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The kid avengers by romanoff-marvel3000
The kid avengersby romanoff-marvel3000
When the avengers turn into children pepper,Maria and Phil have to take care of them until they have a way to turn them back. But their quite a handful how will they tak...
Twist of fate// A wrong number avengers  story with reader by stickybun441
Twist of fate// A wrong number JustAnotherByte
I like reading these, but there never enough so I hope you like it (I DO NOT OWN ANY MARVEL CHARACTERS) I think its kinda funny but my sense of humor is a little out of...
Scars that Last Forever  by whateverittakes827
Scars that Last Forever by EB
Peter got kidnapped by Hydra when he was young. When he gets transferred to the same base as Bucky, they soon become inseparable. Bucky gets a brotherly instinct over Pe...
natalie rushman by blackwidow_wandax
natalie rushmanby Chloe ronan
Natasha runs the mafia Y/n worked at a restaurant Natasha is y/n's mommy (not mother) Y/n is Natasha's sub/little "Don't fucking touch my toy "natasha screame...
Smut- N.R by romanoffsslut
Smut- N.Rby me
Reader and Natasha smutty one shots Fem!Reader
Flirt (Natasha Romanoff x Reader) by 0R10N_
Flirt (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)by VILLAIN KROMAK
Y/N lived different kind of life compared to others. Her father is an ex-Spetsnaz (Russian elite force) and her mother is a highly trained sniper that is also a master...
Swift | Wanda Maximoff by several_mi
Swift | Wanda Maximoffby several_mi
The Avengers finds a constructive error in their computer system, tasked to find what's wrong. Just outside the Compound, the surveillance cameras picked up on a figure...
E. Olsen and S. Johansson One Shots by fxckmiup
E. Olsen and S. Johansson One Shotsby fxckmiup
Elizabeth Olsen x Y/N Scarlett Johansson x Y/N Wanda Maximoff x Y/N Natasha Romanoff x Y/N Liz x Scar x Y/N Wanda x Natasha x Y/N Some avengers group chat and social...
Infinity Widow by wandaisaswifty
Infinity Widowby wandaisaswifty
Riley Romanova is an ex-member of the Red Room. Just before her older sister, Natasha, escaped the Red Room at the age of 17, Riley was born. She was raised there until...
War Of Love ( Loki/avengers)(Discontinued🖤) by storiez12
War Of Love ( Loki/avengers)( storiez12
Izzy is an unusual girl who knows nothing of where she came from, she was kept by hydra for years because of her power and strange looks untill a certain iorn suited man...
Natasha Romanoff one-shots  by Natasha_ismywife
Natasha Romanoff one-shots by Natasha_ismywife
One-shots about the queen herself Natasha. I might do some Scarlett one-shots too. Hope you enjoy Natasha x fem reader Mostly fluff some smut and a tiny bit of angst but...
Natasha/Scarlett one shot by shadowispower
Natasha/Scarlett one shotby shadowispower
I thought since I'm writing why not share it?
See You Again by Cherrybomb4444
See You Againby CHERRY BOMB
You are The violet death, daughter of Loki, Red Room student, Y/N. You met Natasha in the Red Room and became friends with her witch evolved into something more. You hav...
Benches in Central Park  by Wandanatismyotp
Benches in Central Park by Belle
Wanda's go to spot to think and clear her mind was Central Park. One day she gets lost and ends up finding an hidden bench overlooking the pond. She keeps this bench hid...
Are you afraid? by Trinitybazan
Are you afraid?by Trinity
Fury has gathered an interesting new recruit for his Avengers project. She's not the most open person and seems to have more secrets then fury does. The team has a hard...
A New Start (fem! Percy Jackson and the Avengers) by mrtinkleswarriors
A New Start (fem! Percy Jackson Blue Berry
Persephone Hesie Jackson was shattered. Every single member of the Seven other than her died, along with Nico, Thalia and Grover. Even her best friend, Annabeth. So Perc...
We're All Mad Here (Avengers Fanfic) by FlamingFrostBite
We're All Mad Here (Avengers Frost
Winifred Jones grew up loving the story of Wonderland, in particular, the Cheshire Cat. Wyn also grew up being a test subject for her scientist father, only she didn't...
Bird Set Free | Natasha Romanoff ✓ by -candeilers
Bird Set Free | Natasha Romanoff ✓by — a m e l i a.
"Clipped wings, I was a broken thing Had a voice, had a voice but I could not sing You would wind me down I struggled on the ground" NATASHA ROMANOFF X FEM! OC...
Scarlett Johansson/Natasha Romanoff One Shots by Niamh7817
Scarlett Johansson/Natasha scarlettromanoff
What the title says female reader -fluff -occasional smut Give me some requests of what you would like to see!