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dirt poetry by Celesteinorlog
dirt poetryby Celesteinorlog
bad poetry by me, dirt. like myself my poetry is also mediocre non sense
E N V I O U S   | Yandere Bakugou X Reader | by That1ShadowTurtle
E N V I O U S | Yandere That1ShadowTurtle
Warning! Abusive relationship, maybe some smut, foul language, and last but not least, just suggest anything that you think might be a good idea. Bc remember!! There...
The suns sorrow by Surgarcrush
The suns sorrowby 👾☁️🍃
The suns sorrow -A teenage girl just lost her mother she gets a journal as a coping method
No Remorse by TICCOLA
No Remorseby Tc
Based on fiction and non fiction events in my life.
Boundless Poetry by httpslovedotcom
Boundless Poetryby ☾☦︎︎☽
"Boundless Poetry That Are Sung To Tunes I Don't Know The Keys Of" - I write stuff, I do stuff, and I think stuff. Welcome to H-E-double hockey sticks! - a poe...
Shh, They're Asleep by iWRITEstuff14
Shh, They're Asleepby itsOKAYdude
The devil and angel might pop up on your shoulder, but who do you listen to most?
This is everything I didn't say by Sare_Malfoy
This is everything I didn't sayby Sarina Jane Malfoy
Rlly bad poems or short stories about my battle with mental illness and toxic relationships.
psych: site 13  by minifaeri
psych: site 13 by willowツ
a disturbed girl comes in the institution, now, who's the crazy one now? PSYCH: SITE 13 🌟13 in #site 🌟8 in #site 🌟25 in #psych
Savior- mattia polibio by jazmenz
Savior- mattia polibioby jazmenz
Probably some TW I'm not at descriptions so yeah just read
short texts by itsmeStygg
short textsby itsmeStygg
My thoughts explained in short texts. I hope it will help some people
Overthinking  by ASimpFor2DMenOnly
Overthinking by ASimpFor2DMenOnly
** 2ND PERSON ** You're not even close to perfect, and you'll never be close. You have so many things wrong with you. To list a few: Mental illnesses, depression, anxi...
Dark Mind by SophiaFerrari540
Dark Mindby Sophia Ferrari
this is where i will share what goes on in my mind when certain things happen and it may happen with you too.
Falling Deeper Than Ever by Nich000
Falling Deeper Than Everby niiicho
TW for the stories:)! stort stories and poems about my feelings :D hope all of you enjoy
The Normality of a Psychopath by Meteordemon
The Normality of a Psychopathby Meteor
The story is a bit different to the usual short Storys, it tells the Emotions of someone who views herself as a Psychopath and the reasons why she has separated herself...
Monsters by anahomolka
Monstersby Anastasia
BAKUDEKU AU: DEPRESSED KACCHAN ⚠️mental health,suicidal thoughts,cutting,overdose,smut⚠️ please enjoy!
PARAPHERNALIA by adriana_evelyn
PARAPHERNALIAby Adriana Evelyn Cotillard
Shitty lives, miserable lives; each and every lives get noted down in the Paraphernalia dairy. What's 'normal'? Nothing's normal. No one's normal! Get on the misery wago...
The problem's middle child (Poetry) by EnvysxErotica
The problem's middle child (Poetry)by EnvysxErotica
You, my love, are an exquisite form of torture. To be forgotten, to be used, to be hurt, to be loved, discarded, wanted, stolen and alone...becuase misery loves company.
the beauty of darkness by charlet_3
the beauty of darknessby charlet_3
'why is it that i'm drawn to the darkness,' 'you almost saved me, but in the end, i was too far gone" a poetry book that says all the things my mouth can't [#3 deep...
Lockdown by BTS-ARMY979
Lockdownby The Blue Writer
She comes from the rich. He comes from the dead. Seena comes from a rich family and rich legacy. Everyone judges her and she has to meet their standards. Leeno's family...
fools in the rain by mmchi00
fools in the rainby mmchi00
Love how far would we go to fight for it ? malachi, a young troubled girl meets someone who she thinks could heal her heart. she foolishly assumes that he would ease her...