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Flesh and Bone  ◇ Bucky Barnes ◇ by authorsbane
Flesh and Bone ◇ Bucky Barnes ◇by Molly Moss
Not everything Hydra did had a specific purpose. Sometimes they tortured people and ruined lives just because they could. The kidnapping of Joana Kegley served no greate...
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Belonging - A Bucky Love Story (Marvel/Avengers) by MultiFandomAccount0
Belonging - A Bucky Love Story ( ♡ Madd ♡
' "Put her down, Bucky." It was Steve. Staring up into Bucky's eyes that were now glued to the captain, Brenna saw the soft blue turn to steel. A low growl gr...
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Red Room ~ Marvel Studios [1] by -SunsetSky-
Red Room ~ Marvel Studios [1]by S U N N Y
I strapped a small yet powerful bomb to the underside of the seat, slamming the door shut and picking up my bag once again. "Like taking candy from a baby" ...
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T W I L I G H T  {Book 1}           by ophelxia_
T W I L I G H T {Book 1} by Ophelxia
He didn't meet my eyes. He was thinking about what I said. It was the truth. I didn't grow up with people telling me I was loved and capable of achieving my dreams. I wa...
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Mine by BigJigglyPotato
Mineby Mrs. Barnes
You love Steve! You really do, that's why you get to call him your boyfriend. But what if Bucky likes you? What if he gets a little aggressive? No. Possessive? Not good...
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» healer // b. barnes by robotsandstan
» healer // b. barnesby robotsandstan
Who ever thought that their gift could be turned into a weapon? Leigh Dubois was always used to use her gift for good, not evil. In 1979 when she is taken by Hydra, Lei...
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Winter's Spider by winterwidow_romanoff
Winter's Spiderby winterwidow_romanoff
An AU where James and Natalia find each other again, what do they get up to living in the tower with the rest of the Avengers though? (I don't own The Avengers or the ch...
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Spider-Son by Phoenix_292000
Spider-Sonby Phoenix
Peter Parker. Just your ordinary orphan... well, as ordinary as someone could be when they have the powers of a spider. #1 in Superfamily (29/09/2018) #1 in Orphan (22/1...
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𝓢𝓹𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓻 ~ MCU by theSpiderGhost
𝓢𝓹𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓻 ~ MCUby The ghost 🕷💕
Gwen Stacy, Hurt,Bullied,someone who lost it all, then given a second Chance... As a hero... BOOK ONE: unconquerable... *BASED ON EVENTS AFTER FAR FROM HOME* "How'd...
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Something To Believe In || Bucky Barnes x Reader  by heirtowinterfell
Something To Believe In || Bucky e m i l y
He was your mission, and you were his savior. After becoming the Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes thought he had nothing left, not even his humanity, but you came a...
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I'll Keep This Secret For You by bucky_star
I'll Keep This Secret For Youby bucky_star
As an eighteen year old girl in Brooklyn, New York in the 1930's, falling pregnant unplanned is not on your agenda. So when it happens, it's needless to say your world c...
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Heartlines | Steve Rogers by stark-sarah
Heartlines | Steve Rogersby sarah
A man out of time wakes up after 70 years in a time where the world is much more advanced than when he left it. For two weeks, he's left to his own devices dwelling on h...
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Chosen | The Winter Soldier by weareavengers
Chosen | The Winter Soldierby ney
"We don't know why we were chosen to be who we are, and we wish to be what we aren't. That is our biggest mistake."
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multi-fandom smut book by justaspecial_nobody
multi-fandom smut bookby Lara
i do not own ANYTHING unless stated OTHERWISE. if you can, please go give credit to the original writers. this is mainly for entertainment purposes. this is a SMUT book...
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Flickers | Bucky Barnes by untilmynextstory
Flickers | Bucky Barnesby t.
His plan was to lay low in Bucharest while he tried to figured out who Bucky Barnes was. He didn't intend to come across someone from his past who knew him as the Winter...
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HAPPY || b. barnes  by lilyroselilac24
HAPPY || b. barnes by mandy
2023 It's been several months since Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff gave their lives to bring back the trillions murdered in the decimation. In the wake of the post - a...
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Peter Parker by sam6sam
Peter Parkerby sam6sam
This is going to be a one shot book of Peter Parker and his adventures being a super hero.
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Recollection ★ Bucky Barnes by primuskat
Recollection ★ Bucky Barnesby ˗ˏˋ d e s s ˊˎ˗
❝Just know that from this point on, whatever happens, I'll be with you. I'm not gonna leave your side until you tell me to.❞ . . .in which she helps him find his way bac...
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avengers imagines and smuts by slipper777
avengers imagines and smutsby slipper777
a collection of imagines and smuts about the avengers *warning* some chapters will touch on sensitive subjects my messages are always open if you need to talk weather...
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Winterhawk Writing by kawphy
Winterhawk Writingby kawphy
Just some short self indulgent drabbles. Taking drabble requests as long as they're not too extravagant!! COVER ART BY BULBASAEUR ON TUMBLR
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