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I Don't Even Know (Wattpad Rants) by dark_affinity
I Don't Even Know (Wattpad Rants)by Raya Jennings 🐈
Plain and simple: Wattpad Rants I've been on Wattpad for a while now, and I know there are plenty of these already, but I need to release some hot air. So, after much po...
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Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader} by f4iryt4ilm4g3
Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader}by nicole
'Horrible. That's what my life is. Horrible.' (Y/n) (L/n) is a 14-year-old girl that recently got moved down to the lowest class of her school, Kunugigaoka Junior High...
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Y/N AMBW imagines and stories❦. by baddestmelaninqueen
Y/N AMBW imagines and stories❦.by 𝓑𝓐𝓓𝓓𝓘𝓔
AMBW book hope you like it
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FUNNIEST EVER Hetalia images 3 by Raven-Fallington
FUNNIEST EVER Hetalia images 3by sad kid
-I DO NOT OWN HETALIA! -PRUSSIA STOLE MY PORN -Crushed pineapple tho--
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Mcstarr Scenarios [❓] by arctic_beatles
Mcstarr Scenarios [❓]by grace flowers
Another pairing I'm obsessed with
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Cover Tutorials by LittleZari
Cover Tutorialsby H I A T U S
❝ Good Teaching is more of a giving the right questions than a giving the right answers ❞ - ©LittleZari - Ranked # 1 in Non-fiction
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Drowning (MakoHaru) by dominantfifth
Drowning (MakoHaru)by tab
Haruka Nanase had loved Makoto Tachibana since before he could remember. But before he could confess, Makoto's heart was whisked away from Haruka by none other than a ne...
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I Honestly Don't Know by booperdooper333
I Honestly Don't Knowby pof
I'm just gonna place my thoughts here and go...
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First Impressions (Nagisa Shiota x Reader) by f4iryt4ilm4g3
First Impressions (Nagisa Shiota nicole
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Talk To Me (Completed) by Destiny4002
Talk To Me (Completed)by WHO?
Completed ✔️ When a mute boy expresses his feeling to someone for the first time in his life without words.
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bangtan one shots by bngtansauce
bangtan one shotsby ruki
BXB action ahead. I'll take requests.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami/Atem x Reader  by MichelleLOC17
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami/Atem x Reader by MichelleLOC17
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Mlp discord X reader {COMPLETED} by livwritesfanfictions
Mlp discord X reader {COMPLETED}by Lunatic .-.
It was a normal day for Y/N until her good friend fluttershy had visited her to tell her she was going to be away for a while. Fluttershy was going to an animal, thing...
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The Powerful Unknown (Number 5 x reader)  by givemefreedom0
The Powerful Unknown (Number 5 x .-.
Number 5 x reader (number 8) This could be interesting... Please don't hate on this as there is a chance that i will significantly change the storyline. I am still thin...
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Kid >>Requests Open<< by WriteCrazyForLife
Kid >>Requests Open<<by ~Hunter~
A bunch of one-shots purely dedicated to Spider-Man, occasional reveals, Spidey and Iron Man - yeahhhh boiii - and loads more!!! Hope you enjoy! SEND IN REQUESTS IF YOU...
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"Official" Homestuck Shipping Names by BandAnimeGeek
"Official" Homestuck Shipping Namesby Abii Rose
These were found at this link; And I have been looking for it forever so her...
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Venturesome ~ DISCONTINUED by This_CraZy_World
Venturesome ~ DISCONTINUEDby Kayls
this book is discontinued because it's shit. I'm writing a new one that's already uploaded though, so don't worry my dudes.
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Book of Cringe by justamk_
Book of Cringeby amk
A sample of cringey stories from all fandoms and scenarios, to make you feel better about your own writing. Also, I occasionally rant.
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The Broken Hearts Club by DasBean
The Broken Hearts Clubby Bean
Inspired by the broken hearts club by Gnash
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"We can talk about band stuff" by im-not-witty
"We can talk about band stuff"by sadness with a side of sarcasm
Ash is Purdy: You're a dick CC Not So Christian Coma: At least if I'm a dick I'd be longer than you I Can be Classical too: oooooooooooo FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT It...
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