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Sensual Sensations  by WonderlustedImagines
Sensual Sensations by Imagines
This is a collection of NSFW short stories. In order to add some spice listen to the song assigned with the chapter. And read with earbuds for the best experience. -ma...
Alpha's One True Mate by LeiaTMwriter
Alpha's One True Mateby LeiaTMwriter
Samantha Carter had a huge crush on Lloyd Crawford, the next in line as Alpha of the Crescent Wolf Pack. Who wouldn't fall to this gorgeous looking guy? He kept himself...
The business partners-Fred Weasley- by puzzledpezxx
The business partners-Fred Weasley-by Puzzled:)
Elliana Esther comes back to Diagon Alley to find a job. She goes to the Weasleys and gets the jobs. Will she be able to keep her focus when Fred is so irresistible? And...
Chaos ×× Colby Brock by addictingcole
Chaos ×× Colby Brockby Miranda
You and I, together, will always come along with a touch of chaos.
Fight Me by bubblygirl9721
Fight Meby Bri
Jessica Westlake is unknown, while Black Lightning is a famous underground street fighter. What most don't know is that they are the same person. After her mother dies...
Beyond Love (Completed) by dark_love_beautiful
Beyond Love (Completed)by dark_love_beautiful
Mane Ad Vesperum by jonoyuk
Mane Ad Vesperumby Jonoyuk
𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔢 𝔄𝔡 𝔙𝔢𝔰𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔲𝔪: 𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫 𝔱𝔬 𝔇𝔲𝔰𝔨 A man to save, a dynasty to break, and a love to die for 🖤 Come dive into a modern and desi retelling of a belov...
Daminette/ Teen Titans: My Story by EssyMLB
Daminette/ Teen Titans: My Storyby EssyMLB
Hawk Moth is defeated Chat relinquished his miraculous back to ladybug Ladybug gets a new look Marinette parents died in an accident; she travels back with master fu t...
More To Love by nerdyflirtykari
More To Loveby Kariscia
Head up! Confidence level high, Be you! That motto has been said to Marielle Johnson since she was eight by her best friends Carson and Jayden Hector. It definitely wor...
Alpha's baby mate 💜❤💖 by urvshaah
Alpha's baby mate 💜❤💖by urv
main kyu batau 😒😒😒 khud hi parhlo 😝😝😝
Creature - |H.S.| by goldendarlin
Creature - |H.S.|by goldendarlin
"Looks like you're his next victim." "Jesus Nova, didn't your mum ever warn you about creatures like me?! I'm not good for you and I'll end up ruining you...
Midis dy zjarresh  by saraillusion
Midis dy zjarresh by 𝑺𝒂𝒓𝒂ꨄ︎
Ajo ishte ikonë femërore, e bukur, e re, ambicioze dhe me një të ardhme që shkëlqente si hëna në një natë vere. Vinte nga një familje mjekësh dhe dinte si të kujdesej m...
Jodoh yang di takdir by raranovelstory
Jodoh yang di takdirby iraa
☆ Pengenalan Watak utama☆ ❤Nor Shaqirah binti Dato' Romzi /qirah❤ ~penceraian ibu dan ayahnya seawal umur 15 tahun telah menyebabkan perwatakan qirah berubah menjadi ku...
Love Me Till The End (On Going) by Icerainbowpen
Love Me Till The End (On Going)by Icerainbowpen
Kristina Love Aquino. A successful woman, well-known as the Queen of All Media of the Philippines and a great mother to her two sons. However, when her love life fails m...
Daminette Vampires: My Story by EssyMLB
Daminette Vampires: My Storyby EssyMLB
So Damian's family and basically all the members of the LOA are vampires. Marinette's blood attracts him to her and they meet each other Soul mate bonds were tied betwe...
Daminette/ Marin Fanfiction: My Story by EssyMLB
Daminette/ Marin Fanfiction: My EssyMLB
This story is a mixture of the two fanfics, Daminette and Marin Marinette's brother. This story will be a bit different from my Daminette story I just finished. The bat...
Alpha and the Human Mate by dayitac
Alpha and the Human Mateby Drama_Queen
Jordan lived a happy married life with her Prince Charming. She could never imagine she lived a life of lie until she took small trip on her anniversary where she found...
Honami in Class D by keibestgirl_
Honami in Class Dby keibestgirl_
Sorry for the uncreative title but if you have any title in mind please send me your ideas. Unlike in the Light novel Ichinose will be alloted to Class D.
Forced Babby girl  by EmmaMinion
Forced Babby girl by EmmaMinion
This man has found the perfect babby girl but what happens when she doesn't like the idea and wing give in.... "Baby stop it" "No" "STOP" ...
A mafia woman that changed my life by vikimjh
A mafia woman that changed my lifeby The lonely wofl!
~a woman ~no..a real mafia Intelligence, power, beauty, rude,bossy ...and on top of all a Mafia. Victoria is the most powerful woman in mafia organisation, a woman that...