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Moonlit by Walker_Lee
Moonlitby Runaja Walker and Samantha Lee
An enslaved pack ruled by a merciless dictator. A pack of assassins out for blood and revenge. A lone wolf who can't find his place among any of it. Through betrayal, b...
They Called Her the Devil by JadeDragonfly57
They Called Her the Devilby JadeDragonfly57
Seventeen years on this earth and Kate Ballard has learned one thing. Those with all of the power make all of the rules. 100 years into the future and America is the on...
The Brink Of War (Dictator Male Reader X RWBY) by DoctorRedinator
The Brink Of War (Dictator Male Re...by
While the people of Remnant are being told the world is in a time of peace, they're unaware of the powder keg that's about to set off. For many months, (Y/N) (L/N) has g...
Alive | ør | Asleep: Book Two •Jyler• by -M-I-N-E-
Alive | ør | Asleep: Book Two •Jyl...by Madz
Alive | ør | Asleep, Book Two of: We're Human. Book posting schedule: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Disclaimer: it mentions depression, self-conscious of one's body weig...
The Vanguard Vixen by adretaRyder
The Vanguard Vixenby Adreta Ryder
Sometime in the future the earth has been split into territories led by tyrannical dictators. V169, or, as she is codenamed, Vivian is one of the Vanguard's most lethal...
The 'Great' Dictator: Male Dictator Reader X Female Dictator (Complete) by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
The 'Great' Dictator: Male Dictato...by Der General
You are the son of a dictator, or were. Your nation known as The State is a warmongering country with a successful history, but now your nation is in deep trouble. With...
Random stories by ItsDowny
Random storiesby Downyy
The Republic by wordsy_Soph
The Republicby wordsy_Soph
In the year 2020, Amelia Henry wakes up to a new government, a new dictatorship, a new life. A life where everything is controlled from the clothes she wears to the man...
EVOLUTION (Book One): A Legacy to REKON by Justimatum
EVOLUTION (Book One): A Legacy to...by Justin Ginika
The only thing immortal even when evil overwhelms is evolution... Evolution is not simply the gradual change of the state of events over a long period of time; it is th...
Honourable household by wolvesofthemist
Honourable householdby Local Goblin
A royal roleplay. Royal families, rich nobles, ambitious diplomats, cold dictators, and young revolutionists will all stand their ground as a player on their world's st...
The Annual Oculorum  by officiallysmu
The Annual Oculorum by S&M
A short, quick-paced story Warning: Contains dark and mature themes, mildly graphic depictions. Reader discretion advised. Caligo is a country full of sick games and ho...
The Black Book Of Secrets by socially_strange
The Black Book Of Secretsby Socially_strange
When Ludlow Fitch suffers an unspeakable betrayal he runs from the rotten, stinking City. On the night he enters Pagus Parvus a second newcomer arrives at the remote vil...
 Biography of Adolf Hitler by faeonafernajoyce
Biography of Adolf Hitlerby Faeona Ferna Joyce Molines
I decided to share a life story of Adolf Hitler in the influence of my friend who often tells stories of famous individuals who has a big name all over the world. I jus...
To a new beginning! by justgoingthruphases
To a new beginning!by Han Han Ling
This is a dystopian story set in a future era. A story about plots and treasons, of rebellion and defiance. A tyrant rules the land, his daughter plots his murder... Rea...
A Human Is A Diamonds Best Friend by JuanitasUniverse
A Human Is A Diamonds Best Friendby Kittens_Escapism
A story based on a request from @LurkerBelow. It wouldn't fit in any of my other stories, so I'm making you a book. Actual summary: In an alternate world, Steven Univer...
Nothing More by BubbleTeaGoddess
Nothing Moreby dekiru-kiru
It was against the rules for him to love his best friend. His feelings could get him into the asylum, or worse, it could get him killed. In their perfect, uniformed worl...
Love and all it brings along by Lesleywambui0
Love and all it brings alongby Lesley Wambui
Melissa is a victim of domestic violence and her dream of having her own family someday is crushed down by this fact,but someone comes and revives it and makes her belie...
My Love, your Empress  (Complete ) by Ginersnap2010
My Love, your Empress (Complete )by Gingersnap
Mewtwo x Ambertwo What is amber survied in a way but Mew Two still did the things he did in the movie except, Mew Two won . What would happen to the world as we know it.
Call Me Fuhrer and You'll Be Capo [Hitler x Mussolini Love Story] by iFluffyGoat
Call Me Fuhrer and You'll Be Capo...by sticky std
Alternate history - Takes place 2016 Hitler was a poor boy who grew up in Germany, always picked on for his abnormal pp, if you could even call it a pp. He built himself...
The Dictate: The Run by Chika_Shane
The Dictate: The Runby Chika_Shane
In Sandramid every year, a certain age is chosen to die every year for the past fifteen years. No one has ever managed to escape their given outcome, and would quickly s...