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One Shots(Some Sexual & Some BSDM) :D by flikka99
One Shots(Some Sexual & Some BSDM) Shelby :3
Announcement about Jaklynn's escape
His to command by MariGusto
His to commandby MariGusto
Ahri was forced to do a story about bdsm , something that is out of her forte. Luckily for her she was invited to spend time in the most secret club. She put on her tee...
Only Man I Ever Loved by rossylynch6
Only Man I Ever Lovedby Gavi
In high school Hunter and Sebastian dating. Then they broke up and changed their names to Cooper and Barry. The rest is in the Arrow and Flash. But what happens when Bar...
A Provoking Dream That Started It All. by KholWilliams
A Provoking Dream That Started KholWilliams
BDSM book. If you aren't into this lifestyle, I advise you not read this.
Ignoring You was Never my Intention. (GxG) by theworstnightever
Ignoring You was Never my theworstnightever
Recently, scientists have found evidence to support the multiverse theory. In one of these multiverses, is a society based off people having their soulmates determined...
PLEASURE (JIKOOK) by satomisaki7790
ჯიმინი მაზოხისტია ჯონგუკი სადისტი რა მოხდება, როცა ისინი ერთმანეთს შეხვდებიან და აღმოჩნდება, რომ მეზობლები არიან. SMUT FLUFF Light BDSM არ წაიკითხოთ თუ არ იცით რა არის...
UNTRACEABLE Werewolf (Eng, M2M) [Mafia- 02] by runesaito
UNTRACEABLE Werewolf (Eng, M2M) [ Rune
This my first full english story. It's about a mafia boss on his collage days and he's a gay. a manly gay. He has a relationship with his comrade but when he saw one of...
If You Only Knew [ls] by loudefenceless
If You Only Knew [ls]by Lili
An au where everyone always see Harry as a ball of sunshine. He never let his smile off his face and always make people around him happy. Little that everyone know that...
sugar ♡ l.s. by sofbuns
sugar ♡ ♡
"i just like pretty things... is that so bad?" "'course not, sugar." or ; in which harry likes pretty things and works in a bakery. louis asks for ha...
Date Night by Angel_Made_Of_Scars
Date Nightby Sprite
Jon and Jeremy had gotten pretty close since they became the guys two main guinea pigs. So when the guys take Jack out for his birthday, Jeremy stays behind with Jon bec...
More Than Turning the Other Cheek by WildRhov
More Than Turning the Other Cheekby Rhov
Laxus deserved that slap, but he had to admit... he rather goaded Freed into it. And he liked it a little too much.
All We Need is Love ♂x♂ Onhold 🔏[Mafia ll Mpreg] by ZaraAbabil
All We Need is Love ♂x♂ Onhold 🔏[ ZaraAbabil
Falling in love scares Jimmy the most. And with a client?! That's a major Taboo. But he did. With a client! On top of it getting pregnant!! Soon he found out the Breath...
Under the moonlight ( I Am His💓🐺) by AngelWinslow
Under the moonlight ( I Am His💓🐺)by Angel Winslow
That one day changed everything don't know for the better or for the worst but maybe it happened for a reason💎 as everything after😭❤️
sweet but sexy (kirishima X bakugou) 18+ by Supernovaaaaa01
sweet but sexy (kirishima X Supernovaaaaa01
this is a 18+ story about kiribaku where kirishima is into some light BDSM and bakugo has some masochist tendencies.
Mated With The Beta by eleganttomato
Mated With The Betaby eleganttomato
I know what your thinking.. 'Oh, another werewolf story, let's see how typical this one is- NO, this one's gonna be different. Jamie, the human/bottom of the connection...
The Build Up by SmolPrincessJassy
The Build Upby J.szi
The play before the scene. But it's just a little tease
Broken Collars (Book 2) *ON HOLD*  by TheGaySin
Broken Collars (Book 2) *ON HOLD* by Micah
**Book 2 of the Collars series** Don't read if you haven't read Fancy Collars (SPOILER ALLERT!) ---- Zachary Flynn's life has been anything but normal since meeting Ja...
His Little Lion Cub - A Short Story by ShakespearesTiger
His Little Lion Cub - A Short Storyby Shakespeare's Tiger
Simba Pritchett, a shy bookworm, goes to the house of Elliot Weston, football jock extraordinaire, for what he hopes will be a simple tutoring session. Elliot has had hi...
Naughty Secrets: Teaching Kara A Lesson(part two) by TashaSHeart
Naughty Secrets: Teaching Kara A Tasha S. Heart
Kara thought by graduating high school and entering the real world she was above everything and everyone. She thought she could do whatever she wanted and not have to pa...