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An Earthly Scandal by 143_Tom_Hiddles
An Earthly Scandalby 143_Tom_Hiddles
Loki is without his powers, or at least that is what everyone thinks. He has only small amounts of magic left within his body he conceals. He struggles with love for Ton...
Obey your king (Tony x Loki) by Kiria_Aburame
Obey your king (Tony x Loki)by Kiria Aburame
Tony runs into Loki with his car and things get out of hand for him
Heart of Gold | TONY STARK ONE-SHOTS by sebastiodon
Heart of Gold | TONY STARK sebastian aka the demiboy king
"And even through the bleeding, it was proven that he indeed had a heart of gold." |TONY STARK ONE-SHOT COLLECTION/BOYXBOY/GIRLXBOY|
My War Is Over by Jadewing47
My War Is Overby Jade
The Avengers wait for Loki to wake in his cell, but when he does Tony comes to a horrifying realization. There's just something off about his eyes. Inspired by the song...
FrostIron - Fires of Infinity by aamoore567
FrostIron - Fires of Infinityby _A_
What if Tony grew up with Thor and Loki? What if Loki wasn't alone? * Some of the dialogue in this story comes directly from the movies *
The Avengers: To Love and be Loved By Me by AsgardianPrinceLoki
The Avengers: To Love and be Lanie
Tony Stark visits a distraught Loki in his glass prison and is shocked at what he finds. Can it be possible that Loki never meant for it to turn out like this? Is it pos...
The Balance Between by RobinHood37
The Balance Betweenby Wanda Maximoff
He is Loki of Asgard, the god of mischief, the rightful king of Jotunheim, Odinson, and last but certainly the most important: gender fluid. For much too long, Loki has...
The Kitty Billionaire And The Kitten Of Mischief (FrostIron) by colorfulpersonality
The Kitty Billionaire And The .
During the attack on New York, Loki tries to turn Tony into a kitten when the spell backfires turning them both into kittens. Tony now has an unexplainable urge to prote...
Do You Have A Heart? [Frostiron] by Milo-the-trans
Do You Have A Heart? [Frostiron]by Milo Person
After the Battle of 2012, Loki has been sentenced to life on Midgard. Specifically, the god is trapped with his brother and the other Avengers in the Avengers Tower. No...
Frigus Ferreus - Made from Ice and Iron | Frostiron by LittleCarokind
Frigus Ferreus - Made from Ice Caro
CN/TW: Imprisonment, Violence, Torture. Feel free to message me for details! Three days. It had been three goddamned days since he had woken up in this room, three days...
To Earth for Loki by turquoiseblitz
To Earth for Lokiby Loki
Odin gives Loki to the avengers so that they can watch him. The only way that Loki can go back to Asgard is if he learns how to be human and learn what he has done was w...
Love Doesn't Last Forever [Ironfrost] by RobinHood37
Love Doesn't Last Forever [ Wanda Maximoff
Tony and Loki have been married for a year now and things couldn't be better. That is, until Loki walks in on Tony doing something he shouldn't and everything starts fal...
A Billionaire's Romance (Frostiron Fanfic)  by misunderstood_mayhem
A Billionaire's Romance ( Loverboy
Tony meets Luka at a bar and takes him home. The next day, he goes to meet the Odinson boys... only, Luka goes by another name.
It's not important! by HuntingInTheShadows
It's not important!by Kevin
I wanted to try my writing in some other fandom that I am a part of. FrostIron.
No More Illusions (Adopted from GayRainbowBridge) by -Celica
No More Illusions (Adopted from TrixieBB
Omegaverse AU Soulmate AU While Loki is held prisoner in the glass cell after the attack on New York, Tony spies on the god through the security camera. He notices that...
Wrong Number Kid* Lokidad by Notyouraveraglokitty
Wrong Number Kid* Lokidadby Hades Writes
I see too many Tony Stark versions I choose to change it to Loki
Frostiron- one shots by a_fat_tribble
Frostiron- one shotsby Eddie Robotnik
Loki And Adventure by SassQueen666Loki
Loki And Adventureby SassQueen666Loki
Loki tries to redeem himself to everyone despite being the king of monsters, Jotun. And when he embarks on journeys to Odin Borson and to the Avengers, tony Stark realis...
Peter? by ATransNerdDevil
Peter?by Harp_Boy
Pete lost everything the night his aunt May died. Mr Stark was gone, aunt may was gone, Peter was forgotten by everyone. Peter's inability to believe he's any good was c...
Gay Loki Smut by Marvelous_Mischief
Gay Loki Smutby Nolan
As the title says. I'll take requests but i only do guy on guy shit :)