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Mind-Tricked // Avengers [1] B. Barnes by FlirtingWithDeath000
Mind-Tricked // Avengers [1] B. Ba...by ||tsforever3000||
After defeating Thanos, the Avengers have never been the same. Most of them fighting themselves in their own mind. Nick Fury hires a Therapist to try and heal them. Litt...
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Spideypool/Superfamily Oneshots  by Rai_Lxve
Spideypool/Superfamily Oneshots by Raidah_Azreen
Title explains it all ^ Yes, I do take requests but only if it's Spideypool or Superfamily. Might do Stony or Ironstrange. Will include: - Nicknames - Soft - Angst - (...
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HEROES | T. ODINSON by Cavelnimicum
HEROES | T. ODINSONby Cavelnimicum
Thor: Ragnarok - The Avengers: Infinity War - The Avengers: Endgame __________________________________________________________ Tony stark gave his life so we could make...
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•~ironstrange oneshots~• by scarlettdjjd24
•~ironstrange oneshots~•by starsailorparker
Just some fluffy strangeiron shots (Well, mostly fluffy, maybe some angst and maybe a tiny bit of smut iDK READ AND SEE HMmMMmm??!!!¡?¿) COVER NOT BY ME: CAN BE FOUND O...
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Orphan Spider by Verunja04
Orphan Spiderby Twizzle_n
During the day, Peter Parker is just an average teenager, except for the fact that he's an orphan living in an abusive orphanage. But during the night, he's the famous Q...
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Infernal 》Avengers by lovethebreeze
Infernal 》Avengersby lovethebreeze
What will happen if the thing you love most gets taken away from you? [Book 3 in AMZ.] [Set during Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home.] [Disclaimer: I only own Raven'...
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Light (Irondad and Spiderson) by Fan_Of_everything_45
Light (Irondad and Spiderson)by FAAANNN
I'll give you everything I have. I'll teach you everything I know. I promise I'll do better. I will always hold you close, But I will learn to let you go. I promise I'll...
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Thor: Ragnorak (Charlotte Stark) by bethkathyyy
Thor: Ragnorak (Charlotte Stark)by bethkathyyy
As she goes to visit her brother, Charlie is notified of Thor and Loki's arrival on Earth. She goes to check it out and is immediately dragged in to all of their family...
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Marvel Incorrect Quotes I Found by SCRLTVIS
Marvel Incorrect Quotes I Foundby SCRLTVIS
These quotes are not mine. I will add the person's name but sorry if that person just copied it. I found these mostly on Instagram and Pinterest. I hope you like them. ⚠...
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Avengers Soulmate Au // Wildchild by gOsHdANgmOmMIe
Avengers Soulmate Au // Wildchildby bAdDiE🥵
Kelsey Artago is what most people would call her, a wild child. Eighteen years old and somehow she still can't seem to get her shit together. Robbing houses, doing drugs...
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Marvel Smut Oneshots  by kirawinterwriter
Marvel Smut Oneshots by Kira Winter
Deleted. Again. At 900k. These are the works of 2018. Requests are closed for this book. If you want to request something go to Yet Another Marvel Smut Oneshots book. En...
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Crazy Super-Gay Peter Parker One-shots  by TheFandomsDaughter
Crazy Super-Gay Peter Parker One-s...by TheFandomsDaughter
This is a book of insane One-shots centring around everyones favourite friendly neighbourhood spider! Warning ⚠️ !!! Will include: - a LOT of swearing - this book is...
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Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots |Requests Open| by NerdyPilliePal
Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots |Re...by Pebbles
Basically what the title says, just some of the adventures of Ironman being a dad and also some random adventures with the avengers ;) Also to my friends who have me her...
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Avengers X Child Reader Scenarios by JinxCurseblood
Avengers X Child Reader Scenariosby Curseblood17
English isn't my first language so sorry if few words are wrong! This book is finished, so requests closed! You can imagine yourself how you got by them! This is about y...
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My Parents are Gay by SuicidalGooze
My Parents are Gayby Gooze
Just a cute lil story about Ironstrange trying to raise lil Spidey in the safest, non-dangerous way. A happy lil family. Fluff and slight nsfw. So be careful.
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How To Escape From A Psycho Sister by Lirix123
How To Escape From A Psycho Sisterby Lirix
warning ⚠: rape, abuse, brutal killings, sex cult, breeding of mutians, black mail, cover ups, Forced marriage, child slavery. Yes this is a dark story! When the Avenger...
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Doctor Strange Oneshots by Han7aSilent7
Doctor Strange Oneshotsby Han7aSilent
The title says all! -WARNING- Contains: ~Mild Swearing ~Depression/PTSD ~Angst ~Smut
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Avengers Oneshot Thing by InstantGayness
Avengers Oneshot Thingby -_°~AC~°_-
Requests are open! If you want of course More info on first chapter A oneshots where you don't need to worry about x reader! Cuz I don't like those stories! Peter Prote...
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Spiderson with a Supreme Family [HIATUS] by PirateWitch000
Spiderson with a Supreme Family [H...by PirateWitch000
After years of being in an abusive orphanage, Peter Parker becomes Spiderman and wins the chance to be an intern for Stark Industries. However, with the new vigilante in...
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Avengers Group Chat by i_am_five_years_old_
Avengers Group Chatby afiveyearold101
That's right, someone gave Thor a phone. Watch out for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and his Iron Dad. Stephen Strange got another WiFi password. And more things...
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