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The End Of All Things // B.U by strxy_kidsx
The End Of All Things // B.Uby strxy_kidsx
Four years ago she moved to la from England. Today her life was turned upside down. Ava, a 13 year old British girl, moved to LA when she was 9 as she had to move foste...
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Miss Jackson (A Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy Fanfiction) //ON HOLD// by Summers13
Miss Jackson (A Panic! at the Summers13
Riley and Patrick's relationship is just now getting serious. Brendon's the only thing standing in their way of happiness. When tragedy strikes the town, will Riley fall...
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instagram//brallon by z0mbiechild
instagram//brallonby alex
"@dallonw has followed you!" ❦ in which dallon is famous and brendon is a big fan
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THE END - BRENDON URIE  by brendonuriesgal
NASA has reported that an asteroid will be hitting the earth and possibly ending it in only four days. the government is making all families go into local shelters to ho...
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Troubled (Dallon Weekes' sister) by cherfap
Troubled (Dallon Weekes' sister)by Jerk
Elle Weekes knew that even though she had everything, she was never happy, people talked to her not because they liked her, but because of her brother Dallon, everything...
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Brendon Urie Imagines by Golden-Plated
Brendon Urie Imaginesby Bulletproof Lonliness
Just a bunch of Imagines featuring our favorite Man/ Satan hybrid: Brendon Urie. I take requests.
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The Merch Girl// Dallon Weekes by SycophanticBre
The Merch Girl// Dallon Weekesby Sycophantic Bre
Blake earns herself a spot in the merch department on the Panic! At The Disco crew. With an exciting new tour starting and unlimited possibilities, she does her best to...
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Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.U by Faelecia
Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.Uby Faelecia
When you're in foster care, getting adopted by literally anyone is your dream. Getting adopted by your hero is an even better deal.
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𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐍 𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐒   ﹔   𝐛𝐛𝐮 . by kyuniehcney
𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐍 𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐒 ﹔ 𝐛𝐛𝐮 𝖌𝖎 >.<
valeria garcia has been chosen as panic at the disco!'s photographer for their 2018 pray for the wicked tour. here is the story of valerie & someone she least expected...
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Emo Trinity Preferences by whatanaquarius
Emo Trinity Preferencesby whatanaquarius
COMPLETED! Preferences about the members of Panic! At The Disco (Brendon Urie, Dallon Weekes, Kenneth Harris, and Dan Pawlovich), Fall Out Boy (Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz...
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Adapted// d.w (BOOK TWO) by taequiri
Adapted// d.w (BOOK TWO)by was//sorryweekes
[Read the first book to know more] Again, if you are reading this then you may/may not be stupid. Carry on, I had no idea that Dallon Weekes would adopt me. But going ou...
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Adopted by Brendon Urie by Mort0703
Adopted by Brendon Urieby Ryleigh
Madison is a girl in a foster home, with a big talent that no one except her foster sisters, foster mom, and the very few friends care about. She is bullied for everythi...
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Preview || b.u [COMPLETED] by axeneled
Preview || b.u [COMPLETED]by axeneled
Ellie Manchester was married for four years before her husband, Garret, passed away. Out of grief, Ellie started a blog about getting over your ex. Now, Ellie's twenty-f...
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Our little secret (Nicole row fanfic) by slothsarestrange
Our little secret (Nicole row Slothsarestrange
Luna is Brendon uries little sister. What happens when she realizes she like girls, and panic! has a new bassist?
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Snapchat by goldendxys
Snapchatby j
it gets better i swear Beebourie: Brendon Urie Nicolesrow: Nicole Row Dan🐾: Dan Pawlovich GuitarBoi: Kenny Harris///Mike Naran ⚠️I made this before Kenny had gotten ca...
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tenerife sea | brendon urie by asphodelity
tenerife sea | brendon urieby ivory
❝ why do you have my sixth grade picture in your wallet? ❞ in which brendon urie recognizes his elementary classmate, who is currently the new photographer for his tour ...
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Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE) by taequiri
Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE)by was//sorryweekes
{COMPLETED} If you are reading this, then it means that you are really stupid to read this. I am kidding (maybe, maybe not). I am Pheonix and this is my story about how...
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So I Got Adopted by my Idol. by BreezyBear978
So I Got Adopted by my Just Another LA Devotee
Zoe's parents died in a tragic accident when she was just 3. She is now 12 and she has been in the same orphanage for 9 years. Her idol and his wife show up at the orpha...
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Adopted by Brendon Urie  by _mckennablaine_
Adopted by Brendon Urie by McKenna
Blaine isn't your average 13 year old girl. She is bullied and often called "emo" or "freak". When the lead singer of her favorite band comes into he...
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Band class - ( revived? ) by hangemhiigh
Band class - ( revived? )by jessí
- East coast music school is good. But it's losing funding. What can a couple of gay music nerds do to stop this? When they have social lives, their bands and...stalkers...
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