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We Were Always Right There by uwuamara
We Were Always Right Thereby 𝐀𝗺𝐚𝐫𝐚 ☾♡︎
A Fairy Tail High School AU where the boys break the girls hearts... what will become of the girls? Will they forgive the boys? Only time will tell.
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Two Sides Of The Story by Potato_Qween12
Two Sides Of The Storyby Kiwi_Stitch
L. Heartfilia ~ "I'm fine" she's not fine. But are any of us actually fine? We're living in a world we are told 'To be loved' you have to meet society's expec...
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This is a story that tells you lucy and natsu are forever and always. . . . . . . . . Hope you like it
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Fairy Love by Veggie-Chan11
Fairy Loveby Veggie-Chan
The people of Fairy Tail guild are forced to play some party games by Mira. Mira's grand plan is to get all her OTPs together, will she prevail at the task? Fairy Tail a...
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My Mafia Love <3 by Hannahduffell
My Mafia Love <3by hannahhhh :3
just a fucked up love story between the good girl and the psycho gang leader... ty all for reading this hope you like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction} by CantCatch-Me
Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction}by CantCatch-Me
Fairy Tail- A school for talented Artists and Athletes. Fairy Tail provides three majors; Sports, Art and Music. For the sports major you have to pick one main sport (us...
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Fairy Tail Next Generation  "something new" by yuki_fab
Fairy Tail Next Generation " Yuki/snow/nieve
Yes the most wonderful ships have sailed and now have had kids. What happeneds when the next generation find love interests, and try to live up to what feels like fillin...
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E.N.D. by Kafuwa Lil’ Potato
When Lucy rewrote the book of E.N.D. to save Natsu more than three months ago, she thought she had released Natsu from the curse. It turns out she only transferred it to...
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Our Love Song (A NaLu, Gruvia, GaLe, And Jerza Story) by Gale_Fairytail13
Our Love Song (A NaLu, Gruvia, Gale_Fairytail13
There are two popular bands, The Dragon Slayers, and Fairy Tail. They never really payed attention to each other, until one day when the two lead singers of both bands...
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Forever Yours by fairyfaan
Forever Yoursby fairyfaan
Natsu Dragneel has officially announced that Lisanna and him were finally together. Feeling rejected and heartbroken, Lucy Heartfilia runs away from Fairy Tail back int...
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¡NO TE CASES LUCY! by Aleny_14
¡NO TE CASES LUCY!by FukoFany14💙
(La portada fue hecha por mi :D) ¿Como decirle a tu mejor amiga que no se case con su novio porque estas enamorado de ella? No hay manera Así que haces un plan maestro q...
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fairy tail academy by veronica201917
fairy tail academyby veronica Joseph
Once a team always a team this story is about the friendships of young children who together accomplished great things rather than staying apart....
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Strangely Familiar by SneakyMallows
Strangely Familiarby SneakyMallows
*** He stopped right in front of me and grabbed me by my shoulders, his eyes still locked with my mine. "Who the hell are you?" He asked and frustration can b...
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Fairy to Spriggan by girlish_army0495
Fairy to Sprigganby 💛🐥
"all you did was just close a freaking door, even yukino could that alone without your help" what's wrong with you "if i didn't helped yukino she could've...
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Heavenly Bodies by Annabelgillinder
Heavenly Bodiesby Madam_Satan
Team Natsu (and some stowaways) go a long awaited break...... to train for the up coming Grandmagic Games, but after Lucy reunites with an old friend she discovers somet...
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Midnight love, Oc x Macbeth/ Midnight by roslinalycan
Midnight love, Oc x Macbeth/ Chloe
Would a council student ever fall in love with a former criminal? Was the council student ever pure? Did the student ever commits some sins? Read to find out! (I don't o...
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Anime pictures by martinathestar
Anime picturesby martinathestar
Hi guys! These are some random anime pictures, mostly of Fairytail. Also with every part of the story there will be an opening of the anime that I show. Feel free to ask...
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We had to leave (fairy tail) by keeleycarey13
We had to leave (fairy tail)by keeleycarey13
All the guild celebrates winning the grand magic games. With drinks a few things happen that night Pairings Nalu Gale Jerza Mira/Laxus Gruvia
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NaLu One-Shots by Dianashappiness
NaLu One-Shotsby aRandoShipper
Fairy Tail Belongs To Hiro Mashima! Enjoy! Image Link
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