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Different world by 1supercute
Different worldby lolirock
[WORK IN PROGRESS] What happens when your reality is actually fake and you discover secrets that are both intriguing and dangerous. Will you be able to fight love and wa...
A Soldier's Dream - Elementum Adamantinus Purifico by djmarcone
A Soldier's Dream - Elementum Adam...by David J. Marcone
(Books 1 2 and 3) Our unlikely hero is a sixteen year old boy named William Rodriguez. His agrarian society was thrust technologically hundreds of years in the past than...
The Sacrifice of the Cursed {2} by JinansFaith98
The Sacrifice of the Cursed {2}by Jinan Natsheh
The Open Wound pack has a traitor among them. One who means to destroy them from the inside so his king can have their territory for himself. Alexander and Shadow must d...
The Commander of Death (The New World, #1) by AtahskaViolet
The Commander of Death (The New Wo...by Atahska Violet
(First book in The New World Series) In the future, where equality is more like a choking grip rather than a gentle embrace, the New World is ruled by a sovereign who ha...
Mind Controller~| Grindeldore | by Little_you_dont_know
Mind Controller~| Grindeldore |by Deutsche ßrincess
What if he was a mind controller? It was that summer, when he saw him. The boy next door...as powerful wizard as him. He felt something...some brand new feel inside him...
Save the mind (Rewrite) by Supercat1237
Save the mind (Rewrite)by Supercat1237
I hated the first one and how it started so let's make a new one One day in the world of hetalia nations start acting strange there eye colors have changed to America an...
Obey.  by NeverBroken
Obey. by NeverBroken
"The only way out is through." Warning: not for faint of heart. Could be triggering. "When your life turns into a nightmare and something really horrible...
MindSet by stevetruitt
MindSetby Steve Truitt
Artificial Intelligence is dead, thanks to a design error caused by phenom Bethany Okoye and her team of scientists. Now, in a post-AI period known as "The Deletion...
The Many Shades of Gray by daughter_ofZeus
The Many Shades of Grayby QUΣΣΠ GΔβR!ΣLLΔ
Aiya's world is in danger of collapsing. The king, once a wise and fair ruler, has been turned. Her twin, Emily, has been captured. As young girls, a fatal accident gave...
Reckoning Tale-An Undertale Fanfiction Novel by Melanie_Ray
Reckoning Tale-An Undertale Fanfic...by Melanie Ray
Eighteen years ago, Frisk left the Underground, but there was another barrier to face before the monsters were freed. When Frisk comes back as an adult though, she must...
Prisoner of Dreams by Califia
Prisoner of Dreamsby Califia Montalvo
Twenty-two-year-old Henley Marlow went missing while a finalist at the Miss World America pageant held in Las Vegas. The former Miss Arizona's disappearance caused a f...
The Demon Knows All by KassaFreaa
The Demon Knows Allby αɱαƭεɾαรµ
Skuliem appears to be a young woman who is generous and kind, but a little bit anti-social. Little does anyone know, Skuliem has a secret. A secret that could jeopardize...
Forest Fire- Scripts, designs, bts info by SoxProductions
Forest Fire- Scripts, designs, bts...by rachel360
It had been a day just like any other. That was, until Blaze's entire family was murdered by a group of mysterious foxes. She makes a lucky escape after falling into the...
Sunlight children by AlwaysHumbleANDKind
Sunlight childrenby AlwaysHumbleANDKind
Ruth and Luca live in a world where everything is sunny and happy. They are the only two kids who are known to be sad. When they find another boy who seems sad , they go...
Outcode Control by LunarThing
Outcode Controlby LunarThing
Hi There! This is a book based off of an RolePlay I did with some New Friends on Discord. The characters will be introduced in the first chapter and the story may not be...
Our Strange Minds || kth.jjk by jeontaelien
Our Strange Minds || kth.jjkby jeontaelien
"Once you've got that 'i love you' from him, you lose all your powers" "Like a curse ?" "Like a curse" ----- starts : 14/06/2020 end :
This is my way of fighting the war of humanity ✊