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Loki's Daughter by UnderworldsGoddess
Loki's Daughterby Hel
"Her name is Hela," he replied, watching the infant lose interest in the shield and move onto something else. Hela looked up at the mention of her name and the...
Defense by herehavesomefanfic
Defenseby gem
Loki is hiding from the government after Odin sends him to earth, powerless, as a result of New York. While he is hiding, he stumbles across a small girl, abandoned, and...
Are you afraid? by Trinitybazan
Are you afraid?by Trinity
Fury has gathered an interesting new recruit for his Avengers project. She's not the most open person and seems to have more secrets then fury does. The team has a hard...
Winters Bliss by Sweet_Sydney14
Winters Blissby Sweet_Sydney14
Bucky Barnes was back with his best buddy Steve, he was just getting used to his life at Avengers HQ when an attack happened. She came out of nowhere, she was a flash of...
Soldier's Pet by LilliannaAnsalla
Soldier's Petby LilliannaAnsalla
One mission One night One surprise. One moment changed the Winter Soldier's life forever. One little girl who couldn't speak. One little girl who became his very reason...
The Wolf Within (Bucky x child OC) by Incredibletosay
The Wolf Within (Bucky x child OC)by LD
Wolfie is a werewolf with no memory of his past at hydra. He doesn't remember being forced to kill, being experimented on, or tortured. Living on the streets of new york...
Beneath The Bitter Masks by YeranJ
Beneath The Bitter Masksby KB Shomu
What happens when Loki is sent to Earth after a security failure in Asgard? Why is Loki so docile and quite? Clint and Tony want to get to the bottom of this. And what t...
Peter Parker's Adventures by Celestia_Heaven
Peter Parker's Adventuresby Celestia_Heaven
One shots of MCU's Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman. Will be introducing, IronDad, May Parker and Pepper Potts taking no one's shit. Rhodny being a cool Uncle by telling em...
You Got The Wrong Number, Kid by I-Larb-U-3000
You Got The Wrong Number, Kidby Gay Panic
Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff. That's all.
Soulmates (BuckyxPeterxSam) 🤙 by Jane_Eleven_Hopper
Soulmates (BuckyxPeterxSam) 🤙by ~•Leona•~
Peter Parker Never Believed In Soulmates,He Does Believe In Them,He Just Didn't Want Any,But Unfortunately He Gets 2. (I'mma Discontinue This For Now,Ill Start Writing A...
War Of Love ( Loki/avengers)(Discontinued🖤) by storiez12
War Of Love ( Loki/avengers)( storiez12
Izzy is an unusual girl who knows nothing of where she came from, she was kept by hydra for years because of her power and strange looks untill a certain iorn suited man...
Faulty Code ⊗ Loki by Sierra_Laufeyson
Faulty Code ⊗ Lokiby S. R.
"The truth is, every monster you have met or will ever meet, was once a human being with a soul that was as soft as light and silk. Someone stole that silk from the...
Avengers X Child Reader Scenarios (Finished) by Curseblood17
Avengers X Child Reader Curseblood17
This book is finished and it's being rewritten. I don't own anything, all rights go to Marvel.
Make Me. ~ T.Stark ✓ by xxitssteverogersxx
Make Me. ~ T.Stark ✓by • Honey •
"I'm gonna need you to shut that mouth of yours before you say something you're gonna regret." "Make me."
Something to live for (Clint Barton x Reader)(Hawkeye) by Golriin
Something to live for (Clint Golriin
You are a captured HYDRA agent but you're not with HYDRA because you wanted to - they forced you to make assassinations for them. How did they force you might ask... T...
His Fire Starter|| Clint Barton X Reader by emilys_chapters
His Fire Starter|| Clint Barton Emily Weasley
My name is y/n. I have the power of fire. My nickname is Hades, its quite funny actually, because I can make my hair become covered in flames. One day, I find myself run...
Avengers Imagines by lily_fallen52
Avengers Imaginesby ghost_lily
A lot of imagines with the avengers, Reader x character, an tiny bit of smut, some are character x character. I'm not the best writer guys but I'm doing my best so I hop...
little lightning girl • the avengers  by kaychev
little lightning girl • the kay
"i'm an 8 year old girl, not a piece of china made to be broken." {the avengers age of ultron} on hiatus/discontinued
Peter Parker Whump by PersassyPercyJ
Peter Parker Whumpby LaughofSatan
Peter Parker Whump, where I brutally hurt our adorable little cinnamon roll. Sorry bud! Also, I do torture. There will be Trigger Warnings and when there are, I will war...
Waiting for love by Kthomas325
Waiting for loveby Kat Thomas
A single mother who divides her time between work and her kids has no idea what was going to happen one day at her business. As five well known actors are their to buy s...