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Wrong Number, so sorry! by LivingUnderTheRock2
Wrong Number, so sorry!by LivingUnderTheRock2
Peter Parker is having a normal day as spiderman, kicking names and taking ass, when he runs into a little trouble and needs to text ned. But then he has the wrong numbe...
The Strangest Feeling | Earth-56: Pilot part 1 by WesleyHarkov
The Strangest Feeling | Wesley Harkov
Cover art by NevaihaJewel and cover design by @ezuslx Pilot (part 1) of the Earth-56 saga From the moment they meet, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange don't get along. The...
"Doctor Sparkles I'll call you," Wrong Number AU by FUCKOFFCUNT55
"Doctor Sparkles I'll call you," Hayley Maltman
After a science experiment goes wrong, Tony sends a text to Bruce. Except it wasn't. Heyo, yes, a wrong number fanfiction, but this time it's with Tony and Stephen. Enj...
Hydra's Weapon by Unique_Frazzle
Hydra's Weaponby ☄️Frazzle☄️
Book 1 Peter was taken by Hydra when he was 11 years old. He has completed hundreds of missions and is now 16. His new mission- infiltrate the Avengers gather informatio...
sorry wrong number by theonelonelygiraffe
sorry wrong numberby VI
the cliche story where peter accidentally texts the wrong number, and the wrong number happens to be iron man, obviously. and all hell breaks loose. I do not own marvel...
Life Saver by Twizzle_n
Life Saverby Twizzle_n
Tony thought he was texting Steve, but Steve, still not really understanding phones, gave him the wrong number. . Peter Parker, secretly known as Spider-Man, lives with...
The Little Things: A Collection of Thorbruce Oneshots by reyjedi16
The Little Things: A Collection //^
Since Thorbruce is such an underrated ship with a small amount of fics, I decided to write a series of Oneshots that can be interpreted as a continuing story. I don't wa...
Sorry! Wrong Number  by BlindBirdy
Sorry! Wrong Number by BlindBirdy
I've heard a lot of wrong number book's and I thought why not make my own one! The classic wrong message from a wrong number pulls out a lot of event's! Peter is 15-16 a...
Random IronStrange one-shots  by marvelfanatic4life
Random IronStrange one-shots by marvelfanatic4life
Hi:) These are some random one-shots of Stephen and Tony because I felt like it. These one-shots will almost never be 'lemon' they will mostly remain wholesome or angsty...
My Parents are Gay by SuicidalGooze
My Parents are Gayby > H O N K <
Just a cute lil story about Ironstrange trying to raise lil Spidey in the safest, non-dangerous way. A happy lil family. Fluff and slight nsfw. So be careful.
fuck soulmates | ironstrange by sspaghettioss
fuck soulmates | ironstrangeby faye !
Anthony Edward Stark. His whole life, until dearest father had passed, Tony was told he was a nuisance by said man. He never showed any reaction whenever Dad had said it...
group chat au  by try-me-beyonce
group chat au by kick names, take ass
the title pretty much explains it so let's go also expect there to be quite slow updates lmao
Peter's inevitable march towards his doom by theonelonelygiraffe
Peter's inevitable march towards VI
the cliche story, where Peter goes to Stark tower on a school field trip. buckle up and get ready to see our petey-boy get embarrassed by the avengers. with cameos of De...
Subway Spider: Peter Parker Superfamily Story by itsy_bitsy_spidey
Subway Spider: Peter Parker spidey
When former Red Room assassin Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow finds a little boy hanging upside down in an empty subway car, she knows he's something special. Especial...
Dimensions - A Marvel Fanfiction by AnandiSharma14
Dimensions - A Marvel Fanfictionby Anandi Sharma
What happens when a 17 year old girl enters the MCU without any explanation? Will she find the love of her life... or will she get betrayed by the ones she holds closest...
Nico di Angelo and the Avengers by Alexx_t
Nico di Angelo and the Avengersby Alex
What if it turns out that Maria a half brother had? What if that half brother captain America is? What happend when Nico moves in by the Avengers? *** 'You really have...
Orphan Spider by Twizzle_n
Orphan Spiderby Twizzle_n
During the day, Peter Parker is just an average teenager, except for the fact that he's an orphan living in an abusive orphanage. But during the night, he's the famous Q...
Son of Mischief, Magic, and Metal by DorkyDevil0321
Son of Mischief, Magic, and Metalby DemonicBitch
What started as a mission to get Loki's sceptor back, turns into a rescue mission when they find a little boy powering the whole damn base. And when they find out he's...
Ironstrange oneshots  by helloo_17
Ironstrange oneshots by helloo_17
Mostly bdsm with dom Stephen
FUMES || ironstrange - spideypool by inactive7122020
FUMES || ironstrange - spideypoolby inactive7122020
After months of patrolling together, Spider-Man and Deadpool have become great friends. But when Deapdool is hired to kill Peter Parker, everything goes to shit.