change to a coward because of Adu Du's emotionless ray. He w...
His Princess!! [Boboiboy x Reader]  by LaynArtz
His Princess!! [Boboiboy x Reader] by Layna
Boboiboy and his friends joined TAPOPS and went on a journey to save the power spheres. Until one day, their group were sent on a mission at a planet called Celestial Pl...
Tteok (떡) to my Heart (MoonSun AU) by WolfByulJ
Tteok (떡) to my Heart (MoonSun AU)by ฬ๐łf・ßÿuℓJ💫
A comfort food, an enticing aroma spreading through your sense of smell the moment you step out of the school gate. A simple dish, yet difficult to balance. Overcook and...
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original] by JL-SR_shipper
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original]by JL-SR_shipper
Lisa Manoban and Jennie Jane Kim are best friends since high school and always together like no one can separate them. But as what they always say, there's always sadnes...
Between Worlds... by LxmonYTea
Between •LxmonYTea•
Nut, An Alien inventor. Wanted to invent a Teleportal, Which was supposed to only help travel, quicker without using Ochobot's power too much. Tho it took a turn when on...
"Not in front of my tea." Guess which simp created a new book. Yes me, Manyee. DISCLAIMER: SOME QUOTES FROM PINTEREST, GOOGLE, REDDIT, ANY OTHER WEBSITES AND S...
The Don [1] by Rosevry
The Don [1]by Rose ❃
In a world of men, she's the boss of them all. She has everything she's ever wanted, and the ability to take whatever she doesn't have. She's ruthless, cunning, cold he...
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Elementals) by solarhood
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with solarhood
The fight with Retakka leads boboiboy into a serious injuries but with a little help from his elements and spending some time with them will also lead to problems or cha...
Boboiboy Galaxy Season 2 by NanaSuwa
Boboiboy Galaxy Season 2by Cindy
The story take after Boboiboy Movie 2 ( Fanfiction ) Boboiboy and his friends adventure will continue after the big fight with ancient villain, Retak'ka. The 12 Warrior...
|EXPRESSING IT|Jenlisa by Zemiraaaa_
|EXPRESSING IT|Jenlisaby Zem
☝🏻 TO BE REVISED ☝🏻 How can you express your feelings when you don't even know you have that kind of feelings to that particular person? It's very frustrating knowing...
GXG Idol One Shots by burrito_bitch
GXG Idol One Shotsby burrito_bitch
GxG :)) Requests always open ;) ~V & G Co-written by @burrito_bitch & @Yoonzlxf
The Mafia's Game ||  The Confusion  || SEULRENE [ON-GOING] by eriseulrene23
The Mafia's Game || The HWANG
I thought you were mine but it wasn't...