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Cocky (WWBM) by Chisom___
Cocky (WWBM)by Lana’s Cherry🍒
Natalie madden is a 'babe'. That's probably the stereotypical description that's most suitable for you to describe her. Successful entrepreneur. Daughter of a multi bill...
The cowardly movie queen is divorcing me again GL MTL by a54m1ismysoulm4t3
The cowardly movie queen is a5am1s4tois4hottie
怂包影后又在和我闹离婚 Author:宁久葳 Lu Xici has been in the industry for many years, and t...
"You Are The Reason For My Heartbeat" by FANFICDERLAND
"You Are The Reason For My Call me PS
""Sasuke no please. S-sa-su-AHHHH W-why y-you di-id t-his Sa-suk-ee?? I-ii l-love y-you..............................."" ""S-sorry Y-yn, p...
FOREVER ISN'T PROMISED  by Annitaphiriiii
FOREVER ISN'T PROMISED by Annita ng'andu phiri
~Amelia stone is An African American young lady with a radiant ambrosial Nature , She moves from her hometown to Denver where she gets a scholarship to the most pres...
Two Flew Over Sanity ✔ by nklngrm
Two Flew Over Sanity ✔by Nikolina Grimm
Two guys. One story. The notorious duo's story told in two different timelines, one in present day and one in 1991. The rise and the fall of Harry Styles and Louis Toml...
CHLIS by dersumthingh3re
CHLISby dersumthingh3re
C1n H3ung: 71f3 1s Str4ng3 For offline reading only. We do not own the novel. Feel free to report this story, as well as the account to have it taken down.
LOVED☽ t.m.riddle by dragmetozonkos
LOVED☽ t.m.riddleby Ange ;)
❛A LOVE LIKE THIS WON'T LAST FOREVER❜ They were both too divine and majestic. Both defining the two contrasting founders of the universe. Two unlikely matches in heaven...
When Beauty Tamed the Beast  by Naru-Hina4life
When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Presh
~In a world where a fairytale and reality collide~ ..Story description inside.. So please read
The ugly beautiful by maryjunes57
The ugly beautifulby maryjunes57
Love is complicated. Once you love someone, you have a feeling that they are the one. You spend years with them feeling like no one can top the feeling the give you. But...
Begining by bubblesnowfalke492
Beginingby dia
Two different life,an ended relationship, waiting for each other and desire. How can the long lost relationship between seonyeon and jungkook start up with a new beginni...
guys, she is Linden! | p.pettigrew  by hisokafrvit
guys, she is Linden! | p.pettigrew by ovsirius
⌜ Hey how are you? Uhm I wanted to let you know that I really like you Peter Pettigrew ⌟ [modern marauders Au] Short chapters Peter Pettigrew x fem!oc¡
From the start by Sebastian_love
From the startby Sebastian_love
Everyone know Katrina shay at Konaha high and if you dont she makes sure you do. Well Katrina and her best hyper energetic and happy best friend Naruto Uzumaki love to p...
Our Heart's Choice (Hiccstrid) by _hiccstridworld_
Our Heart's Choice (Hiccstrid)by Lynxie L.
This is a Modern Hiccstrid story. A girl and A boy who really don't wanna know what love is but their heart's choice is opposite so they fell in love for eachother. ~Lyn...
Two of me by mercuretrograd
Two of meby mercuretrograd
Ryan texts Timea on May 3rd. He knows almost immediatly that she is who he's been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl on internet, but you should know up fr...
Peter Pan by abbygrace7777
Peter Panby Abigail Grace
Peter Pan and Wendy: The Beginning
The Amulet Choose ME. by AnonymousRoseq8
The Amulet Choose Blue Rose
A Teenager realises that she is chosen one, whats her reaction? How will she live a life which is different from others? The Evil is out there searching for the Amulet. ...
Overbearing City Inspector Fell In Love With Me Under her gentle appearance, Xiao Man, the owner of the hotpot stall, has a heart that was just as spicy as her hotpot, v...
Talking Will Get You Nowhere   by thefaultinourworrds
Talking Will Get You Nowhere by Miss Americana
Nannette finally comes of age she get the one thing she's been waiting for her whole life. Her headphones. Headphones that let let talk to the one she's destined to be w...
Little Match Girl ~ a modern story by JILYXWOLFSTARR
Little Match Girl ~ a modern storyby JILYXWOLFSTARR
What would have happened if the little match girl had a money? or even a Phone? This is a short story about the little match girl, but years later. disclaimer: I do not...