A Second Chance
By happyreaderNish776
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Nicola and Gabriel used to be best friends while growing up, but she had made the classic mistake of falling in love with him, which resulted in not only the end of their friendship, but all her hopes and dreams in the worst way possible and she had fled with her broken heart never to look back again. Six years later, the peaceful life that Nicola had found for herself after running away was again shattered with the news of the tragic and sudden death of her sister. To see her sister one last time and to be there for her now, motherless little nieces meant going back to her hometown and facing the man who had broken her heart. Because that man was now none other than her brother-in-law and the father of her neices. Hi. This is my first time writing a book, so please give it a try, and I hope you will like it. Top rankings this book had received; #1 literature. 22.5.2023 #1 second chance. 13.5.2023 #1 reject. 24.5.2023 #1 humor. 09.06.2023 #1 chicklit. 24.5.2023 #1 siblings. 17.5.2023 #1 heartbreak. 15.6.2023 #1 friendship. 23.6.2023 #1 wattpad. 29.6.2023 #1 growth. 10.7.2023 #1 wallflower 20.7.2023 #1 maturity 23.8.2023 #1 dilf 23.8.2023 #3 billionaire. 22.5.2023 #4 possessive. 3.7.2023

chapter 1

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A Second...
by happyreaderNish776