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DAFANDRA by atifaaxsa
Daizy & Affandra ketika Benci jadi Cinta. "Ibu negara dan Bapak negara sedang akur? Dunia benar benar tidak baik baik saja," -RAH. "Kayaknya bentar lagi...
The Butterfly Effect by BabyDoucheBag
The Butterfly Effectby Andrés Bambino
butterfly•effect noun 1. a property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable...
Glow In the Dark  by librodemagia
Glow In the Dark by magiadelibro
"why your eyes lying to me then..?" He knows me well, even after all these years. "I don't know what you talking about." "Stop following me.&q...
Imagines by kelstey
Imaginesby mrs. mendes
Imagines of famous guys. (Slow updates)
Ex-best Friends with the Bad Boy by Neon_Girl99
Ex-best Friends with the Bad Boyby Neon_Girl99
Grace York is back in town after he best - friend Josh Lee betrayed her for popularity. She was back and she was coming back in style. Things aren't always as you expect...
♡Run Boy Run♡ by __humble__
♡Run Boy Run♡by h u m b l e
Hannah Michelson moves to a new town with her recently divorced dad, only to find herself falling for her new best friends brother. Tristan Andrews. He's known as the...
I Dare You (Boyxboy) by ombree94
I Dare You (Boyxboy)by Frannie
I know just by reading the title you are already drawing conclusions. Read the book to find out if you are right.
instagram ⇔ lucas j zumann by bearbooty
instagram ⇔ lucas j zumannby claudia! 🐚🐚
where her idol comments on her instagram. correcting her grammar. ⇒ completed ⇒ social media
Mrs Archer Xavier | Manu Rios [On Hold] by lostdoe
Mrs Archer Xavier | Manu Rios [ ⋆. 𝐛𝐫𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞 .⋆
❝ You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do. ❞ ━ Eleanor Roosevelt 彡 In which a girl moves back to New York for busin...
I challenged the alpha ☾e. dolan [AU] ON HOLD by ROADTRIPLFTV
I challenged the alpha ☾e. dolan [ ♛king kiya♛
❝Jesus fuck Ethan. Why did you have to go out and kiss her?!❞ The smirk morphed on his face and his lips fell open to tell him this, ❝What can I say? You know they tast...
Where Have You Been? Shawn Mendes by kidinlovee
Where Have You Been? Shawn Mendesby rabia.
Shawn moves to LA for some certain reasons and gets to know a girl named Nora. They spend a lot of time together, become really close friends but then it happens. Nora f...
My 11:11// Carl Gallagher  by Amongwanderlustxx
My 11:11// Carl Gallagher by Amongwanderlustxx
This story is about a boy named Carl Gallagher, and a girl named Kara kimber. Carl and Kara have been friends since they were kids. They are both 15 now and someone sta...
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (დასრულებული) by dreamergirl__4ever
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (დასრულებული)by dreamergirl__4ever
17 წლის ტრისს, რომელიც საკმაოდ მდიდარ ოჯახში იზრდება, თავისი ოჯახი სძულს და მათგან ფარულად, არასწორ გზას ადგას... ეს მანამ გრძელდება, სანამ მის ცხოვრებაში არ გამოჩნდება...
OTHER SIDE | Jesus Foster  by FanFictionsMS
OTHER SIDE | Jesus Foster by FanFictionsMS
- 𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐒𝐈𝐃𝐄 ( 𝐉𝐄𝐒𝐔𝐒 𝐅𝐎𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑 ) ❝You live all the way on the other side of America.❞ ❝That isn't gonna stop me.❞ ['SOCIAL MEDIA' FAN FICTION] [ Jesus F...
Lost In Barcelona || Manu Rios by DrizzlePie
Lost In Barcelona || Manu Riosby Nurul Asyiah
A teenage girl named Chloe, was on a vacation to Barcelona with her friends, Amanda, Melissa, and Audrey. But when Chloe bought a food, she realized that her friends wer...
Manu Rios Imagines & Preferences by lesnoacf
Manu Rios Imagines & Preferencesby Leslie ♡
Imagines about a boy I love with all of my heart.ღ [[SLOW UPDATES]] every imagine has it's own story line
Instagram ‹m.r›  by thesleeepclub
Instagram ‹m.r› by 🥀
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THEIRS(Slow Update) by kimjiwoo26
THEIRS(Slow Update)by kimjiwoo26
🌺Flower Boy🌺 (BWWM) DISCONTINUED by PalmKiss
🌺Flower Boy🌺 (BWWM) DISCONTINUEDby Palm Kiss
He pointed the gun at me with a frustrated face. "Say it again, bambina." I held my hands up with a mocking smirk."Or What? Ya gonna shoot me, Flower Bo...