A Bit Different
By nightshade128
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Persia(Percy) Jackson is a legend among all Asgardians, even the gods. What happens when a particular Thunder God gets to know that he is engaged to the famous heroine? All Percy needed was some peace. Unfortunately, for her, the fates were driven to make her life as complicated as possible. The complication? A blonde God with his friends who liked spandex. Thor was ready to do anything to ensure peace between Asgard and Greek, but the 'anything' was a bit too much for him. Handling his Avengers team as well as his strong-willed 'fiancé' was not an easy job to do. Zeus thought that arranging a marriage between the most stubborn heroine of Olympus would be a good idea for a treaty, but what he didn't know was how hard the black-haired beauty was going to make it for all of them. A fem.Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover.


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A Bit Dif...
by nightshade128