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Baby brothers pussy (top Tae version) by taekook_butterfly
Baby brothers pussy (top Tae versi...by taekook_butterfly
when he wanted to taste his baby brothers pussy. but can't when his parents are around.
𝐻𝒾𝓈 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓈𝓉 ~ 𝒥𝓀 𝐹𝐹 by jungk00k_uff_bts
𝐻𝒾𝓈 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓈𝓉 ~ 𝒥𝓀 𝐹𝐹by jungk00k_uff_bts
y/n has a husband and read the story bro got to know it ! love yaa 💜
jungkook / smutty book  by bpkookie_lubr
jungkook / smutty book by jupiter_rain
22+ ONLY ALLOWED THIS STORY'S IS ONLY FOR ADULT NOT FOR 🔞 PEOPLE sometimes some ideas comes to my mind
R  O  S  E by RovanJk5
R O S Eby روڤ🦋✨⁦♡
_ داويتي جَـميع مَـرضى القلب مِـن مرضهم ، إذا لِما قَسوتي علَـى أيسري و تركتيه مَجروحٍ ينزف ؟ A D U L T C O N T E N T ...
ʚ Barbie || TK ɞ by _K00k_BTTM_
ʚ Barbie || TK ɞby فَقط مُرهَق𓍯
"مَاذَا بِكَ سُكَّرتِي...لِما تَبكِي؟" "ضَاعَتْ باربِي خَاصَّتي" يَوميَّات تَايهيُونغ وطِفلُهُ كُوو المُحِبُّ لِدُمى البَاربِي ↤كِيم تَايهيُونغ {مُسَ...
My Sweetest Caffeine by geum_ie
My Sweetest Caffeineby Geum
💜 Taegi နဲ့ Jikook ဇာတ်လမ်းလေးပါ 💜 **Unicode+Zawgyi** From 27th June, 2021 to 4th Aug, 2021 ~
لَطالما كَان تايهِيونغ وَ جُونغكُوك مُتنافِسّينِ فِى الدِراسَـة ، حَتى ذلكَ الوَقت الذِي تَوقف به جُونغكوك عَن التَنافس مَعه عندمَا أصبَحت مَسألتهُ وَ مُشكِلتَهُ الأُولى...
devil's goddess (taekook ff) by tae_milk_for_kook
devil's goddess (taekook ff)by tae_milk_for_kook
When goddess fall in love with merciless devil. But every love story has an end. who are u goddess moon goddess ⬆️jungkook ⬇️taehyung
YES GHOST.  by KooBeliaa
YES GHOST. by بِـيـلِـي.
جُونغكوك ذُو الواحِد والعـشرون يُريد رُؤيه الاشـباح وبـشـده! "هل انتِ شـبح بـحق؟" "نـعم انـا شـبح"
FATED | vkook. by books_joonie
FATED | vkook.by :)
-σn α mídsummєr níght, α shч líttlє kíd mєєts hís príncє, α вíllíσnαírє pαíntєr. ín α wσrld whєrє σnє knσws whσ σnє's sσulmαtєs ís, jungkσσk's ís tαєhчung. вut tαєhчung...
Jikook Oneshots 2 by Mikchimin
Jikook Oneshots 2by Moo
Another compilation of stories where Mimmie loves Koo and Koo loves Mimmie right back. Hey~ I filled out an entire book full of oneshots so here's a second one~! Please...
نِـصْـفُ بَـشَـرِي|| HaLf  hUmAn  by Viana_95
نِـصْـفُ بَـشَـرِي|| HaLf hUmAn by 𝙑𝙞𝙖𝙣𝙖 𝙏𝙏
قد ظن البعض ان الاعوام القادمه ستكون اعوام ازدهار و تقدم، ولكن ليس كل ما يعتقده المرء صحيح صراع✔️ اوبئة✔️ أحياء✔️ اموات✔️ الاحياء الاموات!!!
Sparkle [Taekook ff] by stuckwithmybooks
Sparkle [Taekook ff]by Sadia
One-Shot. Taehyung is a strict and no-nonsense CEO of a renowned Jewelry and Fashion brand. 'Sparkle' He is the most eligible bachelor and whose undeniably handsome cha...
Sinner  by cheriefics
Sinner by 𝓥𝓲 🌟
Is it a crime to fall for a man who has already been claimed? When Joanne finds a job as a maid in Jungkook's mansion, it's all fine. She thinks it's harmless to fantasi...
♡Stigma♡ A Taekook Oneshot Book by stigmaLOVEeuphoria
♡Stigma♡ A Taekook Oneshot Bookby babybear~♡
《♡Stigma♡》:- It is a oneshot book of all the taekook fantasies I have. Fluff Angst Little space Hybrid A/b/o dynamics Vampire Casual Top/dom Tae Bottom/sub koo ×No smu...
kookoo [vk]  by hajingguk
kookoo [vk] by hajingguk
Taekook little space oneshots ⚠️No homo ⚠️pure ships Book cover by : ME English is not me first language
Baby brother's pussy (top kook version) by taekook_butterfly
Baby brother's pussy (top kook ver...by taekook_butterfly
When he wanted to taste his baby brothers pussy. But can't when his parents are around.
Taekook fanart  by mrs_bun2009
Taekook fanart by Mrs . Bunny Pearl
I love to ship TAE with Koo so much . And I have so many fanart of Taekook . I want to share them with you guys. Btw there will be some cute and some 18+ but mostly th...
YOUTH (Complete✅) by Koo1_7_1_0
YOUTH (Complete✅)by Trying to move on
MY YOUTH IS YOUSR Hopekook short story💌
Your mine|Kang Minhee x Koo Jungmo| by yunaxlovelyz
Your mine|Kang Minhee x Koo Jungmo|by
Minhee finally gets to debut with Jungmo after waiting for to 2 years. And all he can think about is finally making him his.